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We Are More Than A Digital Agency

With know-how in cutting-edge technologies, visionary curiosity, and stylish creativity, we tackle every challenge.

We find the best digital solutions for our partners and don't settle for less. Our drive is to explore the unknown, to find the answers in new challenges and visions. We offer our partners a full service in the complete development process and accompany them from the idea to the publication of the apps and web services with advice, design, and development.

Zazz is Key to Digital Transformation

Zazz has got the world's best IoT developers and is providing companies with the tools to counter the new world scenario.

The Internet of Things is, at the moment, one of the most critical business sectors of the Digital Economy, a pivotal piece to promote digital transformation. And one of the fundamental pillars for Smart Cities to become a reality in the future more right now.

The growth of business and the IoT development solutions will be constant in the coming years and one of the great stimulators of the economy worldwide. We are talking about both the development of their applications and a new business environment in which companies will have to put their connected objects in communication to interconnect them and, in this way, be able to access the millions of data they supply.

After the coronavirus pandemic, we are developing state of the art IoT solutions for healthcare and other companies to tackle economic depression. Our IoT development solutions are exceptional in every way and provide our clients with an unmatched edge over their competitors. Zazz is the only company in the United States with hundreds of successful IoT projects and IoT mobile apps. We believe in technology and future proof your business with brilliant digital transformation.

Our Unique Development Process

Building Internet of Things applications starts with the thing itself: the hardware, and then moves on to the software and infrastructure that channels communication, organization, and process. At Zazz, we build IoT applications on top of a ready-made platform that provides ingest operations (reception and organization of data flow) and logical operations (data management and processing capabilities, an API to allow communication between the platform and the built applications. about her). Building IoT applications on these platforms will enable you to complete development in a fraction of the time it would take to create an IoT platform from Scratch.

Because we start with a pre-built backend, we can focus on front-end functionality and data performance, optimizing your application to fit the core market and helping you capitalize on the gold mine of data available in each device. Our IoT developers bring your ideas to life, faster and better than any other IoT development company. In terms of functionality and applications, the possibilities are endless. Together we can develop and test a wide range of applications, including:

  • Automotive, transport and logistics
  • Smart energy and security
  • Industrial and business automation
  • Consumer and other M2M
  • Digital home

Our Award-winning Craft

We use an interdisciplinary team of project managers, app, and server developers to develop your customized IoT digital solution. Our expertise in state-of-the-art IoT application development technologies helps us to use the best possible in your app project. Short development cycles, regular sprint reviews, and Scrum-certified project management ensure that we can react flexibly to short-term changes.

Enticing IoT UX / UI Designs

The first impression counts! Every project depends on the perfect user experience. Our UX / UI team and IoT developers take care of the implementation of the ideal look and feel for your IoT mobile application - regardless of the industry. We match design and usability to the needs of the users. We use it to create a user experience that impresses and motivates your target group. Our apps are suitable for every platform and provide an outstanding user experience. That is the reason; our clients hire iOS Developer and Android to power their IoT projects.

Testing & Analytics Capabilities

We do not leave anything to chance! During the conception phase, we define relevant KPIs, which we monitor continuously and automatically after the release. Subsequent updates enable us to optimize the usage behaviour of the IoT applications and contribute to long-term app success. Automated testing on real smartphones guarantees the implementation of fast release cycles without having to compromise on quality.

Meaningful Collaborations and Partnerships

We trust companies specialized in fields such as sensors, hardware manufacturers, data exploitation, etc. to jointly tackle complex projects in which it is necessary to combine several disciplines. We have the collaboration of specialized engineering, expert companies in data processing and analysis (Big Data), suppliers of industrial equipment, and project development companies, among others. As a result of these collaborations, we have been able to tackle the challenges of industrial companies in information technology and operation.

Exceptional Industrial Applications

Under the name Internet of Things, many applications have a place, some of them already existed under other names. The current IoT boom is due to the availability of low-cost pluggable devices and the ubiquity of the internet. Apart from applications for health, wearables, smart cities, we are a champion in below mentioned Industry-oriented applications:

Automated Production Center

Within the growing sophistication of robotic production centres, there are a multitude of controls and measurements to ensure the efficiency and quality of the entire process. In this sense, IIoT is part of the Industry 4.0 concept.


Remote access to view and record the critical parameters of a machine is handy for companies. Whether for simple monitoring or to predict operating anomalies, keeping track of specific parameters such as temperature, vibrations, or consumption is of great help.

Our Secret of Success lies in Our Commitment to Clients.

Our IoT engineering and design department is always in touch with advancements in technology to satisfy our multinational clientele's demands.

Our holistic approach will help you expand your company in the production of advanced and creative IoT development services and solutions. We use personalized IoT tools to accelerate workflow and comfort. Our IoT solutions are energy-intensive and reasonably stable to cover sensitive data.

As a professional IoT development company, Zazz builds all kinds of solutions for you. Moreover, we connect those programs to your existing software. These connections allow you to see more relationships between figures and other data. It enables you to adapt your business strategy even better to the possibilities by having splendid IoT application development services.

Some of the many goals you achieve with us are:

  • Grip on costs
  • Better efficiency
  • Serve customer faster
  • More production
  • Identify growth opportunities
  • Smarter warehouse management and just-in-time deliveries

Try Zazz Exceptional Professionalism

Our applications delight millions of users and also storm the app charts in the Apple App Store & Google Play Store. That makes us proud.

Zazz's IoT application development is designed to deliver the best possible products, while at the same time reducing production time and growth cost as much as possible. Our multidisciplinary team of software engineers works tirelessly to deliver unbeatable end-user benefits and reduce time to market so you can maximize your earning potential.

As an IoT app development company, we offer you a wide range of digital solutions, paired with a deep understanding of modern and scalable technologies. We are your partner for sophisticated app development. With a focus on innovative user experience, we develop future-proof, digital products for your company and your customers.

Our approach is well received. Not only in the USA but internationally! Well-known international customers trust our expertise as a perfect IoT app development company. The Zazz team has a history of award-winning apps.

Do you want to know more about how our Internet of Things development company can help bring your project to life? Feel free to describe your IoT challenge by sending us a request through our contact form or by sending us an email directly.


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