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VR Development

Virtual reality helmets are everywhere: in congresses and halls, in the media, but also increasingly in homes. Initially driven by the video game industry, virtual reality is revolutionizing the way businesses use it. Zazz is one of the leading VR development company based in United States and providing VR related services almost all over the globe.

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AR/VR Development Services

Zazz is, without any doubt, the biggest contributor of mobile apps and other digital solutions based on Virtual reality. We offer a range of options to our clients’ to choose from according to their needs and requirements. Zazz has also engaged companies where we are providing VR based technological solutions to companies over a span of 10 years. Our services include

  • Virtual Reality consultation
  • Virtual Reality roadmap and future plans
  • Virtual Reality based iOS and Android apps
  • Virtual Reality Desktop solutions
  • Virtual Reality Maintenance and Support

VR Development

The Virtual Reality or VR emerged in the field of video games and entertainment in general, but because of its almost infinite possibilities has spread to fields and sectors as varied.


The uses of virtual reality in medicine represent an impressive potential and today is perhaps the sector where its advances are being most effective. Within medicine, the most representative applications are made in the following areas: Simulators for medical training, surgery operations, treatment of phobias and psychological traumas through exposure therapies and pain management through distraction techniques.


The use of virtual reality allows military professionals to be trained in a virtual environment where they can improve their skills and abilities without the detriment of training on a battlefield. Different types of situations are simulated and in a wide variety of fields and scenarios where recruits live a completely enveloping reality with the same efficiency as real training and increasing the frequency of trials as they are much less expensive.

This environment generated by computer applications is also used in flight simulation for the air army where people train to be pilots. The most important reasons about the use of educational simulators with a real aircraft are the reduction of transfer times between the formation of land and real flight, safety, economy and the absence of pollution. In the same way, virtual driving simulations are used to train drivers of tanks, trucks and all kinds of vehicles.


The possibilities of virtual reality in the field of education are endless and bring many advantages to students of all ages. It is already being used in university settings for practical purposes and to generate experience such as designing models of architectures (engineering) or seeing some systems of the human body (medicine) This technology has enormous potential in education since it is proven that students process Better content when there is a motivational component and virtual reality applications have all the appeal and tools to achieve it.

Tourism and Museography:

Currently there are many applications to make virtual tours around the world and take advantage of this technology to bring customers closer to destinations and tourism products as well as enhance their experience. Virtual Reality is not intended to replace tourism or physical travel, but rather to function as a complement that encourages people to travel. In this sense, it is worth highlighting the enormous potential of VR in Museums as it allows solving some didactic and communication problems that are responsible for them.

The images produced by virtual reality recreate real and imaginary spaces and landscapes that allow contextualizing the objects of a museum or exhibition and its expository discourse. Therefore, they greatly facilitate the communication practices of the center, since the image simplifies the location of the visitor, especially if it is not initiated in the subject.

Leisure and entertainment:

As we have already pointed out, it is in the field of leisure and entertainment where Virtual Reality applications are more developed thanks mainly to the videogames industry.

Video games have made a qualitative leap thanks to VR devices such as Samsung Gear VR, Oculus VR, PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, among others. Immersion and interactivity with the generated environment are virtually the clear differences from traditional video games.

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