Amazon Drone Delivery: FAA Confirmed Prime Air Fleet

by Zazz September 2, 2020 Time to Read Blog: 4 minutes

Are you ready for drone delivery from Amazon? Well, that day just got a little closer to reality as the FAA announced on Monday that they had given Amazon the green-light to start making drone deliveries. The retail giant is taking this as an essential step towards offering their customers fast and convenient deliveries that will make their online shopping experience even better. However, it’s worth noting that Amazon is still testing and fine-tuning their drone technology, so there’s no official launch date announced just yet.

Amazon Drone Delivery

Amazon has been working on this project for years, but legal barriers have kept them from rolling it out to the masses. Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, stated in an interview that the company plans to have drones delivering packages right to customers’ doorsteps within five years. These autonomous drones can carry up to five pounds of merchandise, and the drones are fully electric, designed to drop off packages within 30 minutes and do this all from your backyard.

Seattle-based Amazon is one of only three drone delivery services to gain flight approval from the FAA. So, keep your eyes open for drones in the sky!

The courier company UPS and a company owned by the search giant Google got a license last year.

Amazon Delivery Drones Gets FAA License

 This move will benefit every E-commerce app development company by enhancing Amazon’s delivery capabilities seeking to improve delivery services. The certificate allowed Amazon to fly drones for crew development and training. According to a competent E-Commerce Application Development Agency, the retailer applied for the first time after announcing its plans to enter the UAV delivery business.

Last year, UPS obtained the FAA’s first full “Part 135 Standard” certification – The Alphabet Wing Aviation LLC spinoff received a Part 135 Single Pilot Airline Certificate for Drone Operations in April 2019. Also, Prime Air was approved to fly Research and development missions in authorized flight areas.

Amazon’s FAA nod may reveal the agency’s enthusiasm for expanding delivery drone testing. The FAA drone released a proposal that allows the agency more flexibility to create new types of certificates based on specific roles as drone technology evolves. Moreover, some E-commerce app developers recognize the growth of the FAA’s drone delivery as an example. The latest Prime Air drone has 15 miles and can carry packages weighing less than 5 pounds.

Amazon Drone Delivery Worldwide

The FAA allows commercial drones for delivery services. Drone flight is still restricted to line of sight, making drone delivery less efficient and not possible in all areas.

According to a leading company, Zazz clutch review includes reports that Uber is testing drone food delivery. Google, FedEx, Intel, and Qualcomm are working with the Department of Transportation on commercial trials of drone delivery services.

Fortune reports claim that Amazon, Target, Walmart, and many other companies will use great lengths to incorporate. Also, large companies have included drone delivery services in their long-term strategic and logistics plans.

Societal Benefits of Amazon Drone Delivery 


The hardest part of any drone delivery challenge is the final part called “the last mile.” This part of the delivery route is from the warehouse to the customer’s home or office. It can be longer or shorter than a physical mile; however, it is the last leg of the journey. As per Magento developers, drone delivery is faster and saves money on fuel costs. Moreover, it saves commercial vehicle fleet maintenance and labor costs for human drivers.

Pollution Reduction

Delivery drones fly on battery power. If the batteries are recharged using renewable energy systems, such as solar energy, the air flight is free of pollution. The only downside to using drones is that they make a humming noise when they fly. The drone is not in production yet; however, the design is spectacular. Delivering solar-powered drones and the silent flight is a cool idea that takes this whole concept to the next level.

FAA Drone Regulation – Get A Quick Glimpse

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has several regulations that have hampered the drone market’s growth. The most prevalent of these restrictions is known colloquially as the “line of sight rule,” which requires drone operators to keep the uncrewed aircraft insight.

It eliminates any potential applications for drones in the delivery space, as the need to keep a drone in view at all times defeats the purpose of shipping a drone to drop off a delivery at a customer’s home. But there are many FAA drone regulations for recreational and commercial use.

Wrapping up 

Drone delivery is a sector of the market that is still in its infancy. Major players like Amazon, Google, Uber, and others are making significant investments to prepare for widespread deployments.

The FAA’s drone regulation on Amazon robot delivery is restrictive. However, this is slowly improving. There are many potentially huge markets.Also, there are many ways that entrepreneurs can make money by flying commercial drones for delivery services. They can provide support services to the fast-emerging industrial sector. Also, if you have any questions related to an Amazon drone delivery, let’s discuss with us, our experts will connect you.


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