Mobile App Development

A mobile app development company must offer you professionalism and technical quality in the final product. But you must also understand your project and your objectives, in addition to adapting to your budget in a decisive way and with flexibility. These are what we offer you in Zazz.

We have an App development team certified by the two main platforms (IOS & Android). We develop native Apps offering solutions for any type of project. Specialized in the development of native B2B applications. We design and develop applications based on user experience. We offer consulting services and we are technical partners of medium and large companies here in New York. Our experience and knowledge ensure success.

Our Key Features

Client Centric Development

We listen to our clients, arrange meetings and then develop products that not only satisfy our customers’ but also play a vital role in their growth.

Dedicated Development Team

We assign dedicated development teams to projects and make sure that one team works on just one project to ensure quality.

Data Backups

You should not worry about the loss of any data. We know that data is very important and take good care of it.

Agile Development

Agile development is the key to secure productivity and efficiency. We develop products that are innovative and competitive.

Excellent Support

We are available 24/7. You can contact us through email, text messages or just give us a call. We are available anytime anywhere.


While working with us, you need not worry about leaks and security. Protection is our topmost priority.

Mobile App Development

If a company without a website was considered outdated and unable to compete a few years ago, today the one that does not have a presence on mobile devices will suffer the same fate. And in that framework, no tool as promising and appropriate, as apps or portable applications.

In a world in which consumers saturate the network with searches, downloads and all kinds of pages viewed from their mobile phones, the optimization of the websites of the brands and the creation of applications for this type of devices is elementary. Not in vain recent studies reveal the large amount of time that the public devotes to apps. According to these, smartphone users spend up to 127 minutes a day, whether to play, classify your agenda, perform banking operations, search various topics, enter social networks, download music, read documents, etc., and so on.

Such frequency of use makes smartphones a very attractive field for trade that in fact, since the spectacular appearance of the iPhone in 2007, is constantly exploited. Just take a look at the size of the traffic on the web and check that approximately 10% to 25% of the traffic they receive comes from mobile devices, to understand why the percentages only grow over time. This and other indicators (such as selling more tablets and smartphones than PCs today) make visible the need to have a presence in the mobile world that, as we know, is very competitive and full of products. How to achieve it?

What to consider before having a mobile app?

Before finally deciding to bet on ordering the design of an app from professionals (there are programs to do it by hand but we do not recommend it in any way) you should reflect on certain things. We say this because some companies mistakenly assume that having an application means being "fashionable" or as a task to meet new trends, without calibrating the actual results they could obtain and without knowing their chances. Worse, based on the real ratio between application inquiries and final project contracting, it is perceived that there are companies that come without having the slightest idea of what they want. Many concerns are forgotten because the client does not really know if the application will be profitable or even if he really needs it.

Business apps

To overcome this we must consider whether the objectives of the company need to create and manage an application, and then deepen their variables. It has a reason. Applications usually work best when customers already know the brand or have an affinity for it, so if the goal is to improve the brand experience or build customer loyalty, an app (an optimized website) is a good way. On the other hand, if the objective is to give visibility to the brand through an application (a native app), we must not forget that it must first be made known, which naturally is a long-term strategy. It is true that the life of an app can be a couple of months, but do not forget that once downloaded you can stay there forever. And above all, regardless of how long you stay on the mobile, whenever it is used, it must be efficient and provide quality services indefinitely.


Another important aspect are the objectives. When creating a mobile application it is essential for the company to establish a clear strategy, in which the design is key as a subsequent weapon of engagement with users. Be clear about all the points before thinking about what you want: a mobile application that will be plowed. If there is a way to ensure success on mobile devices, it goes through a category that is popular and create a product capable of creating a native mobile experience. As in any area of marketing, being unique is an attribute reserved for a few. Try to be one of them.

iOS or Android?

And finally, now that your expectations are more grounded and have grown, it's time to take a look at the options. Which one to choose: iOS or Android? (Development for BlackBerry at this time is no longer a priority for most companies.) About iOS we can tell you that it is the standard and offers the opportunity to create an elegant application. It has several positive points such as good design, ease of use and a variety of applications and huge games that make it a benchmark. Its perfect integration with cloud services and desktops, especially Mac, is another of its strengths. On the other hand, Android has a greater potential audience - the largest operating system in the market worldwide. It is practically adaptable to all types of devices, is modifiable and upgradeable, accepts any application (something very important), uses any operator, is customizable and has multitasking capability.