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Efficient Enterprise Application Development

Zazz is an industry leader in enterprise application development. We have worked with hundreds of clients across dozens of industries. We help businesses with disruptive enterprise solutions that optimize efficiency and accelerate growth. We build custom software solutions that enable enterprises to unlock new opportunities and step towards digital transformation. Our talented team of developers has the experience of building robust enterprise mobility solutions while overcoming challenges and ensuring quality services. We follow the best practices and employ agile development methodologies for offering top-notch enterprise application development services. That’s why we have become one of the most reputable names for ERP app development. Our team knows the ins and outs of custom ERP software that help businesses grow exponentially. With Zazz as your technology partner, you don’t have to worry about anything. Our tailor-made solutions enable businesses to automate their processes and overcome challenges. We build feature-rich applications for enterprises that are capable of efficiently addressing specific issues. You can count on us for services that add value to your business.

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Our Enterprise Application Development Services

Zazz is a leading enterprise app development company offering best-in-class services to businesses, irrespective of their size. We provide dynamic ERP application development solutions that help businesses in various areas, like human resource management, project management, and compliance monitoring. Our applications accelerate business growth, improve data security, and increase employee productivity. Zazz’s unmatched ERP mobile application development services are designed to improve your organization’s overall efficiency. To help our clients stay ahead in the market, we offer the following services.

Software Engineering is the proven engineering approach for producing cost-effective solutions that are reliable and work on a variety of devices. At Zazz, we have hired the best software developers in the industry to create a powerful engineering team that ensures excellent quality and 100% client satisfaction.

The vast majority of the world's population is connected to the Internet and uses it as a job or consulting resource daily. In these times, progressive web app development becomes the need of the hour. Fear not! Zazz will do all the work for you from the concept through to the final launch.

Here at Zazz, we make design prowess a priority and an excellent one. Our design teams are always available to our consumers to create dynamic mobile applications with an efficient design and usability. Our enterprise application development services are designed to offer solutions while keeping target audience needs and business goals in mind.

Our Enterprise Application Development Process

At Zazz, we offer end-to-end enterprise application development solutions. Our managers and developers get in touch with the customers and understand every detail. We incorporate a mobile app into your project that helps create new business opportunities. To offer the best results, we follow a well-defined process.

Analysing Requirements
Requirement Analysis

We evaluate and analyze your project requirements to choose the best course of action for enterprise mobile application development.

Choosing platform
Design and Development

Once we know what you want, we choose a suitable platform, create designs, build a prototype, make changes and develop an application as per your specifications.

designing prototyping
Testing and Deployment

All applications go through rigorous testing to ensure they meet specified quality standards. Our QA team leaves no stone unturned in ensuring the app is bug-free before deployment.

ui ux design
Support and Maintenance

Technical issues can arise at any time. That’s why we offer proactive maintenance and support services to solve issues as and when they arise.

Zazz Offers End-to-End Enterprise App Development Solutions

Zazz is the leading enterprise application development company offering a host of comprehensive services.

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Web Development
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App Modernization
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Software Engineering

How We Protect Your Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is not just an idea or a concept; it is a business asset that is important for your organization’s overall long-term viability. Being a reliable enterprise app development company, we understand the importance of IP protection. That’s why we take some necessary steps to ensure these ideas are protected.

non disclosure agreement-of enterprise app development
Non-Disclosure Agreement
complete github access of enterprise app development
Complete GitHub Access
transfer of code ownership enterprise app development
Transfer of Code Ownership

How We Can Help

Being a reputable enterprise mobile application development company, we offer customized solutions that help our clients expand their reach and streamline their business processes.

business workflow
Business Workflow Process

We use cutting-edge technology to develop robust enterprise mobile applications that meet your business needs.

third party software
Third-Party Software Integration

When it comes to integrating third-party software with your enterprise application, we are your best bet.

iot integration

Make the most of IoT technology to improve your business workflow, increase employee productivity and boost sales.

crm and cms development
CRM and CMS Development

We have in-depth knowledge and understanding of CRM and CMS development that helps us deliver customer solutions.

What Sets Us Apart?

Choosing the right enterprise app development company is crucial for the success of your app. You can’t afford to go wrong with it. Trust Zazz for outstanding services and proactive technical support.

Enhance Employee Engagement

Top Tier Talent

We owe our success to our talented team of developers who never compromise with the efficiency and quality of the app and produce spectacular results for the clients. Our team gives its best to deliver top-notch enterprise application development services that drive business growth.

Quality User Experience

Agile Development Process

We understand that time is everything in the corporate sector and we have created SOPs that help our design team, developers and management deliver state-of-the-art products within a given timeframe. Our agile development process helps us deliver exceptional results.

Less costs

Industry Experience Across Verticals

We have worked with hundreds of businesses around the world and across all verticals. From healthcare to manufacturing, we offer a wide range of app development services to organizations and help them in staying ahead of their competition.

Technical Support

End-to-End Development

When it comes to end-to-end enterprise mobility solutions, Zazz stands out. We build business apps from scratch and ensure every step is complete with perfection, such as planning & designing the UI and other graphics, content creation, front and back end development.

Improve Customer Experience

On-Time Delivery

When selecting methods of delivery for an enterprise environment, we are looking for an intuitive interface that has full usability without compromising security. We have never missed a deadline and will continue to maintain our on-time delivery track record.

Think Ahead

Adaptable Engagement Model

We offer sophisticated and creative entrepreneurial collaboration models to help businesses develop a strong strategy for achieving their goals. When it comes to cost-effectiveness and understanding, our adaptable communication models outshine.

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Our Mobile App Development
Services Includes...

Zazz is a leading mobile app development company in the USA. We offer a wide range of software development services, including Android app development and iOS app development.

Excellent Quality Delivered on Time

Effective Communication

Full Confidentiality


Effective Continuous Communication


Friendly Cordial Nature


Experienced Team

Technical Proficiency

Hire Zazz’ Enterprise Application Development Team

When it comes to building exceptional apps for specific business purposes, Zazz stands out. We are the most trusted enterprise app development company delivering impressive results and reaching new milestones. You can count on us to get unparalleled services and robust applications. Contact us to discuss your project.

Absolute Support


Complete Technical Competency

Industry-Specific Experience

What Our Clients Say

Highly Satisfied

Zazz produced a robust and scalable enterprise application for our company that really impressed us. When we hired their enterprise application development services, we were confident that we had made the right decision. They proved us right.

  • Angela Anderson

Hats off to their dedication

The solutions received from Zazz are unparalleled, and we are glad to have worked with them. Hats off to their dedication, professionalism, and understanding.

  • Peter Harris

Great Job

Thank you for your support, dedication, and commitment. You’re truly a phenomenal enterprise mobile app development company. They maintain daily communication and ensure that everyone is on the same page. Great job!

  • Andrew Clark

Nominated in 2018, 2019, 2020
as the best agency of the year.

Zazz always keeps pace with innovative technologies. This makes us the best mobile application solution providers.

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Enterprise Application Development

The development of mobile apps in the business field will enhance labor flexibility and enable access to corporate data from anywhere, which will result in greater acceleration in decision making. One of the most important factors in the operation of a company is communication between employees, something that has improved thanks to the development of mobile applications. Zazz offers some of the latest and state of the art enterprise mobile solutions including Enterprise Application Development.

Core Services

Mobile Strategy

The implementation of the mobile-centric strategy is crucial for an organization, given that this form of strategy should not only be implemented but constantly updated in a highly competitive environment. We integrate every possible resource into their mobile devices to make your brand available for all.

Product Design

Here at Zazz, we make design prowess a priority and an excellent one. Our design teams are always available to our consumers because we believe the concept of having a mobile app fails without an efficient design and usability.

App Development

Usually, enterprise apps are business-oriented tools and their aim is not only to improve efficiency but also to increase revenues. Generally speaking, the application of these resources requires specialized skills and specific knowledge of each sector or business type. Thankfully Zazz is excelling in it.

Web Development

Web development takes on particular relevance in current times, when essentially the vast majority of the world's population is connected to the Internet and uses it as a job or consulting resource on a daily basis. Zazz does all the work for you from the concept through to the final launch.

App Modernization

We always come up with cost efficient solutions. Instead of dissecting the unproductive apps, we urge companies to update their apps. Wherever we apply all of our knowledge and experience to bring new value to your existing applications.

Software Engineering

Software Engineering is the proven engineering approach for cost-effectively producing solution that is reliable and works on a variety of devices. Our engineering team is our strength, the best software developers have been hired by Zazz to ensure excellent quality.

Innovation Management

No company will succeed without creativity, and face new market challenges. By developing powerful and satellite art innovation management systems, we help develop inventions and next big ideas in your company.

Innovation Computing

Breakthrough in computing has a profound impact on the business, as it provides the requisite peculiarity. Zazz excels in non-physical computing applications such as apps and our in-house team is always hungry for every possible breakthrough in computer.

Project Management

We're not just a web design firm that only has developers. Through recruiting our project managers you can dispense all of the heat, hectic and extra workload. Through integrating your feedback, sending out accurate updates and always meeting the deadline, we handle your tasks efficiently.

On-Demand Staffing

You are more than welcome if you wish to acquire our on-demand staffing service. We provide the best developers, engineers, and IT specialists that businesses can employ, and then delegate various projects to them.

Why Outsource?


Make the investment successful within a few months of using the service and reap benefits such as increased efficiency, increased internal equipment productivity, and increased people's willingness to work on value-added tasks.

Use the talent hired by others without any obligation


It costs more and it’s hectic as you have to deal with all the worries.

Logistics, bills and offer benefits to employees. Who want to do that?


The managers and developers get in touch with the customers and understand every detail. Zazz incorporates a mobile app into your project that helps create new business opportunities. For every available device, we build applications and systems, including desktop, web, wearables, TV, tablets, and Auto.

IP Protection

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Such type of confidentiality agreement is typically used on some occasions in a business relationship to ensure the security of certain types of information. You experience complete peace of mind while working with Zazz, because what you share with us will remain with us.

Complete Git Hub Access

For each enterprise GitHub provides access control and numerous collaboration features such as bug tracking, job inquiries, project management, and wikis. Zazz provides full access to the website for organizations to receive real-time information and alerts.

Transfer of Ownership

After all the work is done and our customers get happy with every aspect of the enterprise apps, we start the process of ownership transfer that gives them all the rights. That doesn't mean we're fading though. If you need any tips or repair jobs, we're always there.

Dedicated Support & Maintenance

With the enterprise app development, you are assuring that your project is assigned a dedicated team and they work only for you. If you want us to provide long-term tenure support and maintenance, we can also arrange that for you so you'll have complete peace of mind.

Why Choose Us?

Top Tier Talent

The key to our success is that due to our talent search programs and events, we never compromise on efficiency and quality and produce the best results.

Agile Development Process

We understand that time is everything in the corporate sector and we have created SOPs that help our design team, developers and management deliver state-of - the-art products within a given timeframe.

Industry Experience across verticals

Zazz is in the technological world perhaps since the inception of it. We are fortunate enough as we have experience across all verticals and life segments.

Delivery Methods

When selecting methods of delivery for an enterprise environment, we are looking for an intuitive interface that has full usability without compromising security.

End to End Development

End-to-end production Zazz stands out. We build business apps from scratch, such as planning & designing the UI and other graphics, content creation, front and back end development.

Adaptable Engagement Model

We offer sophisticated and creative entrepreneurial collaboration models. When it comes to cost-effectiveness and understanding our adaptable communication models outshine.

Great client experience

We offer a great customer experience that includes dedicated support, smooth communication, cost-effective budgeting, scheduling, growing team size on demand, and professional workmanship whenever needed.

Enterprise Application Development

In recent times, mobile apps have been spreading rapidly, making them much more suitable for user needs than websites. We already see it with messaging platforms, such as WhatsApp, but also with other services that we use daily also for work such as Gmail or Yahoo Mail. We much prefer to go to the Play Store and download the application in question rather than go to the website: the advantages are real, especially in terms of immediacy. The experience offered by a mobile app is therefore higher than that of a website.

Mobile enterprise apps, their importance

Apps are becoming an increasingly important web marketing trend also for the corporate sector. The purchasing processes and the many changes in the market are pushing companies to equip themselves with tools that can guarantee momentum in terms of growth and increase in sales, so as to achieve very high quality standards and to be at the "top" of their sector of reference.

Given that people who use devices such as smartphones, tablets and PCs have definitely increased in the last decade, it goes without saying that companies need processes with greater automation, favoring aspects such as simplicity and speed.

Mobile apps succeed precisely in this, that is, they represent an authentic strength that generates decisive advantages for the brand that decides to use them fully. Of course, depending on the objectives that the company wants to achieve, we will focus on the most congenial application model and above all the one that best meets the needs of users, who need to find everything they need in the shortest possible time.

Precisely because of the ease with which it is possible to reach customers, most companies are now oriented towards mobile apps, which are able to make the brand known and spread to the public, accompanying it in its experience step by step. With a market in continuous and rapid growth, dominated by increasingly frenetic movements, having a mobile app as the vehicle means that the company can feel at the cutting edge from a technological point of view, increasing not only the value, but also the brand visibility.

Mobile App vs. Website

According to some recent studies, it has emerged that customers increasingly prefer to turn to a mobile app rather than a website. This does not mean that the company must abandon the reference portal, which must instead always be taken care of in the smallest detail: however, at the moment, it is the mobile apps that "convince" the public more, also for the remarkable ability to interact with the clientele based on sending photos and videos that make the user feel highly regarded.

Mobile app, a decisive tool

Furthermore, other aspects that are not secondary at all must be considered. An example is faster browsing than a website, given that mobile apps guarantee speed and immediacy almost always without slowing down: it is no coincidence that applications manage to work very well even when the internet signal is not excellent.

In addition, it must be taken into account that the audience of users now prefers to surf the internet much more via smartphone than with the computer: in short, if you want to reach as many customers as possible you must focus on mobile apps, also through assistance custom that increases the level of loyalty.

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