iOS 13.4.1: What are the new features for iPhone and iPad?

by Zazz May 1, 2020 Time to Read Blog: 3 minutes

Last month Apple released one of the most anticipated versions 13.4 for the iPhone and iPad. The Cupertino giant has introduced some new features with this update but unfortunately not so smoothly. As soon as the update came, users were seen complaining about some bugs and issues on Twitter and other social media platforms. Before we talk about the bugs fixed by Apple with the version 13.4.1. Let’s have a look at salient features, version 13.4 brought to iPhone and iPad.

Interesting features of iOS 13.4

1. IPad mouse enhancements

Using a mouse with the iPad is now more comfortable. This function is no longer an accessibility option and a section has been added in the Settings.

2. iCloud shared folders arrive

It is a very useful functionality for teamwork since it allows you to manage folders with more users.

3. Universal apps between iOS and iPadOS with macOS

The famous Catalyst Project recently brought an interesting tool for App Developers in USA to create cross-platform applications from the same code.

4. Carplay is also renewed

Carplay is the system that allows us to navigate various functions of our phone when we are in the car. Now with this iOS Update News by Apple updates for calls and navigation controls have been added with third-party applications.

Other Salient Features

  1. New Memoji stickers.
  2. Keyboard shortcuts on iPad in the Photos app that allow you to navigate more comfortably through the interface.
  3. The location services incorporate new features when it comes to displaying the signs, asking us to activate the “Always” option in an app.
  4. New Shazam shortcut, to quickly detect a song.
  5. The Mail application has slightly changed the toolbar, separating the buttons so as not to create confusion.
  6. Zazz App developers have seen some Bug fixes and internal improvements.

Why was there a need for version 13.4.1 so quickly?

Yes, iOS 13.4 was a stable version, not a beta, however, unfortunately, users were seen reporting bugs, errors, and issues. The company has acted quickly launching this update to patch everything they have done wrong, unfortunately. The truth is that we are used to this type of erroneous update, which reminds us of a lot of the beginnings of iOS 13. We had to weigh numerous bugs that led to the immediate and accelerated development of iOS 13.1.

Although this time it has happened on a smaller scale, it is impossible not to remember these moments. We hope that in the future things will change in the development team and the final iOS version Update News and features will be as stable as possible.

What are the issues fixed with iOS 13.4.1?

In addition to this general performance improvement, the following solutions are also included:

  • Fixes a bug that caused iOS 13.4 devices to be unable to participate in FaceTime calls with iOS 9.3.6 devices or OS X El Capitan.
  • Resolves an error in the Settings app that caused the Bluetooth option in the Quick Actions menu on the Home screen to not work.
  • In iPadOS we have also seen some extra improvements for iOS App Developers, apart from solving performance problems.
  • Fixes an issue on the 4th Generation 12.9 ″ iPad Pro and 2nd Generation 11 ″ iPad Pro causing the flashlight to not turn on after pressing the flashlight button on the control center or locked screen.

How to install the update

In order to perform this installation on both iPhone and iPad, the following steps must be followed:

  1. Enter ‘Settings’ on your device.
  2. Go to General> Software Update.
  3. After consulting the information that appears, you can install the update.

There may be some download speed issues that may be related to servers. When an update comes out, it is common to see how the servers do not hold up and end up slowing down the download in general or simply being your internet connection.

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