Vodafone’s Neo Smartwatch & AR Glasses: Rumors, Tech Spec, Latest News

by Zazz December 14, 2020 Time to Read Blog: 3 minutes

Today, we will highlight the latest new ‘Vodafone collaborating with Disney & Nreal and announce the Neo, a smartwatch & AR glasses for kids’. Read the complete blog to understand every detail in depth. 

Vodafone's Neo Smartwatch & AR Glasses

Glimpse on Vodafone & Disney’s Neo Smartwatch

The highlight of this watch is the colourful design, courtesy of Disney. You can choose from a wide selection of best friends to make it yours. This consists of Disney characters such as Elsa, Buzz Lightyear, Armored Avenger, Child from The Mandalorian, Darth Vader, and Minnie Mouse.

One can change the opted character at any time, and sidekicks are animated. Also, Vodafone says more will be added over time. The alternative is to choose a character-free interface.

Features of Disney & Vodafone Neo Smartkids Smartwatch

1Voice & Video Calling
2Text Messaging
35MP Camera
4Location Tracking, Activity Tracker
5Parental Control Via Vodafone Smart app
6Weather Updates, Events Reminder
7Upto 2 days battery life

Features of Disney & Vodafone Neo Smartkids Smartwatch

The smartphone app Neo offers a range of safety features for keeping in touch with your kids. Parents can use calls, chats, & emojis to stay connected. With the app, location tracking & online monitoring are easily accessible. Personalizing trusted contacts is also an option. The Speed Dial feature allows kids to call parents instantly.

Vodafone & Disney Introduce New Children’s Smartwatch Neo – Watch Video

To know more about this Vodafone & Disney designed Kids’ Neo Smartwatch- Check out the live presentation. 

What You Will Get in The Box?

The watch will initially be available in two colours, Mint and Ocean. The watch is water-resistant in 10 meters for upto 30 minutes – IP68 rated, not approved for swimming or diving. Besides, there is a 5MP camera on the side. This is a peculiar and exciting device; you can be sure.

Vodafone has introduced a new watch that serves as a basic starting point for those who do not require internet access in their wearable technology. The watch will be available through Vodafone in early 2021, & the pricing details have not been revealed yet. However, Zazz has clarified that an upfront fee and a subscription fee will be required once the device is launched.

NEO – Design & Technical Spec

SeriesSpec of Vodafone & Disney’s Neo Smartwatch for kids
BatteryStandby upto 48 Hours
Vodafone Smart SimEmbedded in Neo Smartwatch Device
Waterproof (IP68)10M For upto 30 Minutes

NEO – Design & Technical Spec

UPDATE: Prices start from 99GBP upfront with monthly fees starting from 7GPB.

Vodafone Partners with Nreal to Bring 5G AR/VR Glasses

Vodafone is introducing Nreal Light glasses to the European market. These glasses enable users to experience Augmented Reality & Mixed Reality with the help of Vodafone’s superfast Gigabit 5G network. Germany will be the first to launch Nreal in Spring 2021, and other Vodafone markets will follow suit.

Nreal Light is a sophisticated, lightweight and comfortable mixed reality eyewear that features an industry-leading widescreen display, the equivalent of viewing a portable IMAX screen. It’s Light glasses are designed for everyday wear. Via a USB-C cable connection, they take advantage of the power of modern Android phones, which helps in processing and carrying out control functions.

Nreal is extensively compatible with existing Android smartphone applications. Also, it brings AR experiences to many familiar apps. See the table outlined below:

GamingNreal enhances Android games with a new level of immersion. Users enjoy an lifetime experience with their favorite titles. This is the future of gaming.
Every VR app development company can leverage this opportunity to innovate.
WebBrowse the internet, follow the news, or shop.
MusicMany of your favorite audio streaming apps are compatible with Nreal. This delivers high quality audio through the glasses without isolating the user from the environment
PhotosView your favorite photos and albums in stunning clarity in the AR gallery.
Social MediaEnjoy Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Discord, Twitch and many more.

Android smartphone applications

Nreal is collaborating with Vodafone to develop new AR and MR Applications

Vodafone and Nreal are cooperating on the development of immersive MR & AR apps. However, it combines Nreal’s cutting edge technology with the high-speed of Vodafone’s 5G network.

Consumer MR applications in the works include sports applications that overlay statistics and graphics during live matches, advanced multiplayer games that combine real-time live and virtual environments. A leading AR app development company, states it also assists with navigation and tour guidance, fitness training, interior design, and interactive and immersive education.

What’s Next?

In order to offer practical commercial AR & MR applications for businesses, Vodafone is presently engaged in a number of exciting ventures. Among these are more immersive conference calls, remote collaboration in design, engineering, manufacturing, & assembly processes, as well as retail, product training, virtual showrooms, & remote technical support through MR. 

Vodafone is further collaborating with Nreal, following the release of the Nreal developer kit that permits developers to construct their MR apps for mass consumers. If you are seeking an AR application developer, our team of reliable and talented developers is here to listen to your needs. So let’s talk and listen up the queries you have.


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