Top 10 IoT Development Company in Chicago

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Internet of Things (IoT) is a buzzword today and will continue to remain in the trends. Cloud and mobile apps technologies have lifted IoT to a new level. Now, IoT development companies have more resources and tools to cater to businesses and provide them with numerous benefits.

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In this blog, we will share the list of Top IoT Developers in Chicago. First, have a look at the benefits and different applications of IoT for your business.

IoT Development Company in Chicago

What is IoT?

The IoT is the grouping or interconnection of devices through a network and in which they can interact. Any type of object can be part of the Internet of Things, from household appliances to vehicles to any item. The only requirement is that it can be connected to the Internet so that an M2M interaction can take place. That is, from machine to machine (machine to machine) and without human intervention. Importantly, the IoT does not require human-to-human or human-to-computer interactions.

What Advantages can IoT Bring Us Today?

Betting on technology allows companies to obtain more information about their business. They make informed decisions that, in turn, open up new opportunities or improve the efficiency of their processes. The main application of this technology is the collection of this data automatically by the sensors. This may sound very generic or even unimpressive, it opens up countless opportunities for us, let us look at an example.

Practical IoT Applications for your Business & Society

Smart Cities

Smart Cities are those that form an interconnected system that applies technologies to improve the operation of their services.  It helps move towards more sustainable development and greater satisfaction of citizens. These technological applications include transportation, energy resource management, communication, or security.

An application could be, for example, street lighting. After measuring the brightness, the intensity of the light adapts to the needs and uses less energy.

Another of the multiple applications is carried out with transport. Thanks to IoT technology, citizens of some cities such as Singapore can find free parking. It helps users through an interconnected system in real-time and without contributing to traffic jams.

Home automation

It refers to systems capable of automating a home in matters related to energy, security or communications. Lighting, air conditioning, and locks are some of the tasks that can be controlled thanks to home automation autonomously.

Retail: Custom Offers and Heat Map

Let’s imagine that we are the customer and we enter a store. As we walk through it, the mobile alerts us of promotions and personalized offers. How could we achieve this? The mobile application would detect proximity to these devices to offer us the corresponding suggestion. We can already sense that you can extract a lot of juice from this ecosystem. The mobile app would be like a smart loyalty card, in which we could offer offers and promotions. It would also allow us to associate sales with that customer profile.

We could obtain a heat map so that we can make decisions about the best places to display certain items. Even if we cross that information with sales data, we could know the sales conversion of those items in the area. It evaluates concerning the customers who have passed through it.

Sounds promising, right? Well, these kinds of practical applications are already possible today.

Advantages of IoT


The autonomy that the IoT fosters can make the devices in the house programmed to perform specific tasks. What’s more, they can even act in the face of unforeseen events. This non-intervention of man (machine to machine) is one of the main characteristics and advantages.


This technology is intelligent, that is, it registers data that can then be analyzed to intervene accordingly. In the lighting example, there has previously been an analysis of the luminosity that will determine the intensity.


The IoT aims to save time, money, and gain in comfort and security, leaving individual decisions to smart devices. The ultimate goal is to achieve efficiency and sustainability. IoT is among those technologies that will eventually digitally transform a business. You must choose best IoT Company in Chicago to ensure guaranteed results. We have always tried to help business people with market insights and knowledge. The below-mentioned list is a continuation of that.

Here is the compilation of top IoT app developers in Chicago. These companies are proliferating and helping businesses achieve new milestones with efficiency.

1. Zazz

It is the leading IoT services provider in the United States. The company has footprints all over Latin America and is considered the best digital agency with expertise and resources. They offer exceptional IoT integration services and IoT mobile app development strategies. The company has received the best IoT development agency 2020 award by the tech sector.

2. AppStudio

AppStudio is another company with outstanding portfolios and fantastic work culture. The company headquarter is in Toronto, and there is no other better option in Canada except AppStudio. They provide robust IoT app development services and have maintained their position among the top 10 IoT company in Chicago. They provide exceptional IoT platforms, IoT software, and Industrial IoT services.

3. Intersog

Intersog is also an IoT services provider with quality development services. The company has good reviews and guarantees client satisfaction.

4. Hirun Technology

Hirun is a big brand, and they have an efficient team to handle IoT services. The company is looking to expand its operations and boost its resources.

5. Velve Tech

Velve tech is a g-to company for startups as they provide cost-effective IoT development services. However, it has no QA assurance facilities and hires other digital agencies. It is easily among the top 10 IoT company in Chicago.

6. Devvela

Devvela provides home automation services using IoT and beacon technology. The company integrates IoT hardware with mobile apps and provides easy access to clients.

7. Spark Equation

Spark has a large team of IoT engineers and developers with an immense amount of resources. However, they lack innovation and creativity. Businesses choose best IoT Company in Chicago like Spark to get the most out of this novel solution.

8. Surya Tech

Surya tech has recruited the best talent from overseas and offers quality development services. The company is famous for IoT software integrations.

9. Entrigna

Although Entrigna has a lot more to achieve in the United States, the company is among the best in Chicago. Entrigna has been successful in providing quality smart home automation solutions to private business people.

10. Mazik Things

Mazik Things started their journey by manufacturing IoT hardware. Now the company is rapidly growing as a top IoT Company in Chicago. They provide outstanding maintenance services.

The IoT industry is in a continuous evolution process that is the reason we frequently update our top 10 lists. Do visit our blog for the latest information. If confused, contact us for more information. If you have any IoT project in the pipeline, talk to our experts for guidance without any obligation!

How did you find this compilation, do tell us in the comments section. We are always eager to listen to your thoughts and feedback.

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