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Are you looking for an app development company for your company that you can trust, advise you to have a better result, and use the latest technologies? Yes, we are what you are looking for. Among our services, we are an application development company for all sectors, specialists in each of the mobile devices, so we like to innovate, create any idea and study it thoroughly in order to improve it and thus create a unique application. We can assure you that we cannot find better alternative here in Philadelphia as we are the market leaders here. We are associated with big brands, however, we always love to help startups and SMEs.

App Development


iOS App Development

It is one of our premium software tools including Swift coding, simple UI design principles, iOS content integration and prototyping. There is no question that Apple offers uniqueness, and we are also making sure that our products based on iOS offer the same.

Android App Development

Android is an operating system utilized by most manufacturers. From the wealthy to a common man, all have access to the internet thanks to budget phones. We're making sure our Android apps are available, making them fully usable.

Mobile Backend Engineering

The back-end developer works on the server-side, behind the scenes, allowing the user to enjoy his work experience. We apply ASP.NET, PHP, Ruby, Python, and Java and so on effortlessly and keep in mind the main consumer idea.

QA and testing

At Zazz we also consider the needs and goals of our customers. When releasing the app, we not only do QA sessions but also build mid-sessions from scratch to prototype with clients. We check the app many times, since prevention is better than cure.

Native App Development

We know that all kinds of system functionality, sensors, and 100 per cent quality are achieved by going to the native app.

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid apps are increasingly being used in the mobile world today, because of their cost-effectiveness and streamlined interface. We have designers at Zazz who are able to create hybrid applications based on incorporating all the focal points of the customers.

iOS App Development

The union of iPhone to the business world drives the creation of marketing-oriented applications and direct contact between company and customer. From Zazz, we develop professional mobile applications, for iOS operating systems, with software fully adapted to your different devices: iPhone, iPod and iPad. From the first concept or idea to its design, development, programming and use and put into production.

Amy Macedo

Based in Canada, Amy’s channel Macedo Beauty has over 800K subscribers who come to her for makeup tips, reviews on the latest products and basically anything to do with beauty

iPhone / iPad DevelopmentSwift
React NativeXcode
Apple WatchObjective-C
Apple TV/tvOSSiri Intents

Android App Development

The Android operating system has been slightly shifting iOS (iPhone ...) in relation to the number of users, and its difference seems to increase. The number of applications for this system is very wide. Zazz offers you the design, development, implementation and start-up of Android applications with all the flexibility and potential that this type of platform offers you. An open platform, aimed at millions of customers worldwide.


The IdealSmart App is a personalized Lifestyle Building assistant designed to help dieters achieve their weight loss goals while on the Ideal Protein Protocol

Android StudioMaterial Design
Android TVCustom-embedded Android ROM
Android WearChromecast

Mobile Backend Engineering

By offering developers a platform in which mobile safety and automated quality management apply to all types of platforms, the lifecycle of apps can be accelerated, from idea to realization. Hereby the developer tests the apps directly in complex and diverse environments, gets help with the link to the back-end and builds and designs fast mobile apps for all operating systems at a high pace.

Amazon Web ServicesCloud Computing
CouchDBMicrosoft Azure
OracleSAP Data Services

QA and Testing

Zazz ensures supreme quality and performs various tests before the final launch. Our specifically developed tests help us retain good name associated with our brand and always produce smooth and error-free mobile apps. For example, through the compatibility test, you can check from which type of hardware and software the first problems arose that affected the correct functioning of the app. If device components are required for very high requirements, you should think of a reduction in some system requirements, otherwise your target will drop significantly.

TestrailCharles proxy
XCTest UI Espresso
CalabashAWS Device Farm
Xamarin Test CloudFirebase Test Lab

Our Android App
Development Approaches

Depending on the complexity of your application, you may want to take advantage of the various functions of the device, such as the camera. In this case, the best way to access these is to create native applications. If there is a word that summarizes what matters to your user, it is performance. If you don't like the performance of your application, you will simply find another. Native applications generally have better performance.

If you have a limited budget to develop an idea and do not know if people will like it or not, it is best to build a usable application as quickly as possible. Creating a simple version of the product (MVP or minimum viable product) that still provides value is the best option for this case.

Your Idea’s
into Products

Mobile App Development

Thanks to the high demand for smartphones, tablets and other similar devices in recent years, internet browsing on mobile media has become one of the main trends among users. Above all, it has increased the trend in the use of mobile applications or apps, reaching almost the same importance as the web pages themselves.

That is why many businesses are investing in creating a mobile business application. Today we will see why you need one and how you can easily create it.

Having a mobile application can be one of your best sales strategies to reach more customers. It is an app that is installed on phones or devices, with which potential buyers can more easily access your services.

This gives them greater speed, functionality and ease to be served and buy what they want. Simply put, a mobile app allows you to be available to your client at any time. It is a way of permanent contact with him. Therefore, it is an excellent tool to promote yourself and get closer to your customers.

Some of the most common utilities of the apps are:

  • Inform about products and services
  • Make purchases online
  • Guide customers to your store in physical
  • Send them exclusive promotions
  • Share news and press releases
  • Conduct surveys
  • Advertise
  • Invite events
  • Deliver valuable content to share on social networks
  • Offer a specific tool or utility
Advantages of having your own mobile business application

If you are now wondering "Does my company really need an app of its own?” Here you will see the reasons why having one can be a great opportunity to expand and grow your business.

These are some of the many advantages you can get:

You sell more easily and save time

The trend of surfing and shopping online is growing. Users like to be always connected and get immediate information, without waiting to get to their offices or sitting in front of their computer.

That is why having a mobile business application becomes almost as important as your website being adapted to be viewed from any phone or tablet.

An example of purchases through mobile devices are the applications for ordering food. The user can see the menu calmly, access promotions and easily place their order by paying online.

The restaurant only prepares and sends it. Save time on telephone support and obtain customer registration data to send you more personalized promotions.

Other mobile applications allow users to leave reviews of your products, which can help others decide more quickly to buy.

As you can see, from a mobile device you can make a purchase from anywhere, so it can mean an automatic generator of business opportunities. Having an app can even make the purchase more impulsive.

Therefore, the opportunity to sell to your customers through an app is something you should not miss.

Approach your customer services and solve more needs

The development of an app can help you by being a useful tool for your customers. Something that allows them to have immediate attention to your business or company, without the need for your presence or to visit your branch.

A case of success is that of online banking services, for example. These allow you to check account statements, pending payments and more. All of this means that although they are not acquiring a product or service from the bank at the time, they are being served in one of their needs and that is advantageous.

Position your brand and customer loyalty

One of the main reasons to create a mobile business application is to position your brand.

A customer is always looking for greater ease and convenience when making procedures, buying, making payments, etc.

By having immediate access to your services with an app, the customer will start to prefer you over other providers, since the contact with you is right there, just a touch away.

In addition, by having your app installed on your mobile device, you can send promotions immediately so you can buy at the moment. On the other hand, having an application gives your brand a status. It is something similar to what it was at the time to have your own website. Something that your customers expect you to have and gives you more credibility as a business.

Therefore, a mobile app can be an important marketing tool when it comes to positioning you in the minds of your potential customers.

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Amy Macedo

Based in Canada, Amy’s channel Macedo Beauty has over 800K subscribers who come to her for makeup tips, reviews on the latest products and basically anything to do with beauty


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