How IoT Became More Popular During Covid-19?

by Zazz May 13, 2020 Time to Read Blog: 4 minutes

The coronavirus COVID-19 continues to affect the world population, multiplying the number of infections and deaths daily. In addition to this, countries increasingly adopt more measures to mitigate contagions. From the suspension of classes, remote work, closure of public spaces, to confinement, among others. Faced with this complicated scenario, solving the crisis and minimizing the negative impact are urgent issues.

There is an increase in the usage of mobile apps and video streaming websites. Entrepreneurs are looking to hire an Android developer or android agency to develop new mobile apps. People and employees are using Skype and Zoom for their meetings. For entertainment, citizens are continuously engaging in video streaming websites and mobile games. The world is changing and if we want to survive, we have to transform. Mobile app developer companies are helping us in this transformation. In this boom of technologies surfaced in lockdown, one technology is becoming most popular. We are talking about IoT! Combined with other modern solutions like Cloud and Artificial Intelligence, IoT is at our rescue with a variety of applications. There is a need to search best IoT app developers to explore its full possibilities without risking data breach and glitches. It’s showing a huge positive impact to curb and fight against coronavirus pandemic.

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Our Seattle App Developer and experts define IoT as a network of physical objects, people, machines that connect and communicate to exchange data. This information between applications mostly uses an Artificial Intelligence platform. Before you find IOT app developer, look at the few examples of its application:

  • IoT Cameras to control Social Distancing

The use of smart connected cameras, together with the real-time processing of information, makes it possible to detect whether social distancing measures are being respected in typically crowded areas and to issue warnings and warnings when crowds occur. Hire best IoT app developers like Zazz to manage smart lockdown.

  • Cameras for remote surveillance of patients by healthcare personnel

The virus is highly contagious. Even though the healthcare providers use PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), the process of putting it on and taking it off is tedious. The continuous and close care of patients becomes complicated. Find IoT app developer that can help you tackle this situation. ICUs could be equipped with cameras connected to the network that allows patients to be monitored in real-time and in a scalable way.

  • Connected Wearables

Hire an iOS developer having experience in wearable technology. Many hospitals are using connected wearables, some of them developed by Zazz to efficiently manage the patients. These wearables are in the form of rings or bracelets and play a crucial role in displaying patient’s data to the physician. All of the vital signs are monitored at the control room including blood oxygen level, and temperature. You should search best IoT app developers that ensure guarantee while handling a project.

  • Robots to help health personnel to carry medicines, meals, collect remains, etc.

The China Saite company in Guangzhou has donated to the main hospital in Wuhan a robot that helps health personnel deliver medicine and food to the sick and also allows for the safe collection of waste. Our advice is to select best IoT app developer already working on AI. These robots help reduce contagion by healthcare personnel and increase efficiency in treating patients.

  • Patrolling Robots

China Gosuncn Robot Co. Ltd has evolved its autonomous police patrol aid robots with new capabilities. Search best IOT app developers with expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. Patrolling Robots has added the possibility of disinfecting different closed spaces such as hospitals, shopping centers, universities…

  • Drones to disinfect open spaces

The drone company DJI is already using its drones to disinfect more than 128,000 square meters of industrial parks and garbage dumps in Shenzhen city. Select best IOT app developer to create mobile apps for Drones. It can efficiently patrol open areas and detect if social distancing measures are not being followed or masks are being used.

  • Monitoring devices for the remains of those killed in the pandemic

This is the saddest solution. Unfortunately, in some countries, they have had problems locating bodies in the different morgues that have had to be mounted. With IoT tracking devices, relatives of those killed by Coronavirus can know at all times where the remains of their loved ones are. You must hire best IoT app developers that have relevant experience of working in the Healthcare sector and management.

Privacy Concerns should be Resolved

The world is rapidly changing towards an environment in which an increasing number of machines are connecting without the need for people’s mediation. Companies are looking towards new ways to find IOT app developer to increase efficiency. This transition is affecting telecommunications, and several different economies, markets, and spheres of human life. This is where we run the risk that a faulty regulation could slow down the enormous opportunities for IoT growth. This imposes on us the need for the entire ecosystem involved in dialogue and collaborates with regulatory bodies on this important technological advance. Use the internet to search best IoT app developers as IoT is here to stay, and live with all of us.

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WHO has already discussed the negative impact of IoT devices without proper regulations. Governments need to regulate this technology so that citizens trust them. IoT devices are of great importance not only in this Covid-19 pandemic but also in the future. Civil liberty concerns should be resolved adequately while opting to select best IOT app developer.

The Impact of IoT and its Future

The fragmentation and complexity of the IoT ecosystem and its many technological approaches is a challenge. We must face it with great responsibility and objectivity, but above all with determination and speed. We must be careful regarding where to find App Developers as the market is filled with amateurs and fraudulent companies. We must not face security breaches that in the end can be very costly for our economy. IoT has a very promising future thanks to the upcoming age of 5G. IoT will help us leap at a new age of controlling pandemics, curbing infectious devices, and managing our daily tasks. Hire best IoT app developers like Zazz who have the knowledge, expertise, and amazing development skills.

Zazz developing State of the art IoT solutions

Zazz has been developing innovative and exceptional IoT enabled digital solutions since its inception. Our team of talented IoT developers has received numerous awards and recognition in the United States. We integrate IoT with existing systems, mobile apps, and other digital infrastructure. Contact us for further information and a complete roadmap.

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