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App Development is perhaps one of the quickest ways to register your brand or a product in the masses. Here we present our extensively researched compilation of top app development companies based in Hong Kong.

Good data management allows location, sharing and reuse of data, reducing data redundancy. These characteristics of good data management reduce costs in terms of time and money. Data management applications, along with best practices, can also help meet the requirements of making data more accessible and recognizable.

Benefits of data management applications

Data management applications provide certain benefits that can positively impact the organization:

Increase productivity.

It goes to work in a more efficient way. It doesn’t matter where your data is stored, from legacy systems to Hadoop. Applications for data management help access the data that is needed. Data management rules are created once and used repeatedly, offering a standard and repeatable method to improve and integrate data, at no additional cost.

Easy collaboration with other teams.

It is easy to get entangled in tasks outside normal functions. Applications for data management allow users to update data, modify processes and analyze results, freeing them from other projects. You can also have a built-in business glossary, third-party metadata management, data source visualization capabilities, etc.

Reliable data and ready for action.

Data management applications ensure that data is prepared for viewing, analysis or operational use. Therefore, data quality, transparency and accountability are promoted. They usually incorporate auditing to monitor the processing.

Integration, administration and governance of big data

As organizations put more data into tools such as Hadoop, it is necessary to obtain value from that information. The data management applications offer quick and easy access to Hadoop through various technologies and manage them wherever they are.

Seamless technology built by specialists.

The data management applications of specialized companies are fully integrated, which means that you are not required to work with a solution that has been adapted. From data quality to data governance, they are part of the same architecture.

Buy vs Build. Which is better for data management?

It should be noted that making a wrong decision in this area can directly impact two fundamental aspects of companies: Costs and Margins.


But on a regional basis, there are several impacts that are not usually measured and that confirm the benefits that the organization obtains through the use of applications for the management of data built and maintained by specialized companies:

  1. The loss of opportunity, and therefore of potential income that causes us to build an application. It is an excessive ‘ time to market ‘ that can lose business opportunities.
  2. An already built application reduces implementation times and therefore the costs associated with the developments, so in this case there are no times or costs, unlike what would happen with a custom development.
  3. In turn, an application reduces costs at the level of systems administration and responsible personnel unlike other platforms where it is necessary to have specialists for each technology involved thereby increasing existing costs.
  4. Similarly, a platform reduces costs in terms of changes and maintenance of developments, unlike what happens with Ad-hoc developments, where costs related to changes may involve more time than the initial construction.
  5. Finally, to say that an already built platform is able to adapt to the initial requirements of the clients in terms of initial architecture, being able to grow in conjunction with the business as needed, unlike other technologies, which require having specific technologies that increase the maintenance costs.

Hong Kong and Mobile App Business

Hong Kong is among those countries where mobile app business is flourishing leaps and bounds, thanks to the settled developers and unique companies here. Since the inception of mobile app business, Hong Kong has registered some quality apps and contributed well towards the stores.


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