Who’s Behind The Epic Twitter Account Hacked 2020 – A Dark Wednesday

by Zazz July 21, 2020 Time to Read Blog: 2 minutes

Do you ever feel that your twitter account is hacked? No, right? This can be a stressful feeling that your account is accessed by someone else whom you don’t know. Because everyone has their private and professional information added in their official accounts. When an account is being hacked, the account user starts searching for some ways to decode their issue. 

So, today we consider this issue and come up with this flawless write-up to let you know who is behind the twitter account hacked in 2020. You just have to read the write-up to understand this Bitcoin scam topic more clearly. Let’s begin:

Whose Account Was Hacked?

As per the data, there are many famous personalities whose accounts have been hacked. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Barack Obama
  2. Kim Kardashian
  3. Warren Buffett
  4. Jeff Bezos
  5. Mike Bloomberg
  6. Bill Gates
  7. Kanye West
  8. Joe Biden and
  9. Elon musk
  10. Apple, etc. 

What Exactly Happened?

Novice investors struggled to earn money Wednesday after a fake tweet about Bitcoin spread through word-of-mouth on popular Twitter accounts including former U.S. President Barack Obama, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, and Microsoft’s Bill Gates. Lost

Mike Bloomberg, Joe Biden, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Elon Musk were among the other celebrities with a Twitter account targeted by a wide range of hacks offering fake Bitcoin transactions.

Bezos, Gates, and Musk are one of the ten wealthiest people in the world, and their social networking websites have millions of followers. According to the Bloomberg Billionaire Index, the net worth of the three combined is now $366 billion. The value of one bitcoin has remained around $9,113.

What Experts Say?

Co-Founder and COO, Giottus Cryptocurrency Exchange, states that these kinds of Bitcoin scams have happened in the past. But never at this scale. It was a well-planned and coordinated scam attack, where multiple famous personalities’ accounts got hacked at the same time, with the same tweets directing users to the same scam site. 

Unfortunately, more than 300+ Twitter account users fell for the scam globally. Almost lost estimated $100K before Twitter stepped in to remove the tweets.

After understanding all the major and minor facts about Twitter account hacked 2020. Now, it’s time to learn how you can keep your Twitter account safe? Just check out the upcoming section for the same. 

How to Keep Twitter Account Safe from Hacking?

Once an app developer creates an application, they consider all the security majors as per their client’s requirement. But, we should not depend on the app’s security features. On the initial stage, we also have to take some safety precautions to keep Twitter accounts safe. 

If you suspect your account has been hacked, or someone else has an account before you lose access to your account, here are some quick checks.

  1. Change the password regularly.
  2. Add a unique and efficient password.
  3. Check whether your password is working or not.
  4. Dismiss third-party authorisations.
  5. Ensure that you add a secure email address.

Time To Wrap Up

The news about Twitter accounts hacked viral all over the globe. Twitter is the most usable mobile and web application after Instagram. After hearing this news, almost every app development company like Zazz, AppStudio, etc., efficiently work on their safety and security majors. These companies are already known in the market to develop secure applications for their clients. That’s why they have 100+ clients all over the world. 

If you are also one of them, who wants a trustworthy company to design an application then, you can contact us without thinking twice. Our team of experts would like to help our clients positively. 


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