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Today, IoT hardware is everywhere; but the real value is in the IoT software that enables its use. We put all our effort into creating the best software for your IoT devices, from firmware to Artificial Intelligence applications. Zazz has brought transformation to the IoT sector, creating amazing products that are well received all over the world.

Incredible Development Process

We are among the best IoT app development company in Eastern Europe. We design tools for the Internet of Things that fit your needs perfectly. Our goal is that the tools we develop are useful and effective in connecting your IoT sensors and devices with your business applications and solutions.

IoT technology development is a complex field to which different portions contribute. Either to design a device that warns of falls, an irrigation management system with control of solenoid valves by humidity, or a mixed reality system for training use of fire extinguishers. Our software development service offers you all the options you need to develop your IoT solution. If you want success, hire IoT developers of Zazz with an immense amount of commitment. 

All our IoT applications contain small embedded Internet of Things IoT devices, which use complex m2m communication protocols (machine to machine or connected to the Internet) and allow us to obtain small or large managers of data volumes on the server. We provide top-notch and most scalable top IoT development services around the clock. Then we develop a representation or application layer for the user to visualize their data usefully. We use technologies like React Native, Flutter to create unusual hybrid solutions for our clients. Companies looking for agile development should Hire React native Developer with amazing skills.

Our Excellent IoT Mobile Apps

Zazz is the top iot app development company in eastern europe for creating scalable and tailor-made mobile apps. We have expertise in developing every kind of mobile apps from native to hybrid ones. Our recruitment process has made us the best IoT app development company in Eastern Europe. We started developing mobile apps for the industry sector as soon as IoT surfaced on the technological scene. We are accredited for a catering variety of industries and life segments, including Healthcare, Manufacturing, Lifestyle, and so on. Hire our App Developers in USA for maximum productivity and professionalism.

Our Value Proposition

Zazz proposes to you not to worry about all those technical questions, thanks to our acquired experience. We can use the IOT devices you want, whether they are ours or third parties, extract the data that generates value, and serve them in your final application, a complete solution worry-free. Whether you want to explore the android world or iOS, we have every solution and every technology resource out there. Hire our iOS App Developers for conquering Europe and the western world.

Thought for your company

We adapt to your needs to deliver top IoT development services and carry out a baseline evaluation in which we take into account the third-party services. The processes you are using to integrate the data into them, or we design your application from scratch, connect it with our IOT platform. Our software solutions are specially designed for optimization calculations and intelligence gathering from the data. If you have seen how IOT is helping business owners, you already knew the vast benefits of IoT towards industry and management processes. Zazz brings 

innovation to these advancements and develops a unique product.

Modular solutions

Our solutions are, therefore, modular and scalable from their conception. You can benefit from greater agility and ensure a higher level of control. We can develop IoT software as you need for your solution. Our flexibility and thorough professionalism have made us the most desired IoT development company in Eastern Europe.

IoT Consultancy:

With our accomplished IoT app experts, we ensure that you get competent and sound advice on unlocking the concept of the iot infrastructure.

IoT App Dvelopment:

To provide you with mobile IoT app implementations that support your business demands, we put the latest state-of-the-art technologies and techniques on deck.

IoT Maintenance:

To let you have bug-free IoT application development facilities, we employ the right quality assurance tools. To encourage a consistent experience, we also provide high-end support and maintenance services.

Case of success

A sample of the work done is our mixed reality training system for the use of fire extinguishers. Our partner wanted a disruptive change in the way we offer training for extinguishing courses in work environments using fire extinguishers. Our client also knew that our Zazz apps featured in every other independent blog and app store. That is the reason they also decided to develop a mobile app with an IoT platform. Currently, an extensive logistics structure is required to carry out the training work. That is why we propose a work whose objectives were precise to overcome these problems. We always prioritize clients. That is the reason we are the best IoT  software development company in Eastern Europe.

Our developers worked on an application that can be used on any mobile device regardless of its operating system. Once the user puts on the glasses, fire is stimulated, in their natural work environment, so they have to go to the place where the extinguisher is located in their office and put out the fire generated. We control the extinguisher’s use, and we know, for example, if the user has removed the seal ring, or if he exerts the appropriate pressure, and the fire simulation reacts at all times to the user’s actions.

By offering top iot development services, we manage to solve the two problems posed. On the one hand, now the logistical means necessary to carry out the training are reduced to the trainer himself and a sensorized fire extinguisher. On the other hand, we exponentially raise the quality of the practice as it takes place in the real environment of professional work, training them to solve problems in their work environment. It is just an example. We have several stories to tell you, check out our portfolio for that. We are here to give you wings while working with one of the best IoT development companies in Eastern Europe.

Pitch Your Idea To Us

All you have to do is pitch your idea to us and tell us your needs and goals. The rest is upon us! We are the biggest name in the United States, covering IoT development from New York to Alaska. Our IOT Developers in San Francisco, Canada, Seattle etc. have won numerous awards over creating unique products within the limited budget. Thanks to our diversified experience and industry knowledge, we have set foot in Europe and now are reshaping the industry in Eastern Europe.

We assure you that we have got the world’s best talent and never compromise over the quality. Moreover, we provide guaranteed results by adopting our unique IoT development process and by engaging most contemporary technologies.

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