Top 10 IoT Development Companies in The UK

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The Internet of things can connect anything with or without the Internet to provide companies efficiency. The IoT is among the novel technologies that will transform the world, our lives, and our businesses. Shortly, we will be able to control all our processes with IoT and other technologies. In this blog post, we will talk about the Top 10 IoT development companies in UK, but let’s first analyze what IoT is and its main differences with other technologies.

IoT Development Companies in The UK

The word IoT came in the 2010s, but its concept was here way before, under the concept of M2M. However, there was an idea that sensors and communication devices, which are the core of IoT, were too expensive. Because the Internet was in a pre-propagation stage, that was difficult to change.

M2M is a technology similar to the idea of ​​IoT. M2M is an abbreviation for “Machine to Machine,” and as its name implies, it refers to a mechanism that allows machines to communicate and exchange data. The expertise in M2M has helped the below mentioned top 10 IoT company in UK.

Difference Between IoT and M2M

The M2M mechanism is similar to the IoT, where the machines communicate through sensors. However, in the case of M2M, there are no human interventions. This is an effective method for factory production lines and elevators requiring constant control over a long time.

Even in IoT, machines control machines, but that’s just one of the functions. It is a feature of IoT that not only machines but also people can control things and notify people.

Difference Between IoT and AI

The existence of AI makes it essential to talk about IoT. Both concepts appear in similar scenarios, so both are confused, but it is necessary to remember that they are actually entirely different.

We will explain each feature and the difference in detail.

IoT Features

  • IoT and AI are easy to understand compared to the human body.
  • First of all, IoT is equivalent to the human senses. The purpose is to feel (acquire information) the sensation, temperature, taste, appearance, sound, etc. Information such as human touch and temperature can be considered as data in the IoT world. Always choose best IOT company in UK to get the most out of this technology.

AI Features

  • AI stands for artificial intelligence. As its name suggests, it can be said that it is equivalent to the brain compared to humans.
  • In humans, information such as touch and temperature is recognized only when it reaches the brain through nerves. Similarly, in the relationship between IoT and IA, the data obtained by IoT cannot be used without some processing. Most app developers in UK utilize AI to produce quality IoT solutions.
  • It is possible to use IoT only to collect data and use humans to process and manage data, but the most common way is to design a system combining IoT and AI.
  • The orthodox pattern is that AI determines conditions such as time and temperature, and gives an appropriate command. In this way, IoT and IA play entirely different roles, and can only play one decisive role.

Choose Best IoT Company in UK

1. Zazz

It is among the pioneer companies in the United States that started developing sophisticated IoT solutions. The company has its regional presence all over the USA and provides top-notch IoT development services. Their motto is to provide exceptional IoT mobile apps and platforms at the most affordable prices. Zazz has the world’s best developers, designers, and engineers and is among the top 10 IoT company in UK.

2. AppStudio

It is another successful brand producing quality IoT products in Canada and the United Kingdom. The company has a full-fledge office and offers all services under one roof. They have the world’s best talent and boost their innovative strategies according to clients. AppStudio has award-winning and top IoT Developers in UK and promises outstading results. They also have inbuilt QA lab and testing mechanisms.

3. DataRockets

It is an app development company with a competent knowledge of handling mobile apps for iOS and Android. They have recently ventured into the world of the Internet of things and provide quality connected devices. Their main goal is to offer cost-effective solutions with a decent amount of variety.

4. DCSL Software

DCSL Software started developing custom software as soon as the world saw the IT boom. They are one of the best software providers in the UK and have the capability to transform businesses. They are producing sophisticated IoT software for desktops and PCs. That is the reason we have included them in the top 10 IoT company in UK.

5. SkyPotentials

SkyPotentials is a relatively new company with very least amount of experience. However, their portfolio includes one of the best IoT platforms in the market. They have produced a couple of efficient Software for warehouses and commerce stores.

6. Hidden Brains

Hidden Brains is a specialist company for IoT development and has yet to register any proper name for the brand. The company has one of the most excellent IoT engineers and thinking of expanding itself out of the United Kingdom. You must choose best IOT company in UK to get ahead of the competition.

7. HQ Software

HQ software is among the best providers of Augmented Reality solutions and Virtual Reality products. The company has achieved new heights because of their innovative approach. In the field of IoT, HQ software is planning to introduce breakthrough software products. However, they are costly.

8. MedrecTech

NineHertz is a mobile app development company. Although they have a decent amount of team members, they are not qualified to handle large projects. Unlike AppStudio, the company is looking to build a reliable team to ensure premium quality.

9. Trendline Global

Trendline Global is a trendsetter in producing quality home automation digital products. They integrate IoT devices with mobile apps to offer a complete smart home with controls of lighting and temperature. Trendline Global has its offices in the main cities of the United Kingdom.

10. Ficode

Ficode started its journey by developing quality web apps and web designs. Their strength lies in developing light Software for small businesses. Moreover, they provide long-term maintenance services by dedicating specific staff at your disposal.

How to Select Your IoT Service Provider Among These UK IoT Companies

So, you have just seen a complete list of the top 10 IoT Companies. And the logical question after reading is, How can I best use it for my business needs?. The exact answer to this question depends on your concrete interests and the resources you are prepared to allocate for the project.

So, consider wisely the input you can make before making a decision. And make sure – every company on this list of the top 10 IoT companies will deliver the highest quality results available on the market today.

Concluding Thoughts

If you need any help regarding IoT related projects, feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to assist you in your journey without any obligation.

We are sure that this guide will help you in your hiring process and will provide substantial information. If you want to read more about IoT, browse our blog posts.

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