Where To Find App Developers During The COVID-19 Lockdown?

by Zazz May 12, 2020 Time to Read Blog: 4 minutes

The world is in the midst of a crisis known as Covid-19, we humans frequently face such challenges after a certain time. With our intelligence and determination, we have tackled an even bigger crisis. Hopefully, we will soon surface from this coronavirus pandemic too. In the United States, we are having worse economic conditions and a lockdown that has slowed down certain businesses. Moreover, this lockdown is posing threats of closure, especially for small businesses.

The only way to tackle this economic challenge is to have outstanding digital products designed to support your business. You have to explore new opportunities and have to maximize your target audience. This can only be done by utilizing the resources and talents of companies like Zazz. Find app developer and assign them the projects that are enticing and productive in nature with exceptional user experience.

Freelancer Or A Development Agency?

The very first question that pops in mind is whether to hire a digital agency or go with freelancers. Especially if it’s your very first project, you need to be careful regarding the pros and cons of both options. One can easily explore the market and gamble on different cheap Mobile App Developer freelancers.In my opinion, freelancers are for very amateur startups that are yet to register their mark in the market. 

The development company will share responsibility and also provide you with services like maintenance and future updates and integrations. The best way for small business enterprises and startups is to hire best app developers by opting for a professional agency.

Moreover, a development company will guide you as they have the experience of handling different business segments. Most probably they have worked for many companies like Zazz has achieved the milestone of producing great results for hundreds of entrepreneurs’. Hire an Android developer & iOS development agency having the required expertise and dedicated staff to meet timelines.

Where To Look For App Developers In Lockdown?

We know it’s a lockdown in the United States and most parts of the world due to the coronavirus pandemic. Is it necessary to meet the developer in person? We will not say that meeting a partner doesn’t have any value but see it’s not that important. However, remember that if you are not meeting the developer physically, you must prepare yourself accordingly and must have the required information. You can select best app developer by exploring different options.

Google it

Yes, it sounds amateur but trust by using search engines you can find what you are looking for. Never make your decision in haste but cross-checks the given information. Don’t just explore the first page results but indulge deep and search best app developers thoroughly.

Creative Communities and Social Media

There is no harm in consulting social media and online creative communities. See what people are commenting on, pay heed to the brand image, and clients’ reactions. Select best app developer by carefully analyzing their approach towards similar businesses.

Your Networks and B2B Websites

Ask your team members and table their opinions regarding different development agencies in the market. You can also find app developer at B2B websites like Clutch where clients’ have shared the reviews, pros, and shortcomings. Analyze them and select the agency according to your needs. If a friend or colleague suggests a company, there is no harm in checking it out. However, your decision should always be made on ground facts, and the agency’s expertise and capabilities.

How To Select An App Developer?

We have talked about this in detail in our other blogs. How to select best app developer? There are certain criteria that your development agency should meet.


Nothing is bigger than experience, it provides an edge over others. Like Zazz has an experience of working with companies from different segments. This has provided us skills, strategies, planning, and knowledge to tackle the market by developing unique and trendy mobile apps. There are different Seattle iOS App Developer & Android ones having sound experience.


You will not be able to receive good products without effective communication with your development agency. If they are unable to understand you, how will they be able to deliver your desired product. In this situation of lockdown, communication has become the number one priority. Hire best app developers with supreme and competent communication skills.

Maintenance Services

It’s very productive if your digital product such as a mobile app is maintained by the same development company responsible for its creation. However, they should have a dedicated maintenance team with experience and modern strategies. Search best app developers with command over support and maintenance services that too in a cost-effective way. Maintenance of any digital product is very significant, otherwise, your customers will be fed up.

Talent and Uniqueness

You should not hire best app developers that are good in the development process but lack unique design and innovative skills. If an app is just a copy of the already popular product, most of the time it is of no use. Your developer must be talented enough to provide you with an edge over your competitors. Find app developer with strong innovative skills and command over various languages and development tools.

Look for Contemporary technologies

There is no need to remind you that mobile app and digital products business revolve around evolution, latest trends, and modern changes. Never hire a developer that just creates a digital solution with traditional tools and provides just outdated basic functionalities. This age belongs to technologies like Artificial Intelligence, IoT, AR, and so on… Search best app developers with command over these latest technologies and ask them to integrate at least one of these in your product.

How Zazz Is Helping Small Businesses In The coronavirus Lockdown?

Zazz is the leading development agency in the United States having the latest technological resources and the best team. We have different teams to tackle specific businesses with the purpose to deliver exceptional results. Zazz has a unique strategy to provide the best results in this period of lockdown. We provide cost-effective development methods with guaranteed results. Do you have an idea or are worried about economic depression? Contact us now, we will help you explore new opportunities and integrate digital products to achieve growth and profits.

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