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Different businesses require different software application development skills to handle their significant projects. Hiring from our network of 285+ experts can help you find the most suitable specialist with a specific skill set to grasp and address the complicated and particular demands of our client's business.

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At Zazz, we can assist you in finding the best custom software developer match. To understand and value your company's fundamental needs and create solutions in line with those needs, you need a trustworthy specialist, and we offer you the opportunity to handpick the best software specialists from our giant pool of talented software developers carrying immense experience in specific technologies listed below:

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Cristofer M.

Senior iOS Developer 

6 years of experience

Skills: Swift, Objective-C, Core Data, Core Animation, Auto Layout, Unit Testing with XCTest, App Store deployment


Ruben D.

iOS Team Lead 

7 years of experience

Skills: Advanced Swift, Design Patterns (MVC, MVP, MVVM), RxSwift, Core Graphics, Core Bluetooth, Leadership skills


Kaylynn P.

iOS UI/UX Developer 

5 years of experience

Skills: Storyboard, SwiftUI, Auto Layout, Adobe XD, User Experience Design, Accessibility Standards 


James V.

iOS Solutions Architect 

8 years of experience

Skills: System Architecture Design, API Design, Security Best Practices, Swift, Objective-C, Cloud Integration (AWS, Azure)


Allison D.

Senior Mobile Engineer (iOS) 

9 years of experience

Skills: Advanced Swift, Objective-C, ARKit, Machine Learning with Core ML, Performance Optimization, TDD/BDD

Our Experts Love Working Alongside These
Technologies To Build Futuristic Solutions

Our experts always leverage fundamental and advanced technologies to provide your desired solution with a competitive edge simply because we recognize that any dedicated development team's knowledge and proficiency in a vast technological stack are essential to the project's success.

Why Trust Zazz for
Hire iOS Developers?

Tailored Solutions for Your Business Needs

Bespoke iOS

Our iOS developers craft fully customized, bespoke mobile application solutions tailored to your unique business needs. We analyze your requirements and design innovative iOS apps that solve problems, engage users, and deliver long-term ROI. With thousands of successful apps delivered to our esteemed clients, our proven development process produces powerful, scalable iOS apps that grow with your business. At Zazz, our iOS developers don't just develop iOS apps; they curate experiences.

Cost-Effective Hiring with Top Talent

iOS Talent

Our iOS developers aren't just code maestros; they are ROI architects. Our rigorous hiring process identifies top iOS developers driven to deliver tangible business results, with a stern focus on delivering results, that matter. We match you with iOS talent with the optimal skills to build your app and drive adoption. Our developers are invested in your success, focused on crafting iOS apps that achieve your goals.

Fast Turnaround Time for Quick Results

Streamlined iOS
App Delivery

Time is money, and at Zazz, we value both. Our agile development approach accelerates iOS app delivery so you get to market faster and start business operations swiftly. With efficient design sprints, continuous testing, and iterative development, we build, refine, and launch quality iOS apps quickly. Our streamlined process smoothes out roadblocks so you see time-to-market advantages.

Quality Assurance and Reliability

Obsessive iOS
Quality Assurance

Excellence is in our code's DNA, and quality is our passion. Our QA and testing process for iOS development is second to none. We functional test thoroughly, address bugs quickly and optimize performance obsessively. Our iOS developers are trained for rigorous testing that ensures your iOS app excels across devices. You get flawless iOS apps that delight users and avoid embarrassing app crashes.

Flexible Engagement Models

Flexible iOS
Developer Engagement

Your business is unique, and so are our engagement models. We offer flexible engagement models for hiring talented and experienced developers, to meet your unique iOS needs. Hire dedicated developers for long-term projects or staff Augmentation for shorter-term work, and ensure high productivity. Build your dream team with our iOS developers on-site or remotely. Our flexible models scale as needed so you aren't locked into one approach.

Transparent Communication and Support

Seamless iOS

We at Zazz strongly believe that effective communication is the cornerstone of successful collaborations. Open, seamless & transparent communication is key to successful iOS app development, and our results are evidence of this. Our developers keep you informed at every step so there are no surprises. Daily stand-ups, sprint reviews, Skype/Teams discussions - we communicate clearly on timelines, blockers, and progress. Real-time transparency keeps everyone aligned.

Timezone Compatibility for Seamless Collaboration

Mindful Time
Zone Handling

We ensure global collaboration with local timing, ensuring complete time zone synchrony. Since our clients and developers are located across time zones, we optimize collaboration by syncing time zones. We match you with iOS developers whose working hours are conducive to your team. Flexible schedules, agile routines, and proactive planning ensure time differences don't hinder progress. As a global firm, we bridge time zones skillfully.

Scalability to Meet Growing Demands

Scalable iOS

As your business grows, so does your need for iOS talent. We make scaling up your iOS team simple. Our deep bench of developers allows us to ramp up or down to meet your needs. We forecast workloads and deliver the right iOS talent so you get the skills you need at the right time. Experience the agility to scale swiftly, ensuring your app remains ahead of the curve and ready for future growth.

Risk Mitigation and Talent Replacement

Seamless iOS
Developer Replacement

We understand that in the dynamic tech landscape, talent needs may change. If ever needed, we make iOS developer replacements smooth. Our thorough onboarding ensures new developers integrate rapidly. With up-to-date spec docs and code review, replacement developers deliver quickly. We minimize hiccups so iOS work continues unimpeded as our backup bench steps in. Our mission is our client’s success, and we leave no stone unturned to make it happen.

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Future-Ready Solutions for These Industries

Hire a software developer from Zazz who would go the extra mile to leverage fundamental and advanced technologies to provide your desired solution with a competitive edge. We, being a leading software developers' company, recognize that any dedicated development team's knowledge and proficiency in a vast technological stack are essential to the project's success. Zazz is globally-renowned because of the work of our famous software developers. We deliver what we preach.

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