Hey we’re Zazz

We’re a digital product agency in Seattle specializing in mobile app development, design, strategy and innovation across all verticals.


We design digital products that our clients and their users like to use everyday.

Our Work

People, Culture and Service


We pride ourselves in being one of North America’s most innovative digital agencies. We work with a huge range of clients such as energetic startups to corporate juggernauts to create ground breaking solutions that further our clients’ business goals by thoroughly engaging their users and delivering exceptional business results.

Constant Growth

Our team is comprised of designers, developers, project managers and innovation specialists. Each of our team members collaborate with our clients as an extension of their team to support growth initiatives by adopting latest technologies and best practices to deliver desired results.


At Zazz we are very passionate about the work we do. We believe in giving 100% to every project to ensure timely delivery of projects with the most stringent quality checks while maintaining code standards. That’s why we are the go-to-agency for some of North America’s most innovative companies.


We advocate a design first approach to app development. We sweat the small stuff, and constantly iterate to develop disruptive solutions and unique user interfaces. We are also very process oriented and collaborative in our approach, thus, differentiating ourselves from the competition to provide our clients with a true competitive advantage over their peers.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Whether it’s dressing up for Halloween, going bowling or sharing happy hours, company activities and outings help us bond together and keep us motivated. This team oriented spirit is reflected in the kind of work we do, and above all we work together as one large family!



  • Research
  • UI/UX audit
  • Stakeholder workshops
  • Product strategy
  • Innovation consulting


  • UI/UX design
  • Brand identity
  • Websites and mobile apps
  • Visual design
  • Prototyping and testing


  • React/Angular
  • Backend/API integrations
  • iOS/Android native apps
  • Rapid prototyping

About Us

For more than a decade, we have made mobile solutions a reality, because we know that customers are more connected than ever on their smartphones. That's why we create top-notch applications, we help you manage social networks, we create your mobile site, and we develop games. We do everything that involves technology and business.

We have the best team and the best tools that allow us to achieve the best result so that you are always visible to all your customers on Smartphones. We want your company to be always within the reach of its customers because it is no longer enough just to be on the web and we know that!

In Zazz we have a team of highly qualified professionals specialized in the development of digital solutions such as mobile applications, custom software, IoT solutions, and others. Among them are our senior consultants, responsible for performing the analysis, design, training and implementation of each project; After-sales technicians, specialized in customer support; the programming team, responsible for building and developing the solutions, and our accounting, finance and payroll department.

The development of mobile applications for companies is a trend that does not stop growing. The world of mobility is here to stay, and many companies are already adapting their production processes to mobiles and tablets. Bringing everyday desktop applications to mobile terminals allows us to increase the productivity of our company. Why not manage the information from any site at any time? We can concentrate on all the tools we need in the palm of your hand.

Why International Brands Trust Zazz?

We carry out consulting and development of innovative ICT projects that involve hardware, software, and mobile technologies. We have experience in project development with augmented reality, geolocation, immersive interfaces, and games. Our team has developed mobile applications in collaboration with the most popular brands using intelligent prototypes.

The mobile is an essential element to use in loyalty campaigns. Campaigns that we analyze, design and for which we develop a technology adapted to the objectives of the retention marketing strategy. We answer strategic questions that allow companies to anticipate changes, minimize risks and make appropriate decisions. Zazz has not only transformed the software development industry but also continues to play a key role in making businesses more efficient and productive.

Zazz develops parallel technological projects based on our own patented technology.

When launching a marketing campaign, a mobile application can be a perfect ally. In Zazz, we are experts in the development of mobile applications for companies. We analyze the company's strategy and needs in order to offer a product that adds value to the global advertising strategy. With Zazz, your company will have a highly specialized development team that will advise you in all phases of your application development. We work on the most popular platforms on the market - iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone - and adapt to any other platform where your company needs to have a presence.

Why develop an App with us?

We combine technology and strategy to develop mobility solutions to companies that want to increase their productivity and efficiency. The optimization of processes through the digitalization that technology allows is today an overwhelming competitive advantage. Thanks to our well trained and experienced developers, Zazz has developed some sophisticated and award-winning digital solutions that are helping companies transform the businesses.

100% Native Development

We at Zazz, offer alternatives in the development of applications for mobile devices. We have experience in native programming for Apple and Android. We develop games, services, and corporate applications. We specialize in geolocation, interfaces, and interactions with hardware. We develop your app on native code for the operating system you need: iOS, Android or Windows Mobile. They will always work better!

Custom design

We are not only expert in the development of mobile applications but also possess unrivaled design prowess. We design the interface (UX) most attractively and effectively for your company or product. Development of innovative ICT projects that involve hardware and software based on our own patented technology.


We move your business to mobile devices. We create large projects, generating a mobile channel. We offer a comprehensive creativity service for your projects: from conceptual design, programming, brand image design, technical tests… etc., until the publication of the same in the distribution stores: Google Play or Apple store. If you have an innovative project for iPhone / iPad or Android contact us today. In Zazz, we are experts in information management applying the latest technology, being specialists in the development of mobile applications. That is why we offer a 360º service, we advise and guide our clients from the moment their idea is born until its application is in the hands of the users.


All our mobile applications (development and database) are hosted in the cloud giving you the security your app needs.


Understanding how people act is knowing how to optimize their processes. Zazz applies gamification to optimize these company processes. We increase productivity and motivation through the design of game mechanics and gamification techniques integrated into the development of applications and services. We get the company to achieve the desired engagement in its business strategy. We use the tools of gamification in the development of our applications, with this we manage to motivate users, loyalty to the brand, engage them within the framework of the company's needs. Gamification allows more pleasant access to the tasks that users perform.




We are just as excited about your idea.