Top 10 Data Science Development Companies in Seattle

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Data is the new oil, where companies and individuals are getting unrivaled benefits from data science. If you are looking for a company to provide you top-notch services, have a look at our compilation of top 10 data science development companies in Seattle.

Data Science Development Companies


Zazz is a top-tier Data Science App Development Company based in the United States that has been leading the charge in software design & development innovation for years. With an unwavering commitment to staying ahead of the curve, the expert team at Zazz takes pride in embracing the latest technologies, implementing seamless processes & attracting & retaining the most creative and talented minds in the business. As an industry leader in the digital space, they consistently deliver cutting-edge solutions that transform the way clients’ businesses run & provide real value & ROI.

List of Services:

Zazz is the go-to resource for businesses at every stage looking to transform their digital capabilities. For scaling startups, they guide & facilitate A/B testing to validate minimum viable products. For small & medium-sized enterprises, they optimize processes to increase efficiency & streamline operations. 

For large enterprises, they lead robust digital transformations to enhance customer experiences & drive revenue growth. Their team has extensive experience & resources & provide quality support & end-to-end solutions to exceed your project needs. Trust them to elevate your business with our unique, expert insights & professional approach.


AppStudio is an esteemed software design & development company situated in the heart of Toronto. Renowned as a disruptive technology pioneer, their specialty lies in building cutting-edge mobile & web applications. The outstandingly talented team of experts at AppStudio utilize the latest technology trends & smart techniques to craft highly efficient applications. With years of experience & numerous successful projects under their belt, they have the ability to develop software that is both innovative & truly customer-centric. AppStudio is the go-to destination for companies seeking to develop apps that stand out & deliver excellent results.

List of Services:

  • Product Strategy
  • Prototyping & Concept Development
  • Product Design
  • Android App Development
  • iOS Application Development
  • Flutter App Development
  • Healthcare App Development
  • React Native App Development
  • IoT App Development
  • Web Application Development
  • Blockchain Development
  • Machine Learning


Neudesic is a renowned data science development company that has established itself as a reliable technology partner for business innovation. They specialize in delivering cutting-edge solutions and strategic alliances that have helped many companies achieve impactful business results. Since their inception in 2002, Neudesic is headquartered in Irvine, California & has offices across the United States and India. As a privately held organization, they have leveraged this status to offer top-tier services to clients globally. Their impressive track record in developing innovative solutions is indicative of their expertise in data science development.

Arbelo Technologies

Arbelo Technologies is a leading data science development company in Seattle that offers cutting-edge solutions to clients seeking to optimize their operations. With an impressive 100 years of collective expertise in ERP, they provide industry-tailored Microsoft Dynamics AX solutions that cater to the specialized requirements of several sectors, such as consumer packaged goods, manufacturing, retail, wholesale trade (both durable and nondurable goods) & distribution. Their solutions are designed to enhance productivity & efficiency, reduce costs & boost revenues for our clients, making them a go-to partner for businesses looking to gain a competitive edge.


Based in Seattle, Inspirage is a highly esteemed data science development company specializing in integrated supply chain solutions. Focusing on business-critical challenges, the firm provides unparalleled consulting services that cover everything from design to delivery. Their innovative approach links Product Lifecycle Management, Supply Chain Management, & Logistics Management, guaranteeing that every aspect of the supply chain is efficiently & effectively managed. Inspirage’s end-to-end implementation solutions are unmatched in quality & offer clients the peace of mind that comes with working with a proven leader in the industry.


Looking for a Data Science Development Company in Seattle? Work with CloudMoyo – the go-to partner for enterprises seeking solutions that sit at the intersection of cloud computing & advanced analytics. With unrivaled expertise in cloud adoption strategy development, their team helps businesses map out their path to the cloud & maximize the potential of data-driven insights along the way. As a trusted partner for modern enterprises, their solutions are designed to meet the needs of each & every client & unlock the ultimate potential of data science for enhanced decision-making & further success.

47 Degrees

47 Degrees, a top data science development company in Seattle, offers cutting-edge consulting & development services to clients looking to modernize their legacy applications. Their team of experts uses battle-tested functional programming & the latest technologies like Scala, Kotlin, Swift, Akka, Spark, Kafka & Cassandra, to enhance real-time performance & solidify security & improve responsiveness. With a global reach, 47 Degrees has built a reputation for delivering top-notch solutions that help businesses around the world stay ahead of the competition. Their unique approach & expertise make them a trusted partner for clients of all sizes & industries.

Metia Inc.

Metia Inc., a distinguished data science development company based in Seattle, is well-known for its expertise in crafting remarkable experiences, fuelling meaningful conversations, empowering communities, enlightening customers & driving decisions that matter. With a record of delivering cutting-edge technological solutions to a diverse clientele, Metia Inc. continues to push the boundaries of innovation & excellence. The company’s unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled value & impeccable services has earned it global recognition as a trusted name among industry leaders.


Virtuozzo is a pioneer in the field of hyperconverged infrastructure software. Their cutting-edge products offer comprehensive solutions for containerization, virtualization & storage. Back in 2001, Virtuozzo was the first company to release an industrial-grade container technology, which has since revolutionized the way modern applications are developed & deployed. With over 5 million virtual environments currently in operation, they have established themselves as a giant in the industry & provide robust tools that enable businesses to streamline their operations, optimize performance & achieve growth.


Analytiks is a Seattle-based data science development company that focuses on providing specialized end-to-end big data management solutions to drive revenue growth for your business. Their team of experienced data scientists can jump in quickly to identify opportunities for immediate improvement & also works toward building long-term solutions for sustained growth. They understand that data insights are critical for enabling right business decisions & they are dedicated to providing you with the necessary tools to optimize your data and increase your bottom line. Trust Analytiks, no matter where you’re located in the US, to deliver exceptional data solutions.

New Generation Analysis: Data Science

While Big Data focuses on providing tools and techniques to manage and process large and diverse amounts of data, it is not so focused on interpreting the results of data processing to support decision making. This is where Data Science comes in, focusing on the use of advanced statistical techniques to analyze Big Data and interpret the results in a specific domain context. Therefore, Data Science involves an intersection of several areas that include:

  • Data Engineering
  • Statistics
  • Advanced Computing
  • Display
  • Domain and others

Within this context, tools and frameworks are required to:

  • Statistics Programming
  • Databases
  • Import and clean data
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Machine learning
  • Deep learning
  • Text Mining
  • Natural Language Understanding
  • Recommendation Systems, etc.

In general, Data Science focuses on providing a comprehensive solution to obtain valuable information to support decision-making in the fast and heterogeneous context of modern data management and analysis.

Current Panorama: Data Lakes

Thanks to social networks, personal mobile devices, sensors and other data intensive applications and devices, even small and medium-sized businesses had the opportunity to obtain large volumes of data about their businesses and customers. Here, Data Lake emerged as a typical solution to manage and analyze Big Data in that context.

When you have heterogeneous data sources that include unstructured (for example, social media) and / or semi-structured (for example, email), Data Lakes (usually an HDFS-based solution) It presents flexible data management where data can be ingested. Ideally, Data Lake can also include a metadata layer that describes data organization and semantics (for example, through the use of semantic technologies).

Once collected and stored, the data can optionally be prepared (for example, by creating tables and / or matrices) for data analysis (for example, visualization techniques or machine learning). Finally, the use of Data Lake supports batch data processing (following the complete arrows), that is, the data is stored and then processed for report support, and can also be coupled with the components for processing the data.

Benefits of Data Science

The generation, analysis and interpretation of data has a great potential for development in medicine, for example, since the use of Machine Learning algorithms for diagnosis and analysis allows to improve the prediction of conditions. From the digitalization of the available information and the crossing of data it is possible to learn about the diseases, to know in what conditions they can appear and even to detect their symptoms previously.

As in all cases, more information and data will result in better results and more knowledge in preventive health. In particular, interoperability between the different institutions would present great advantages and for that it would be necessary to generate common standards and a database with the information of all patients.

Education and Data Science

In education, the application of Data Science and Machine Learning allows students to explore their abilities and know their reactions to different stimuli to know which ones are more effective. The identification of learning needs from the analysis of performance and results also makes it possible to choose the optimal educational content and modalities to facilitate and promote the learning of each student.

Some companies are already making progress in this regard: Microsoft developed Azure Machine learning to help Indian educational authorities predict school dropout with information on student performance, school infrastructure and teacher skills.

Marketing, Advertising and Data Science

Another area in which tools for data analysis and machine learning are being successfully exploited is marketing and advertising. Big data allows you to customize the advertising that each user sees on social networks and makes streaming platforms suggest what content to keep watching according to the preferences of the person watching, but those are only the first steps.

Amazon uses Machine Learning technology to recommend new products to its users and its automatic systems have a high percentage of success in anticipating the purchases that their customers will make. Reading responses to an advertisement or a product, the prediction of the rotation of the clients and the selection of cases of better and worse results allows companies to know that are the most appropriate ways to achieve their objectives and improve the services. Having a better knowledge of the public and anticipating their needs also allows to personalize and improve the experience of each consumer in the exchange. Thus, data becomes an engine for marketing and advertising, but it also allows you to optimize the operation of each business by detecting what are the most and least used resources and what are the results obtained with each of them.

Retail and Data Science

There are several advantages of the use of Machine Learning and Data Science in retail, especially for those businesses that have a loyalty system that allows to have the data of what and how much each customer buys, know their tastes and preferences and improve and simplify your shopping experience.

Artificial intelligence has gone so far that it allowed Amazon to develop an automated store, Amazon Go, a path that was followed by Walmart: there customers take the products from the gondolas and withdraw without going through a box, since the process of Collection is made through the Amazon app with an incredibly accurate and reliable system. The generation and analysis of data also allows predicting the needs and behavior of customers,

Finance and Data Science

In the finance sector, data analytics and artificial intelligence are already used, which allows us to know the patterns of customer behavior, anticipate certain situations and improve responses to new conditions. In addition, data analysis is an opportunity to anticipate or reduce financial risks, not only for the company, but also as a service developed for customers. Having information about customer behaviors allows financial institutions to generate new business opportunities and anticipate the needs and demands.

On the other hand, working with other external databases may also allow them to increase the number of customers or discover opportunities for the development of new products. Further, Data Science techniques can be used to know, for example, where to locate branches or ATMs, how much money to enter in each of them or to know what areas of attention should be strengthened in each area. The development of new forms of communication with users is also an opportunity to use these tools to improve and expand their potential.

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Top 10 Data Science Development Companies Seattle
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Top 10 Data Science Development Companies Seattle
Data is the new oil, where companies and individuals are getting unrivalled benefits from data science. If you are looking for a company to provide you with top-notch services, have a look at our compilation of the top 10 data science development companies in Seattle.
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