4 Crucial Characteristics of Trucking Apps That You Need to Consider in 2022

by Zazz February 3, 2022 Time to Read Blog: 5 minutes

In today’s world, there’s a mobile app for almost everything that we could possibly think of, and truth be told, these mobile apps have actually made our lives a lot easier. 

Trucking apps have also helped both truckers and shippers alike. These apps have assisted shipping businesses to streamline their operations and thus work at their best optimum levels.  Truck drivers can make use of these easy-breezy apps to stay connected, for locating truck stops, comparing fuel prices, and for also streaming music directly from their smartphones while on the go.

Ethan Young, an owner of a shipping company based out in the US has benefited tremendously from the trucking navigation apps and he says that his business is booming and “has gone from zero to 500 percent“, all by virtue of a smartphone trucking app. 

Trucking apps are essentially a dynamic marketplace that efficiently connects innumerable shippers and truckers. It is strategically built in a way that drivers don’t have to unnecessarily waste their time in scouting for loads by hiring any third-party brokers or by constantly struggling to get a haul. Shippers too are benefited tremendously as they get the liberty of narrowing down and thereby selecting the best driver suitable for a particular shipment. 

The cardinal purpose of the trucking loads app is to assist the carriers in smoothly loading trucks with their cargo and to ensure hassle-free transportation to the desired location. 

Herein it is pertinent to note that the general net worth of the US cargo transportation business stands around $1 trillion as per the Plunkett Research report, and the trucking business alone makes about 70% of this colossal figure. 

Also according to the statistics released by the American Trucking Association, the mammoth trucking business was estimated to be around $726 billion in 2015 and $676 billion in 2016. Furthermore, the findings of the Transparency Market Research report are mentioned as follows – 

“The worldwide market for transportation management system TMS was esteemed at US$ 9,600.8 million of every 2016.

This will ascend at a strong CAGR of a rate of 13.6% from 2017 to 2025. It is additionally anticipated that it will reach US$ 30,044.1 million until 2025.”

We can thus decipher that the trucking business is indeed a prodigious one that has myriads of opportunities in store, and trucking GPS apps, therefore, play a significant role as these apps alone can mushroom your business through and through, helping you scale unattainable heights.

However, there are some crucial characteristics of trucking GPS apps that one can’t afford to give a miss while building robust apps for trucking. 

Let’s walk you through the A to Z features of impressive trucking apps, and you too need to ensure to mandatorily incorporate these must-have specifications in your own trucking app.

Specification 1: Integrate Real-time Tracking  with Maps

If you are a start-up and have just commenced your trucking business operations, then let us tell you that real-time tracking along with maps is of paramount importance and is extremely crucial over anything else. 

The primary objective of creating a trucking app is to streamline operations and to smoothly carry out all communications between shippers and drivers, who need to securely deliver the goods to the desired destinations.

Your trucking navigation app should thus have in-built map features with recommended paths along with real-time traffic data as this is what drivers solicit the most from any trucking map app, the name of which also elucidates the same. 

Real-time tracking is also of significant importance, especially when creating a trucking loads app for long stretch trucking as it allows shippers to easily track the driver’s location. 

Furthermore, if you provide a GPS function in your trucking app, then users too can track the current locations of the driver via a live map. 

Specification 2 : Provide In-App Messages

It is extremely important for you to offer a built-in app messaging option while creating a long-haul trucking app for your business. The in-app messaging is an incredibly wonderful and absolutely essential, visually appealing feature that enables the shoppers to communicate directly via messages or chats with their transportation driver to know the exact status of their shipment. 

The in-application chatting feature can be used by both carriers and shippers to converse with the driver and the drivers too can apprise them by sending constant images and other relevant information regarding the loads or the shipment. 

Also in-app messaging is particularly essential in case you plan on building a logistic trucking dispatch app.

You should preferably contact some reputable and trustworthy iPhone app development or Android app development company for this purpose as designing an efficient, result-oriented and user-friendly trucking app is sure not a cakewalk. 

We might sound a bit biased but Zazz, a renowned app development company can help you create the most stunning and visually appealing trucking apps. We empower businesses with our versatile and feature-rich apps that assiduously cater to all distinct requirements and function seamlessly on multiple mobile ecosystems (iOS and Android). Our developers at Zazz hold great expertise in designing and developing exceptionally wonderful trucking apps that in turn help revolutionize businesses with unparalleled end-to-end solutions. We create apps that offer not only smooth and hassle-free in-app messaging but also a plethora of other sublime features that would undoubtedly leave both your drivers and users mesmerized. 

Specification 3: Offer Payment Integration 

If you wish to create a trucking dispatch app, then payment integration is an indispensable and absolutely necessary feature that your trucking app must incorporate. This function fundamentally enables users to make online payments via the app itself. 

Your trucking app should render a plain sailing and frictionless navigation experience to users and it is thus imperative to have a payment feature that provides an easy payment option for carrying out all transactions virtually. 

An ideal payment gateway in your trucking app should be one that offers multiple card alternatives such as debit cards, credit cards, online e-wallets like GPay and Apple Pay.

Specification 4: Maintain All Trip History

Yes, you heard that right! We can’t stress enough how important it is to clearly elucidate and mention all the trip histories undertaken by a driver in order to evade all kinds of unsolicited issues. Your app must furnish a detailed history of all shipment trips so that both the drivers and the shippers can easily track down all their erstwhile transportation details with the relevant cargo information. Also, users can easily get all necessary transportation details with a meticulous point-to-point trip history, which is a must-have feature for all trucking apps. Users can automatically track the whole trip of the vehicle without any cumbersome hindrances. Maintaining in-built trip history also minimizes the additional burden of assembling heaps of papers in order to substantiate the trip journey. Thus both shippers and drivers would have lesser desk work to do as the app would itself provide all the ride records.

So just in case, you are planning to build your own customized management solutions, then we would strongly recommend that you incorporate the in-built trip history feature which is especially important for all long stretch trucking businesses.

And well that is it! While there are innumerable other features that you could incorporate in your trucking app, these above-mentioned four specifications are a must-have for any and every trucking loads app. 

Also if you wish to get your own customized app, then look no further as Zazz is the ultimate destination for all your app development needs. We provide the most stupendous app and web development services and our developers magically create the most attractive, albeit easy-to-use mobile apps. Zazz is a frontend development company and adroit designers and developers hold immense expertise in designing spectacular trucking apps that offer robust performance and are catalysts to the success of a business. Get in touch with us today to know more about our expert wizardry and to get your very own trucking app. 

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