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by Zazz August 19, 2020 Time to Read Blog: 4 minutes

Android is an operating system that commonly uses today. It has grown into a growing forum for App developers. Various mobile apps are created primarily for Android. Google revealed its first developer preview of Android 11, the next Android version update of the operating system. Android is at the top with a market share of 74.13 percent.

Google is making some significant changes, including improved 5G coverage, developed privacy enhancements, and innovative communications interfaces. Google has been innovative in helping entrepreneurs and companies with updates that help in mobile apps’ growth. Among all these features, there are other pending features left out in Android 10.

Here are the latest Android 11 features-

Chat Bubbles-

Google was expecting to add chat heads like Facebook to almost all of Android’s messaging applications 10. Now chat bubbles used in Android 11’s first app preview. Chat bubbles became integrated, and communications now built into the Notification Centre. Images can soon be sent from the notification panel when responding to conversations.

This new release has a UI that lets you access multiple conversations through a bubble. The chat bubble would be visible on every app to support other messaging applications like Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, etc.

Native Screen Record-

It is one of Google’s latest upgrade improvements expected for Android 10. However, this time people hope to see the native screen recorder capability again in the final version. If the latest new version of Android finally introduces a native screen recorder feature, one won’t have to rely on third-party apps and concerns about our information security. This component can be noticed in the Quick settings option.

The iOS already had a screen recorder in place, and it was about time Android also had that functionality. Android 11 preview developer showed a completely loaded screen recorder with sophisticated Interface.

One Time Permission-

Given all the best functionality of Android, data protection is still a concern for the consumers. Last year Google released an upgrade with the alternative “Allow only when in use” in the permission manager

One of the features of Android 11 is to increase your emphasis on privacy with a one-time permission option. One-time permission means that you can give access to the microphone, location, or camera for once, and the permission will be removed as soon as you leave the device.

Scheduled Dark Mode-

The planned dark mode is one of the best 11 innovative features of Android. With its snippets of the same and Android 10 polished the dark mode, the Android 9 version got us all excited about the Dark mode.

Now, you can schedule your Mobile device with Android 11 anytime you want the dark mode on. You may program it either for sunrise or sunset or even set your choice to a custom time.

Connecting Mobile Bluetooth-

Many users employ airplane mode on their mobile devices, but disconnecting Bluetooth due to airplane mode is frustrating. However, this issue is going to change in the new update of Android 11.

Now one does not have to worry about connecting, again and again, Bluetooth devices. It will be considered as one of the coolest latest android updates.

Dismiss Alerts & Notifications-

If we take a closer look at the glimpse, the android 11 will be providing a smart feature to dismiss all the notifications & alerts. This was not possible to do so in previous versions to keep specific devices running in the background. The new Android version will allow you to clear alerts even if they come from an app that you are not using.

How will Mobile Applications Affect Android 11?

The preview document of Android 11 is majorly divided into 3 main sections, the behavior changes, privacy features, and new features & API. Here are the various points-

Low Data Redundancy-

Android 11 stores massive data sets using mutual data blobs to reduce redundancy of local and network storage data. Android 11 uses mutual data blobs to store massive datasets. A single copy of the datasets had to be downloaded from two different apps for previous Android models.

App Termination Detailed Information-

If the app crashed due to memory problems or the device failed to respond, the error reporting feature of Android 11 has now extended its functionality to include comprehensive reporting of the app crash. Logs have been created and managed and can be used for further diagnosis.

Support 5G Infrastructure-

The hardware will enjoy the full benefits of the new Android 11 version with 5G infrastructure. Besides with 5G, it will undoubtedly help improve productivity across the board, combining 5G infrastructure with low latency and fast transfer of files.

Private App Data Usage-

In the latest Android 11, the app usage stats will be in an encrypted format. It will become visible only if the user unlocks their device or switchesa their accounts. This now changes the game for android app development company. They have to find out a new solution to access the data and avoid the security function.


Android 11 marks an incremental update to the previous version of the OS. It brings a range of new enhancement features for security and the user experience. The latest version of Android needs to be revised to support mobile apps & upgrade to Android 11.

Lets discuss your project, as Mobile App Development Services must update your app to keep it relevant and user friendly at the same time. Android 11 will prove to be the landmark version of the OS, emphasizing users’ security and privacy concerns.

We are Zazz, a top Mobile App Development Company delivering offshore application development. Working around the specific customer requirements, we provide highly innovative and unbeatable applications based on android platforms. 

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