Meticulously Evaluate your iOS App Performance

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iOS app performance metrics are the golden keys when it comes to furnishing a great user experience. iOS users generally hold high expectations when it comes to mobile apps. An unresponsive and slow app may lead consumers to abandon it with an avalanche of negative reviews. It is thus imperative that your software must work at lightning speed and the user interface ought to render a frictionless experience. One must make smart data-driven decisions in order to enhance the performance of their business app, and this in turn would help scale their business. We are an iOS application development company and we stand tall as pioneer leaders when it comes to designing and developing the most stunning iOS apps. However today we shall help you by shedding light on how to scrupulously monitor your iOS app performance. We are sure that this blog would prove helpful for you and we thus urge you to read it till the very end.

iOS App Performance

The Apple app store is brimming with millions of iOS apps, and so it is a sine qua non that your app needs to be unique in order to stay ahead of the cutthroat competition. However, having that said, it is crucial to note that iOS performance optimization is no cakewalk and it can indeed be a Herculean task to deal with. It is quite perplexing to find out the exact trouble that is causing your app to lag and thus a few measures need to be undertaken. Let us quickly walk you through iOS app performance optimization and we’ll also guide you on how to improve iOS app performance. 

Primarily we would like to mention that when talking about iOS app optimization, then data structures, algorithms and memory aren’t the only cardinal factors that affect performance. Users must get an impression that an app responds to each contact as quickly as possible, and this per se is the very reason why iOS app performance monitoring holds the pedestal. 

Essential Factors Required to Monitor and Improve iOS App Performance 

Mentioned below are some crucial iOS app performance metrics that are required to collect and analyze data. Metrics can be bifurcated into four major categories viz :

1. Performance Metrics

2. User and Usage Metrics

3. Engagement Metrics

4. Business Metrics

These metrics are briefly discussed hereinunder. 

1. Performance Metrics

Some of the essential iOS app Developer performance metrics that determine the success of an application are the app size, app launch, app response, app crashes, API latency, end-to-end application latency, app load per period, and network errors. 

2. Usage Metrics 

MAU/DAU, device or OS metrics, and geometrics are some of the most important iPhone app performance testings for usage metrics. 

3. Engagement Metrics

The key engagement metrics that help improve iOS app performance are the session length and interval along with the retention rate. 

4. Business Metrics 

Business metrics have a critical role when it comes to revenue generation and some of the most crucial iOS app performance metrics with regards to business are the acquisition cost, transaction revenue, abandonment rate, lifetime value and the most important of all, that is the app star rating. 

We understand that some of these terms might be baffling for you to comprehend but in case you wish to delve deeper and gain clearer insights then we at Zazz, an iPhone app development company would be more than happy to assist you. Our developers create the finest iOS apps and not just that, but we also ensure to keep an eagle’s eye and punctiliously check on the app performance. We don’t hesitate in going an extra mile for iOS app performance testing as we endeavor to furnish the most stellar solutions to our business partners. Over years, we have gained expertise in this rather arduous field, and mentioned below are some quick tips that can help you accelerate your overall iOS performance optimization. 

1. Manage Memory with ARC

ARC refers to Automatic Reference Counting and it helps vanquish the most common kind of memory leaks, i.e. the forgetful ones. ARC aids in iPhone app optimization by ensuring that all objects are deallocated immediately once their use ceases. 

2. Your Views Must Be Opaque 

In case you don’t have the transparency defined, then it is highly recommended to set the opaque property to yes as this would enable the system to draw vires optimally. This is quite an easy property that can be established in both the interface builder and the code. 

3. Select the Correct Collection

In order to write lucid codes, it is important to use an appropriate class or object for the task at hand. This is especially true when talking of collections. You must therefore ensure to zero in on the correct collection whilst trying to improve iOS app performance.

4. Cache

When designing your business application, then it is usually recommended to cache whatever is important, or to keep a tab of things that are unlikely to change, albeit those which are regularly accessed. Pictures, remote server answers and computed values such as the UITableView row heights are some eminent caching candidates. 

5. Select an Appropriate Data Format

You can solicit data from a web service in varied formats, JSON and XML however are some of the most prominent ones. It is crucial for you to select the right data format for your business app. Herein it is pertinent to note that JSON is a lot easier to parse as compared to XML and it is typically smaller. This thus requires lesser data to be transferred. It is also easier to utilize. However, XML on the contrary holds one major advantage it enables users to interact with the XML data whilst reading it off the wire using the SAX parsing mechanism instead of waiting for the entire data to arrive prior to parsing it like JSON. It is crucial to note that dealing with humongous volumes of data results in lower memory use and it also helps improve iOS app performance.

There are some robust iOS tools that help speed up the iOS app developer performance monitoring and some of these are the XC Test Metrics, MetricKit, XCode Metrics Organizer, Firebase Performance, and Swift Info. 

It is really important for businesses to keep a close tab on the iOS app performance metrics for maintaining a robust app. iOS app optimization is thus crucial for organizations to undertake as it helps diminish all frictions, thereby enabling businesses to put in their money and time in the right direction. However this is not an easy-breezy task as such and it can indeed be quite gruelling, especially for newbies, but fret not as we at Zazz are here to your aid. Our app development agency houses expert developers who can undertake a scrupulous iOS app performance testing and we shall help you at each juncture in your iOS app performance optimization. So if you are keen on carrying out your iOS app performance testing, then do get in touch with us!

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