Top 10 IoT Development Companies in Los Angeles

by Zazz January 17, 2020 Time to Read Blog: 8 minutes

Few companies and individuals are aware of the benefits of having IoT technology implemented to compete well in the market. Although it’s the new technology, IoT is quickly reshaping the management process of enterprises. If you are looking for an agency to provide you with top-notch services, have a look at these top 10 IoT development companies in Los Angeles.

IoT Development Companies in Los Angeles


Zazz, a reputable American digital agency, provides quality solutions in software design & development, with a standout focus on IoT development. As a pioneering IoT Development Company in Los Angeles, Zazz embraces new technologies, iterates seamless processes & invests in creative talent to stay ahead of the curve. 

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Their innovative approach to IoT development positions the company as a leader in the industry, continually pushing boundaries & delivering exceptional results to clients. With a vast network of experienced & skilled professionals, clients are assured of quality & timely delivery of projects.

List of Services:

As a top development company in USA, Zazz has earned its reputation by crafting & sustaining digitized solutions for numerous VC backed Startups, government agencies, & Fortune 500 companies. From end-to-end development to long-term maintenance, their technical teams guarantee a seamless transition to all platforms & their specialists are available for consultations.

Interested in learning more? Check out their website for detailed case studies or schedule a coffee chat with one of their knowledgeable consultants. They will assist you in bridging the gap between businesses & advanced technology with cutting-edge solutions & expert guidance.


AppStudio is recognized as one of the leading IoT development companies in Los Angeles, known for its innovative solutions & latest technology. Their team of talented & experienced professionals is committed to working closely with clients to deliver customized digital experiences that leave a lasting impression. They approach each project with a dedicated focus on collaboration & enable them to gain a deep understanding of their client’s needs & goals. By leveraging emerging technologies & industry best practices, they transform ideas into reality, delivering solutions that exceed expectations. Their commitment to excellence & customer satisfaction has earned AppStudio a reputation as a preferred partner in digital innovation.

List of Services:

  • Product Strategy
  • Prototyping & Concept Development
  • Product Design
  • Android App Development
  • iOS Application Development
  • Flutter App Development
  • Healthcare App Development
  • React Native App Development
  • IoT App Development
  • Web Application Development
  • Blockchain Development
  • Machine Learning

Ogma Inc.

Ogma Applications is a Los Angeles-based software development company that delivers advanced web & mobile applications to clients worldwide. The company’s projects are expertly managed through a comprehensive process of research & development, implementation, quality assurance & deployment, conducted by its dedicated Armenian-based team in Yerevan. With a focus on innovation & precision, Ogma Applications employs top technologies to offer custom solutions that meet the unique demands of its diverse client base, from startups to established corporations across various industries.

Themis Web Technologies Inc.

Themis Web Technologies Inc. has been a trusted partner to numerous established and up-and-coming companies for over a decade. Their goal is to help businesses achieve long-term success by providing quality technological solutions. They specialize in Web Software deployment, custom Database Management tools & Application development, all aimed at optimizing efficiency & productivity. With Themis Web Technologies Inc. at their side, businesses can stay ahead of the competition in today’s fast-paced and dynamic market. Their full commitment to their customers’ success & satisfaction is reflected in the unmatched quality of their services.


At OCDLab, they firmly adhere to the principle of innovation through simplicity. They believe that some of the most significant accomplishments in history relied upon simple concepts. Similarly, they do not think software development should be any different. Their approach is to think outside the box & provide solutions that prioritize functionality & simplicity. Their team is has highly skilled professionals who are committed to delivering reliable & innovative software development services.


Art+Logic is composed of top-tier designers & developers who specialize in tackling complex challenges. They have a track record of successfully resolving even the most troublesome & unique issues that others cannot seem to solve. With extensive expertise in the complete software development process, from inception to eventual release, their team is wholly equipped to handle any unanticipated obstacles that arise in the implementation of your project. You can be confident that their technical skillset & ingenuity are more than sufficient to overcome any glitches or difficulties you may encounter.


Develandoo is a quality Artificial Intelligence Innovation Lab, serving the needs of budding startups & emerging enterprises alike. Their specialized expertise lies in developing early-stage companies by working closely with your existing team to outline the AI & Data Strategy of your organization. Their Innovation Team as a Service model assures that they are always available for your needs & they recognize the value of your time, which motivates you to administer the roadmap validation before creating the final product. Using their in-depth knowledge of AI, they will deliver a Minimum Viable AI Product & result in faster go-to-market time & revenue generation. Their innovative AI solutions are perfectly aligned with your organizational needs & makes them the perfect partner for creating a smarter future.

Goji Labs

Goji Labs understands the importance of driving great ventures forward without technical constraints. As a top software consultancy, they specialize in partnering with their clients to launch & expand products, from ideation to implementation. Their savvy team excels in managing risk mitigation strategies to ensure a successful outcome. By working with Goji Labs, the clients can trust that their projects will be expertly handled & allows them to focus on their vision & entrepreneurial pursuits.

BiTE Interactive

We are a mobile product studio exclusively dedicated to strategy, design and development of the absolute best iOS, Android and IoT applications for our S&P 500 and funded startup clients. We are mobile experts who get to know our clients and understand their business and their customers to make mobile apps that resonate.

Dogtown Media

Dogtown Media specializes in building intelligent mobile apps with exceptional design & intuitive product development. They analyze every aspect of your project to create engaging, stylish & user-friendly. Their focus on mHealth has allowed them to create remarkable mobile health apps that enable individuals to live better lives. Their passion for innovation & technology helps to fulfill your vision with the latest advancements in the mobile industry. Trust Dogtown Media for your next extraordinary app experience.

The Internet of Things (IoT) revolution has brought remarkable advancements in our daily lives. However, it has also raised some concerns about privacy & security. While IoT leads to a safer environment in terms of physical & property security, it is crucial to acknowledge the exchange of data that occurs & its intimate nature revealing our trends, tastes, desires, hobbies, medical data & current variables, among others.

This detailed information is amassed by the cloud & makes it easier to control & access, exposing users to risks of data breaches and cyberattacks. As more & more technology becomes connected through IoT, the exposure also becomes more extensive & renders privacy and security a crucial issue. Vigilance, data encryption & authenticating devices are vital in ensuring the safety of users’ data & devices.

Enhancing physical and property security is integral to enriching one’s life, whether at home, in business, or on the go. By amplifying security measures, such as safeguarding homes, vehicles & valuables, individuals can reduce the risk of potential loss & attain greater peace of mind. Investing in security can ultimately bolster one’s overall stability & wellbeing.

Returning to one of the previous examples, if every one of the objects had their particular Internet connection, we could know at any moment where that object is located and therefore reduce the possibility of losing it practically to zero.

The prospect of a world where homes, buildings & factories are fortified with sensorized & monitored objects is incredibly exciting. Such an environment could exponentially increase security measures and reduce potential threats such as invasion, water leaks & fires. With these intelligent gadgets & devices, the need for security staff may reduce to a minimum, since the hardware & software are constantly vigilant.

In addition, personal safety could also be dramatically enhanced by utilizing smart technology. For example, a watch could measure pulse rates & automatically dispatch emergency responders in the event of a cardiac arrest. Similarly, asthmatic patients could receive advanced warning of an impending crisis by carrying devices tailored for this use case.

Such advancements are just the tip of the iceberg of what could be achieved with these smart technologies & new concepts. Home automation, Ambiance Intelligence, Immortal, Smart Objects, Smart Cities, Smart Grid & IoT are just a few examples of the complementary fields that are rapidly advancing in this space.

However, it is crucial to remember that with technological advancements comes a responsibility to ensure that ethical and privacy concerns are addressed. Society must remain vigilant to matters of personal dignity, privacy rights & legal obligations as smart technology continues to disrupt the status quo.

What communication protocols will IoT use?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is surrounded by the perennial question of what communication protocols it ought to employ. This dilemma is not limited to M2M, home automation, or industrial automation. Countless initiatives have been launched in an attempt to combine protocols that serve as standards while taking into account the idiosyncrasies of the systems required for the job at hand.

Despite the existence of established protocols such as Zigbee (IEEE 802.15.4), Bluetooth LTE, 6LowPan, WiFi, GSM (with all their respective Gs) & other promising options like SigFox, the TCP/IP world stands out as the most capable system to deploy global networks. However, deploying ancient architectures into self-sufficient sensors that should work for decades is not the intent. These sensors require self-sufficiency when it comes to charging & consumption issues, including the use of alternative energies such as solar and wind.

Apart from the well-known protocols, there are countless proprietary conjectures in the IoT landscape. Choosing the best protocol for your IoT implementation will depend on your unique requirements & objectives. Nonetheless, standardization is essential, & as such, choosing a protocol that considers the needs of devices is critical for the seamless functioning of IoT systems.

Zazz has been at the forefront of creating a smarter, more connected world, where everything from our homes to our healthcare systems are integrated into a vast internet of things. To achieve this ambitious goal, we have initiated workgroups, such as the RPL Routing Protocol for Low-Power and Lossy Networks, which are exploring innovative architectures that can make sense of the countless possible scenarios that arise when we attempt to connect everything together.

The objective functions (OF) defined by the RPL group consider the varying priorities of our devices and sensors. For instance, a MEMS device that monitors the efficiency of our air conditioning system should not be given the same priority as one that alerts our healthcare service to a potential heart attack. Moreover, the hierarchical structure of signals, leading to the control of IPv6 addressing, is a critical factor that guarantees efficient communication between devices.

At Zazz, we have long been committed to using TCP/IP and wireless grid topology, which is the key to unlocking the full potential of the internet of things. With the world’s connected devices growing exponentially, we owe it to ourselves to be mindful of the challenges of ensuring seamless communication at all times.

What are an M2M device and what parts?

M2M devices are the backbone of the Internet of Things & facilitate easy communication between machines without human intervention. They empower industries such as healthcare, logistics & agriculture to automate processes, minimize downtime, & streamline operations. These devices rely on sensors or RFID systems to gather data, which is then transmitted wirelessly using cellular networks, Wi-Fi, or other forms of connectivity. By utilizing M2M technology, companies can unlock new revenue streams, reduce costs, and drive innovation.

M2M (machine to machine) devices as their name indicates are devices capable of establishing communication with both the server and other M2M devices.

The parts of which it is composed are the following:

  • Management devices: From home security alarms to information panels, these devices aid in effectively managing data & enabling smooth functioning. They serve as important tools in monitoring performance, analyzing customer behavior & boosting productivity that makes them crucial components of modern-day business operations.
  • M2M devices: M2M devices are the most advanced modules that can remotely connect to machines, gather data & stay in touch with servers. As they keep advancing, these devices will soon branch out to become data processing gurus in their own right.
  • Server: It will be the system that sends and receives this information from the machines and in turn makes efficient management of it.

Communication network: A communication network serves as a conduit for information to travel, with wired & wireless being the two primary types. Wireless networks are commonly used as implementing the Internet of Things (IoT) via cable connections is not feasible. While wired connections may be necessary for extremely specific devices, wireless networking is generally more practical, offering greater flexibility & accessibility. As IoT continues to grow in popularity, wireless communication networks will become even more essential.


Zazz has since been committed to facilitating services that go beyond excellence. We create apps to meet the needs of an evolving digital landscape. We are a leading mobile app development company . We design & develop web & mobile apps that drive today's businesses. Backed by research and development, Zazz uses technology, software, mobile, and customer service to create new revenue-generating opportunities. So contact Zazz to see your dream idea as the next big thing. We Offer Top Services iOS App Development , Android Application Development Services, React development , Flutter development , IoT Development , AR / VR development , Digital Marketing Services - SEO , SMO , PPC , Ecommerce App Development, cloud app development, front end development, education app development services, Mean Stack Web Development, Content Marketing, etc.

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