Apple iOS 14.5 Released: Siri Updated Herself, What’s More For iPhone Users

by Zazz May 10, 2021 Time to Read Blog: 4 minutes

There were two major changes in iOS 14 that Apple talked about last year during its WWDC. The first was the nutrition privacy labels that all developers must include with their applications in the App Store. Those were released when developers updated their apps earlier this year. The other is the person who is standing out enough to be noticed at the present time.

Apple iOS

Let’s start! Here is all you require to know.

What’s Included in The iOS 14.5 Update?

With the update, users will be able to choose a new voice for Siri, unlock their iPhones and Apple Watches while wearing skin, and select different skin tones for emojis showing couples. According to a leading iPhone app development company, the most drastic update is the app tracking transparency feature, which will require apps to get permission from users before tracking or sharing their data on other apps or websites with third parties.

Applications that collect data outside of your service will ask users for permission. Users can permit it or ask the application not to follow them. They can likewise open their settings and change their selection whenever.

IOS 14.5 Released: Meet The New Features For Your iPhone

Siri Has New Voices

Apple’s Siri voice collaborator no longer uses a female voice as a matter of course when setting up your iPhone. Instead, you will be asked to choose from one of the four preset voices when you turn on your new iPhone. Includes two new African American voices in English, male and female, and a new male voice.

  • Open Settings on your iPhone.
  • Touch Siri and Search.
  • Choose Siri Voice.
  • Select American.
  • Choose one of the three new voice options.

Apple Fitness+

iOS 14.5 empowers AirPlay 2 help for Apple Fitness Plus, which implies you can stream your exercises to any AirPlay 2-viable display. As per a well-known iOS application development company, you should be aware that Apple Watch metrics will not appear on the larger screen. You should see these data points on your iPad or iPhone.

Unlocking iPhone With Apple Watch While Wearing COVID-19 Mask

Less noticeable, but no less useful, this is probably the best feature of version 14.5, especially if you have an Apple Watch and use an iPhone with FaceID. The FaceID isn’t helpful when you’re all over town wearing a COVID-19 mask.

However, if the iPhone detects that you are wearing a skin, it will see if you are using an Apple Watch that your iPhone has unlocked. If it detects one in the vicinity, it will unlock your iPhone.

When you do, you get a notification on your watch, with the option to lock your device in case someone else picked it up and you prefer not to have access to your personal information. Honestly, this feature may be built for the pandemic, but it’s a game-changer. I have been using it for a few months now, and it works most of the time reliably.

Maps Allow Walkers and Cyclists to Share The Estimated Time

Apple is permitting its Maps app various latest features with iOS 14.5. It will allow you to report accidents, hazards, and speed controls (if you see too many cars at high speed on your street). The other cool feature is that Maps will finally allow walkers and cyclists to share their ETA with other people. Previously, you could only share your ETA on Maps if you were driving in a car.

ATT- Application Tracking Transparency

Allowing apps to access your personal information has been a big topic in the great world of technology and personal devices. The iOS 14.5 update wants to make sure you know which iPhone apps control your activity. The new app tracking feature requires apps to have a pop-up notification asking if you want to enable or disable that app, so it doesn’t track your activity. So, expect to see more pop-up notifications asking if you want this app to track your activity or not.

Once the iOS 14.5 update has been installed, you will be able to see which apps you have permitted to track you. All you have to do is go to the new Tracking page and open the Settings app on your iPhone>> select Privacy>>opt Tracking to proceed. You can also quickly adjust the tracking permissions for various apps on this page.

How to Install The iOS 14.5 Version?

1. Before updating, be sure to back up your phone or tablet content to iCloud or a computer.

2. Connect your device and make sure you have a good Wi-Fi connection.

3. Once the iOS 14.5 update is available, go to Settings>> General, tap Software Update, and let your device do its thing.

Let’s Understand About The Pros And Cons

Apple offers users the power to choose, and both options have some benefits. Users who refuse to opt-out can see more relevant ads on their social media feeds or apps. Instead of seeing a generic ad for Target’s new line of air fresheners, users could be offered a discount on a specific item they’ve been considering buying for weeks.

Users could also help local small businesses reach them more easily by allowing follow-up. However, companies would continue to collect data that is not critical to the operation of their applications and could create a profile on users for purely commercial purposes.

If users choose not to participate, they can keep more of their data private. If you have any problems and want to connect with professionals, please contact us. Our expert team of application developers will help you.

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