Mobile App Development

Compared to a website, on average there are 2.4 more impressions on an app. To use an app you don't need to have an Internet connection. Even if we are connected 24 hours a day, it can happen to find ourselves in a village without a connection or in a mountain hut scattered in the nothing: in those cases, being able to move even offline is a great advantage. Zazz has always managed to provide enterprises with an extra edge over competitors with the help of digital mobile solutions. Our app business is booming in Charlotte and other North American regions.

iOS App Development

iOS is the Apple operating system that brings different devices to life: iPhone and iPad. Currently, around 21% of smartphones on the market run on the iOS operating system. It is therefore almost essential today to develop an iOS application. Developing an iOS application makes your application accessible to the Apple community, and more broadly, to iPhone and iPad users. To be able to reach these users, it is necessary to develop compatible applications, in other words, iOS applications. The development of a single responsive iOS application will make it possible to be adaptable to all Apple terminals with the possibility of nuances between devices. Once the iOS application has been developed, it can then be accessed and referenced on the Apple store.

Android App Development

The term "Android application" turns out to be somewhat incorrect since Android does not have its own programming language. Our Android applications can be developed in Kotlin language and JAVA language. The main tool for developing Android applications is called Android Studio. This tool will create the graphical interfaces with which the user will interact. Android Studio will also allow you to compile, debug and sign an application. Android applications must be solutions adapted to each company and each specific need. It is with this in mind that Zazz supports you throughout the project. The permanent upgrades mean that Android apps are always improving to meet users' needs. Seen from this angle, this is a good prospect for marketers to constantly update their advertising strategies through mobile applications. The Google Play Store is without a doubt the largest mobile application market that exists with millions of users accessing it every day. This means that Android applications reach more people than applications offered on other platforms.

Mobile Backend Engineering

The particularity of its task will reside in the programming language used. These are the languages PHP, Python, Java, Kotlin, Go, or Ruby. This makes it easier to store email addresses, passwords, profiles or product sheets. It will also be necessary to use frameworks (frameworks in French) such as Cake PHP, spring, Symfony or Code Igniter. The developer who is in charge of it must evolve in concert with the other stakeholders in order to ensure a smooth and consistent operation of the tool thus created. In a way, it is the keystone of development and will coordinate all actions. It is he who will configure the server that hosts the app. As you will understand, unlike Front-End development, the work performed on the Back-end is not visible but conditions all the orchestration of business rules. Mobile application developers must therefore be able to master this technical aspect. Too often, clients present themselves with a project without being aware of this aspect. However, when they access the administration interface, they then realize the importance of this part, however invisible, which allows them to manage their tool. Of all the stages of application development, the Back-end represents both the nervous system and the memory of the latter.

QA and Testing

Thanks to Zazz’s quality assurance model and validation model, it is possible to assess the maturity of the organization in terms of software quality and to create a roadmap to guide the process of improving quality practices. Zazz methodologies and environments cover all stages of the software testing lifecycle and provide comprehensive testing services - from test planning to test execution, metrics collection and reporting - while building a foundation solid reuse. The skills of specialized tools allow Zazz to help project teams determine the current system capacity, identify and resolve performance issues, ensure that SLAs are met and that performance requirements are properly addressed.

Mobile App Development

In today's increasingly connected world, field operators equipped with smartphones expect to enjoy the same functionality available to their colleagues connected in the office. The development of a mobile enterprise application is designed to offer this type of connectivity, while respecting the security and reliability requirements adopted by large organizations.

Companies want to make their applications available on mobile devices as well without significantly affecting their development cycles. A mobile app can be created by adopting different strategies: from pre-prepared and no-code mobile solutions, to completely customized apps, to development platforms integrated in mobile devices.

Many companies now have a service-based development strategy with integrated mobile features. Integrating application development into a broader strategy based on cloud-native micro services can bring many benefits, such as increased productivity, lower costs, greater security, visibility and control.

The importance of a mobile solution with integrated services

The preconfigured mobile apps are a product more suitable for customers who need only basic functionality or for those uses where data security and scalability are not a priority. To provide enterprise-grade mobile solutions, however, organizations need a development platform that ensures flexibility, consistency and security.

Modern developers often use microservices to split apps into smaller components as they allow you to expand functionality to mobile apps, without having to repeat the same steps. If the containers are joined to the microservices, the foundations of a cloud-native development will be obtained, capable of satisfying the digital requirements of reliability, security, agility and responsiveness of modern apps.

A cloud-native development platform with integrated mobile services is able to:

Propose a unified approach to the development of a mobile, web and cloud-native application

Support modern client and server side application frameworks

Ensure efficient use of resources

Offer a consistent user experience

Automate operations, including installation, updates and life cycle management

Allow workload portability to ensure consistency of app interactions across the various clouds

Simplify horizontal scalability to address business transformation needs

Mobile app security

Maintaining data security and consistent governance of all applications, regardless of the device used to access them, and ensuring the confidentiality of information are needs that companies cannot ignore.

Cloud-native development supports these security needs by offering centralized control and consistency. Automation, as an integral part of a hybrid cloud security strategy, improves security by ensuring that the necessary patches are applied to all systems as quickly as possible. Taking an appropriate API security approach can prevent unauthorized access, protecting all applications that rely on them. Authentication can be managed by a single centralized service avoiding the fragmentation of the many personalized services for each application.

In addition, a mobile development platform can also ensure security at the device level. If a device is stolen or lost, the centralized management tools will ensure that it can no longer be used to access protected data.

Modern enterprise-level mobile apps allow users to access confidential data, complete transactions, purchase services and products, participate in business processes and perform other activities. At the same time, the latest development methods are able to reduce the potential risks associated with security breaches, data loss and other breaches with critical repercussions.

The benefits of enterprise mobile apps offered to both workers and customers

Whenever an operator in the field solves a problem using a tablet, or a customer pays a bill via smartphone, you are seeing the result of a corporate investment in digital integration and application development. As part of their digital transformation, many companies have adopted technologies to standardize their application development processes.

The utilities, telecommunications, oil and gas and manufacturing sectors use mobile platforms to allow their operators in the field to maintain and update infrastructure. When securely integrated with back-end systems, mobile workforce management apps facilitate staff activities related to decision-making processes, communication, registration of tasks performed, making them more efficient. Similarly, companies have stepped up the use of customer-facing apps to improve the service provided.

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