Top 10 Mobile App Developers USA

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Approximately one person looks at his cell phone 150 times a day, touches the screen about 2,617 times and spends two to three hours checking it. This reflects a very great opportunity for companies to increase their profitability with the fact of being in the network by having a mobile app. Here we have compiled a list of top 10 mobile app developers in the USA.


     Zazz is a team of creative designers and developers building great digital products in Seattle and San Francisco. Our collective experience in the technology industry includes mobile app development, IOT application development, blockchain development with a design first approach to product development.

  • AppStudio

     Appstudio is a full service Mobile App Design & Development Company offering services in Native iOS Development (Swift 3.0), Native Android Development (Java), React Native Development & Unity Game Development. They have collaborated with Fortune 500 companies, Startups and Mid Sized firms across a spectrum of industries, ranging from Health Care & Finance to On-Demand Services, to create Mobile apps that are actively being used by Millions of users across the globe.

  • TechAhead

     TechAhead is a global leader in Mobile Platforms that is trusted by Fortune 500 companies to Startups. Founded in 2009, we are a 150 people company having a decade long proven track record in engineering innovative, robust, and scalable apps at speed.

  • Zco

     Zco Corporation is a trusted custom software development vendor that has built its reputation for excellence over nearly three decades. We've created robust software solutions for entrepreneurs, startups, and Fortune 500 companies alike. We offer our clients access to one of the largest teams of engineers, artists, designers, and project managers in the industry.  

  • Five

     Five is a mobile design, development, and growth marketing agency building award-winning digital products that generate returns for our clients. Major brands trust us with their core mobile products and strategies, including Rosetta Stone, Marriott International, Crestron, AccuWeather, Penguin Random House, Napster, and Choice Hotels.

  • Blue Label Labs

     Blue Label Labs is a 64-person digital product development agency based in New York City with offices in Seattle and San Francisco. Over at the past 10 years, we have built and transformed over 300 businesses through strategy, design and development. Our client ranges from startup entrepreneurs to Fortune 500s. We’re in the business of building the right product, not just any product. The right product is built by bringing together the expertise of the client, our own Product knowledge, and iterative customer feedback.

  • Cubix

     We are excited to see you on our profile. Cubix is a leading mobile app, games and enterprise software development company! – expert in development, customization and integration of complex enterprise-level solutions, business intelligence analytics, advanced web and mobile solutions. With over 10 years of experience, we have worked for clients that include individuals, startups and organizations

  • Hyperlink InfoSystem

     Hyperlink Infosystem, an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization, is a renowned IT Software Solutions provider based in Ahmedabad, India. Established in 2011, Hyperlink InfoSystem, with it's dedicated and skilled team of professionals has able to create dynamic and cost effective solutions for it's clients that are based all over the USA, UK, Japan, Canada and other parts of the World. We believe in delivering services without compromising on time or quality.

  • Rightpoint

     Rightpoint is an independent customer experience agency with technology at its core. We create impactful digital experiences driven by insight, strategy, design, and technology to help clients succeed at the speed of innovation. With the recent integration of Raizlabs, Rightpoint now offers a deep foundation in designing and delivering mobile apps with thoughtful, technological solutions that strengthen how companies meet customer expectations in today’s mobile-first world. Rightpoint serves more than 250 Fortune 1,000 companies, has been named one of Crain's 50 Fastest Growing Companies in Chicago for four consecutive years and has 450 employees across 10 offices. For more information, visit

  • WillowTree®

     WillowTree® is an industry-leading mobile and digital product agency. Since 2007, our team of award-winning mobile strategists, UX/UI designers, and software engineers have delivered over 1000 mobile and digital solutions to the world's leading enterprise and consumer-facing companies, including: 21st Century Fox, Regal Cinemas, Synchrony Financial, National Geographic, and Wyndham Hotels & Resorts.

In the 1990s, the need for companies to create a website to sell their products and services was beginning to emerge. Now, this requirement was moved to mobile apps, where the human being is interacting with the world all the time.

But what benefits does this bring to your company?

  1. It allows direct and personalized communication with the client, increasing efficiency and engagement. Also, it allows people to access company information at any time.
  2. Thanks to applications and linking with social networks, your company can disseminate content safely and easily.
  3. Having mobile application positions you against your competition and makes it more innovative. What it finally represents, the increased prestige of the brand in the market.
  4. Good positioning in Google Play or App Store means a better SEO positioning on the web for the brand because Google indexes the content in its search engines.
  5. An app is a new sales channel where users can make purchases in a more personal way and without having to move to a physical space or make it on the web.
  6. One of the great benefits of apps is that they generate loyalty and positioning. Every time the user unlocks the cell phone, the brand will be there.

The development of technology will continue in the world every time at more advanced levels. Thus, companies must move at the same pace as the planet does so that they are not obsolete in the face of the needs of people at this time. This is the best way to continue to succeed in the market.

Brand strengthening

Differentiating concerning the competition is of the utmost importance for any business and through a mobile application, you can communicate with your users or customers in a personal way, which you will not get with any other sales channel.

Increased visibility

The mobile applications to be hosted in the respective stores’ apps like Google Play and AppStore are exposed to millions of users and potential customers.

Other sales channel

By developing a mobile application you are not only strengthening your brand but also creating a new sales channel from where your users can buy their products just as they would in a physical store.


Unlike an eCommerce or a website where its loading speed is 2 to 5 seconds, a mobile application can work much faster, allowing its customers greater agility when purchasing their products.


Your mobile application can have the design you want, focused yes, that the user experience is optimal and thus maximize the benefits obtained from it.


You can create a stronger relationship with your users as you will be as close to them as your mobile devices. Using the push notifications you can show relevant content such as offers and news through a notification on the device of your users thus reaching them with that new product, discount or campaign at the time you need it.

Offline availability

Not all people have access to the Internet throughout the day. A mobile app will allow its users to browse the catalogue of their products, news, and promotions at any time they want, whether or not they have an Internet connection.

Device Peripherals

One of the great advantages of the applications is that you can use the peripherals of your user’s smartphones such as GPS, camera, accelerometer, etc. Allowing this, for example, to know the location of its users, focusing push notifications according to their location.

Customer Loyalty

Your app will be in the list of applications within your customers’ phone. In this way, every time they open the menu of their device, they will highlight their brand there, and it will be more feasible for them to enter it again and again, thus strengthening the link with their company and being able to use it as a direct purchase channel.

Mobile App Development Frenzy in the USA

The United States has always been in the top line when it comes to offering the latest technologies and adopting advanced digital solutions. Mobile App development is no exception here, in the USA you will find plenty of options to realize your dream. However, with so many companies offering numerous services, the problem is to find the perfect company for your job. We have always helped you regarding utilizing technology to your benefit. The above compilation will surely help you make an informed decision.

Top 10 Mobile App Developers USA
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Top 10 Mobile App Developers USA
Approximately one person looks at his cell phone 150 times a day, touches the screen about 2,617 times and spends two to three hours checking it. This reflects a very great opportunity for companies to increase their profitability with the fact of being in the network by having a mobile app. Here we have compiled a list of top 10 mobile app developers in the USA.
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Zazz is a team of creative designers and software engineers, building innovative digital products in North America. Zazz has collaborated with Fortune 500 companies and Silicon Valley unicorns, to create solutions being used by millions of users across the globe.

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