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by Zazz March 3, 2020 Time to Read Blog: 3 minutes

App development has opened new horizons for new and existing businesses. Now you can interact with your customers directly and even cut your advertising costs. If you are already familiar with the benefit of app development and want to get knowledge regarding the top app development companies in Norway. Wait no more and check out our compilation.

Applications – also called apps – have been present in phones for a long time; in fact, they were already included in the operating systems of Nokia or Blackberry years ago. The mobiles of that time, had small screens and often non-touch, and are what we now call feature phones, as opposed to the most current smartphones.

In essence, an application is still software. To understand the concept a little better, we can say that applications are for mobile phones what programs are for desktop computers.

A Leap with iPhone

Currently, we find applications of all types, shapes, and colors, but in the first phones, they were focused on improving personal productivity: these were alarms, calendars, calculators and email clients.

There was a big change with the entry of iPhone to the market since with it new business models were generated that made the applications somewhat profitable, both for developers and for the application markets, such as App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone Store.

At the same time, they also improved the tools available to designers and programmers to develop apps, facilitating the task of producing an application and launching it to the market, even on their own.

Differences between mobile applications and web

Applications share the phone screen with mobile websites, but while the former has to be downloaded and installed before using, a website can be accessed simply using the Internet and a browser; however, not all of them can be viewed correctly from a screen generally smaller than that of a desktop computer.

Those that are specially adapted to a mobile device are called “responsive web” and are an example of liquid design, since they can be thought of as content that takes the form of the container, displaying the information as necessary. Thus, entire columns, text blocks, and graphics of a web can be accommodated in space in a different way – or even disappear – according to whether it is entered from a phone, a tablet or a computer.

Those who already have a “responsive web” may consider the need to design an application, but the answer to whether or not this is necessary depends on understanding both the business objectives and the characteristics that differentiate the applications from the websites.

For example, applications can be seen even when you are without an Internet connection, in addition, you can access certain phone hardware features – such as sensors – capabilities that are currently beyond the reach of websites. Therefore, it can be said that an application offers a better user experience, avoiding excessive waiting times and achieving more fluid navigation between the contents.

Web applications usually have a more generic interface and independent of the appearance of the operating system, so the user identification experience with the navigation and interaction elements is usually less than in the case of the native ones.

You don’t always have to choose between one or the other. Webs and applications are not competitors, rather, they can complement each other; For example, a website can be useful as an information channel to motivate the download of the application.

Once the application is designed, you can ask yourself what is the best way to take what is done for the phone to a computer screen or other devices, extending and scaling the content and rethinking the layout. All devices have different uses, and when adapting the design, the particular characteristics of each of them must be taken into account.

Opportunities in Norway

Technology lovers are moving towards Norway. Yes, Norway is the traditional starting point for skiing, hiking, touring national parks and hiking in the Europeans alpines, but this dynamic country in the West has enough to become the main attraction of technological advancements. Thanks to the positive governmental policies of Norway, it has got the influx of expert developers. If you have taken a decision to assign your next project to one of the companies here in Norway, in my opinion, that could result in a wonderful experience.


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