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Best Mobile App Developers in Seattle, USA

Zazz is a mobile app development company in Seattle having years of experience in handling startups and big enterprises. We always prioritize our clients while providing our services from nurturing your idea until the final release of the product, thanks to our skilled team members. Furthermore, we also ensure maintenance and support by dedicating special team. Perhaps that is the reason we are among the best app developers in Seattle. We believe in client satisfaction and excel in productive communication to ensure remarkable results and amazing products.

Mobile Application Development services in Seattle, USA

Seattle app development trend is growing with each passing day. Although the city is famous for scenic views and nature havens, the technological sector of the metropolitan area has started growing exponentially. App developers in Seattle are one of the best in the world as most of the “Tech Impact Awards” are grabbed by them.

Types of mobile application development

Businesses and individuals often get confused regarding the types of mobile apps and the relevancy of technologies. To clarify these doubts, we will explain each of the options that are trending in app development Seattle and we will see their advantages and disadvantages by focusing on the nitty-gritties.

Native Applications

Native applications are those that are made for a specific system and therefore with the system's programming language. For example, an Android app is made in Java while an iOS app is typically made in Swift. These are the most cutting-edge apps in the market that manage to recruit millions of users. Seattle app development trend has mostly shifted towards native applications regarding enterprise app development. Zazz as a mobile app development company in Seattle has been awarded multiple times due to showing innovation in this category.

Advantages of native applications:

  • Once downloaded and installed, they are accessible from the user's mobile using an icon on the desktop or in the menu.
  • They take advantage of 100% of the functions of the mobile (potentially) since they are programmed for that operating system. It just depends on the capabilities of the developer.
  • Increased device performance.
  • The user can receive PUSH notifications.
  • Accessible offline.
  • Examples: Facebook and Whatsapp


  • Independent developments for each platform (Cost)
  • Low maintainability
  • Consume more mobile data
  • Work ASO visibility

Hybrid Applications

Hybrid applications are mobile applications developed by Seattle mobile app developers with web technologies (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) and “packaged” for each operating system independently. The end-user is not able to distinguish a native application from a hybrid one, it is only at the development level.

What you get after this development are applications for each of the operating systems (Android, iOs...) ready to upload to the corresponding stores. App development Seattle scenario is seeing many startups opting for this option.

Advantages of hybrid applications

  • They require development with web technology, and the structure is used for all platforms. Less development time.
  • Greater maintainability.
  • Once downloaded, they are accessible from the user's mobile using an icon on the desktop.
  • The user can receive PUSH notifications.
  • Accessible Offline * (Only static or already downloaded content)
  • Examples: Instagram, Uber, Amazon store, Twitter, Gmail


  • They do not use native language
  • Do not optimize device performance
  • Pass independent market reviews
  • ASO visibility

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

The progressive applications are a new generation of applications powered by Google`. They are expanding and at the moment are not well known. They are based on applications developed with web technologies and use the browser as the engine of the app. So they are accessible from any device. Visually it is the same experience as that of a native app.

Advantages of PWAs

  • They are not “installed” on the device
  • They can be anchored to the device's desktop through an icon and visually they will be as native apps for the user.
  • Updates to the app will be automatic with changes in the web application.
  • Just a web development and app settings
  • Accessible offline * (Only static or already downloaded content)
  • They consume much less space on the device
  • As in the native and hybrid applications, PUSH notifications will be available. This is novel since only with a web application is impossible and now with PWAs, you can “link” notifications from that website with the device using this type of application. Seattle app developers excel in creating productive PWAs.
  • Examples: Telegram, Ali Express, Forbes, Twitter


  • They do not use native language
  • Do not optimize device performance
  • Seattle mobile app developers say that it has ASO visibility

Web applications

The web applications are applications that are always accessed from a browser, either from a mobile device or a computer. It only changes the display of the application depending on the device.

They are developed with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in addition to a server language that will provide us with access to databases, business logic, security, among many other things. Mobile app development companies Seattle are famous for utilizing unique tech stack for creating such apps.

Advantages of web applications

  • They are accessible from all devices through a browser, regardless of the operating system.
  • They do not consume space on the device
  • Greater maintainability always ensured by mobile app development Seattle sector.
  • It is usually a good starting point for any business. Zazz and other Seattle app developers recommend this type if you have a reasonable budget.
  • Disadvantages of web applications

  • They are not accessible from a user's mobile using an icon on the desktop. They can only be accessed through a browser.
  • They always require the internet for their use.
  • They are not available in the app markets.
  • They consume more mobile user data.
  • The user cannot receive PUSH notifications.

Ask a Zazz expert how we can help:

If you are looking for an application that demands performance from devices such as virtual reality applications, augmented reality or games, the option to consider is native development. On the other hand, if what we need is a management application, social networks, online store, etc. ... hybrid (and progressive) development should be valued for development times, maintainability and cost. Mobile app development companies Seattle are the best in the USA and here you can have peace of mind that you are in the best hands. Mobile app development Seattle is the quickest way to achieve new heights for your business. Zazz strives to provide best service with every contact. Talk to us! Together we can create wonders.

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