Common Issues Faced By Developers While Developing an iOS App

by Zazz August 12, 2021 Time to Read Blog: 4 minutes

The digital arena is upon us, and technology-oriented businesses are springing up everywhere in the world. Now that iPhones are so widely used, more and more development companies are pouring money into iOS app development to take advantage of the growing demand.

With many iOS apps as inspiration, thousands of companies are betting on iOS app development to get a piece of the pie. However, this is easier said than done. IOS app developers face several challenges, from developing and designing the iOS app to marketing and launching it in the app store. In this blog, we have listed some of the most common problems faced by iOS application developers. 

Common Issues Faced by Developers During iOS App Development 

Anyone can create an iOS application using the iOS Development Kit, which Apple regularly updates. But iOS developers face some challenges when creating an iOS app, such as:

  1. User Interface

People have widely accepted IOS devices due to their superior UX and clean design concept. To create engaging experiences, developers must focus on good and efficient UI/UX design.

The applications have evolved dramatically over the years, as have their design and navigation. This, however, hires iOS app development companies who need to create an attractive user interface for different screen sizes.

  1. Sandbox Environment Applications

Privacy and security have always been Apple’s top priorities. As a result of that commitment, Apple has implemented a security technique called Sandboxing in iOS from day one to protect the device against buggy, exploited or compromised applications. The sandbox isolates an application from the rest of the system and creates a private data and information environment for each application, which cannot be intruded on or used by any other application.

During the iOS mobile app development, developers must include a sandbox rule called entitlement, which allows the program to access the required resource defined in that entitlement. The developer should only enable the rights necessary to allow his program to run and nothing else.

  1. Application Security

Application security should not be compromised when developing iPhone applications. iPhone app developers‘ primary responsibility is to use proper data encryption to protect application data from hackers and vulnerabilities. Developers can prevent data breaches by developing advanced technical security layers. Well, it is a challenging job for them.

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  1. Beta User Testing

What’s the worst that can happen when an app is launched? You are getting negative feedback from users due to developers not having validated their application thoroughly enough to identify all the pain points in various use cases. An application developer needs to measure a user’s interaction with the application, which can be achieved during beta testing, which is a kind of external user acceptance test. It is the second phase of the software tests carried out in a real environment by real users of the application to verify the application’s functionality and identify any errors and possible breakdowns.

  1. App Store Approvals

The Apple App Store has more than two million applications available for download. This is a small number compared to the applications that were not approved for inclusion in this prestigious application market. Apple has strict guidelines for approving apps. Many applications are rejected due to a simple violation of the rules. What’s even more unbearable for iPhone app development service providers is that Apple frequently changes these rules to protect its devices’ integrity.

In this specific circumstance, iOS application advancement services should be completely acquainted with Apple’s guidelines and the latest updates to limit the risk of dismissal after such a lot of time and money put resources into developing the application. While iOS and Android app development is exciting, developers must work hard to keep up with the latest innovations and techniques to ensure a robust mobility solution.

  1. Overcome Performance and Memory Limitations

Apple devices do not come with the garbage collection feature. The iOS application can be terminated if it becomes a source control. Therefore, it is a challenge for iOS developers to manage memory within the application. When developing an application for a specific version of iOS, we cannot forget that the same version works with several iPhone devices, and they all have a different degree of storage and memory.

iPhone applications that consume a lot of memory and storage space offer the worst performance. Therefore, developers must be very careful what an application requires to build a performance-driven application.

  1. Cross-platform Application Development

In the market, some companies aim to develop applications that can run on multiple platforms rather than just a single platform. Cross-platform applications offer users synchronized access to applications across multiple devices and operating systems such as Mac, Windows, and Linux.

At the current date, for a company that wants to develop an application. It does not matter if the application will be purely content, video or document-based. However, it should be accessible across a multitude of devices without any platform dependencies.

  1. Futuristic iPhone app development

In today’s age, where technology is evolving rapidly, developing future-proof iOS apps seems difficult at first. Since your application will look out of date after 2-3 years. And knowing in advance about Apple’s next innovation is an unpredictable feat. But limited iOS developers can estimate Apple’s upcoming changes to iOS versions by considering Apple’s product line and thinking.

  1. Poor Network Conditions

IOS application development services must be supported by a strong internet connection and network speed. While this may not be a problem for developers, it is important to consider use cases when the connection is slow, and the application uses rich media such as streaming services and Internet video applications.

Fortunately, Apple has the right tool for iOS developers. Xcode, Apple’s integrated development environment, provides a Network Link Conditioner tool to simulate various network conditions covering low bandwidth, DNS delays, high latency, packet loss, and more. A part of iOS application development should be to test the application using the network link conditioner to simulate different conditions.

Final Words

Application developers generally face the above challenges while developing iOS applications. If there is anything else that you have faced during the mobile app development, you can share your views in the comment section or contact us. Our team of experienced application developers will help you with best-in-class iOS application development solutions.

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