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Our Backend Development Services

With a wealth of technical expertise, Zazz delivers backend development solutions for enterprise applications. We utilize high-end technologies including Node.js, Go, and Scala to build scalable & resilient server-side systems.
Our proficiency in managing Docker containers & Kubernetes enables us to deploy microservices that boost application modularity with ease of app maintenance. Our approach guarantees that businesses achieve operational excellence and superior performance.

Cloud Integration Service

Cloud Integration

At Zazz, our backend development services expertly integrate enterprise applications with major cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Using top APIs, SDKs, and middleware, we ensure optimal scalability, security, and performance.

Our services facilitate superior cloud adaptability, enhancing system flexibility and optimizing your cloud resource management strategy.

API Development & Management

API Development
& Management

As a leading backend development company, we specialize in developing robust APIs that enable seamless interactions between different apps. Our APIs are crafted to support RESTful principles and are secured with advanced authentication mechanisms like OAuth 2.0.

This service provides critical infrastructure for enhancing data flow and interoperability across disparate systems, crucial for modern enterprises.

Database Management


We specialize in comprehensive database management for optimal performance and scalability. Our expertise spans both SQL and NoSQL databases, implementing solutions that support high availability and disaster recovery strategies.

Our database services make sure your data is handled efficiently, with robust support for real-time processing and complex querying capabilities.

Real-Time Systems Development

Real-Time Systems

Our backend app development company is adept at building systems that require real-time data processing and management. Using tech-stack such WebSockets & server-sent events, we enable live updates and instant user interactions.

This capability is vital for apps that depend on real-time info., such as financial trading and stock platforms and online gaming.

Serverless Backend Solutions

Serverless Backend

Zazz utilizes serverless computing to streamline backend processes, eliminating the need for traditional server management. This approach reduces operational costs and improves scalability by automatically managing the scaling of resources.

With serverless architecture, businesses can easily put their focus on innovation and development and no need to worry about infrastructure management.

DevOps Practices


As a leading backend development agency, we integrate DevOps methodologies and boost software development process and other operations. With continuous integration and deployment tools usage, we automate and streamline workflows.

Our DevOps services boost collaboration, monitoring, and management of backend systems, promoting a more agile development environment.

Performance Tuning


We offer specialized performance tuning services to optimize the efficiency of backend systems. With full analysis of database queries, application logic, and resource allocation, we guarantee that your apps run at peak performance.

Optimized performance results in quick response times and a better user experience, vital for maintaining customer satisfaction.

Legacy System Upgrades

Legacy System

We provide services to upgrade and modernize legacy backend systems, integrating them with high-end technologies and platforms. Through this transformation, both system functionality and operational life are increased.

Through the use of newer, more efficient technologies, legacy systems can be upgraded to maintain a competitive advantage.

Custom Backend Solutions

Custom Backend

As an innovative backend app development company, we craft top backend solutions tailored to meet the unique demands of your business. From custom API integration to complete system redesigns, our solutions are designed to boost functionality.

Custom solutions offer the flexibility and specificity needed to address specific business challenges and improve operational efficiency.

Our Recent Work

Our Backend Development Expertise

At Zazz, our backend development expertise works to create scalable, high-performance solutions customized to specific business needs. We are pros in custom backend development, using languages such as Node.js, Python, and Java. Our team expertly handles advanced database systems like PostgreSQL and MongoDB and employs microservices architecture alongside Docker and Kubernetes for superior scalability and maintenance.

Our proficiency includes integrating RESTful APIs, deploying serverless architectures with AWS Lambda and Azure Functions, and establishing robust CI/CD pipelines. These capabilities allow us to deliver backend systems that are not only efficient but also secure and resilient.

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How We Deliver
the Best Backend Development Services?

At Zazz, a leading mobile app backend development company, we deliver outstanding backend services by combining agile methodologies with continuous integration and deployment pipelines. Our team works with scalable microservices, robust APIs, and the latest security protocols for efficient and fully secure apps. We focus on custom solutions as per each client's needs.


As a Backend web development agency, we provide the best backend solutions specifically made as per the rising needs of industries namely healthcare, finance, retail, manufacturing, technology, and education. Our rich experience enables us to craft systems that boost operational efficiency and bring innovation to counter the challenges and requirements of each industry with high-level expertise and efficiency.

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Backend Frameworks
That We Have Mastered

  • iAd Framework iAd

  • HealthKit Framework HealthKit

  • AVKit Framework AVKit

  • TVMLKit Framework TVMLKit

  • GameplayKit Framework GameplayKit

  • UIKit Framework UIKit

  • SceneKit Framework SceneKit

  • CloudKit Framework CloudKit

  • EventKit Framework EventKit

  • ARKit Framework ARKit

  • MapKit Framework MapKit

  • WatchKit Framework WatchKit

  • iBeacon Framework iBeacon

  • SiriKit Framework SiriKit

  • GLKit Framework GLKit

  • ClassKit Framework ClassKit

  • NewsstandKit Framework NewsstandKit

  • WebKit Framework WebKit

  • SpriteKit Framework SpriteKit

  • HomeKit Framework HomeKit

  • Apple Play JS Framework Apple Play JS

  • ClockKit Framework ClockKit

  • PushKit Framework PushKit

  • Metal Framework Metal

  • Core Bluetooth Framework Core Bluetooth

  • PassKit Framework PassKit

  • Core ML Framework Core ML

  • Core Data Framework Core Data

  • StoreKit Framework StoreKit

  • GameKit Framework GameKit

FAQs on
Backend App Development

1. What is the duration of the development of a custom backend solution?


The time required for a custom backend solution to be developed depends on the project's complexity and scope. Usually, a project can last from a few weeks to several months. We are under an agile methodology, which assures the incremental improvements and the timely delivery within the agreed-upon timeline.

2. What is the price of your backend development services?


The cost of our backend development services is dependent on several factors ranging from the complexity of the project to the tech-stack used, and the number of people involved. We give a first estimate after the thorough project analysis and we have flexible pricing models that are suitable for various budget constraints and project demands.

3. What industries does Zazz offer services to?


We offer our backend development services to healthcare, finance, retail, manufacturing, technology, education, etc. We have got the expertise and the necessary knowledge and skills to counter the problems, and the changing demands of these industries.

4. What is your process for backend development?


Our backend development process has different key phases: information gathering, system architecture design, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance. We make use of an agile development methodology that allows us to be fully-flexible throughout the project.

5. How do you guarantee the safety of your backend solutions?


Security is the main concern in our backend development practices. We use the newest security protocols, like SSL/TLS encryption, secure API access, and data encryption. Regular security audits and compliance checks to ensure that our solutions conform to the high standards of the industry.

6. Do you offer support and maintenance for backend systems?


Yes, we provide full support and maintenance services after deployment so that the back-end systems can function properly and meet the business needs. The support provides us with regular updates, security patches, performance monitoring, and fast troubleshooting to solve any problems that occur.

7. Can you integrate with the existing IT infrastructure?


Yes, our backend development services offer complete integration with the current IT infrastructures. We ensure that the new backend systems are smoothly linked with your current setups, including legacy systems, through custom APIs and middleware solutions, thus, improving the functionality without interfering with the ongoing operations.

8. What makes your backend services top in this industry?


Our backend services are unique because of our dedication to the newest technologies, custom solutions that are designed for particular industry needs, and a client-focused approach. We put focus on transparency, constant communication, and a flexible engagement model, all of which make sure that our clients get the most effective and innovative backend solutions.

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