Top 10 iOS App Development Company in San Francisco

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In our blog post, we frequently tell you about the latest iOS versions, benefits of iOS app development and peculiarities of iOS compared to other platforms. Today we have decided that we will enable you to get a basic knowledge of iOS app development procedure, strategy and the tools required.

iOS App Development Company in San Francisco

Remember that this guide will help you make an informed decision and assist you while hiring a developer. However, in actual development processes, we integrate many different and unique technologies and tools. Similarly, in the design segment, many various vital aspects are ignored here because it could stuff your mind. If you are willing to read specific guides, browse our blog. We are the leading app developers in San Francisco, Seattle, and New York.

In the end, we have also provided a list of best iOS company in San Francisco, so if you are not interested in the guide, scroll now!

Work Environment of iOS App Development

Xcode is the IDE that Apple makes available to you to develop an app for its Mac, iOS, Apple Watch, Apple TV platforms. You can get Xcode for free, but you need a Mac to install it, and it has to run at least OS X Mavericks 10.9…

Objective-C or Swift

Swift should be your choice. Swift at this point is already in a more “stable” version, in my opinion; It has already been widely “adopted” by the community, and there is quite a bit of documentation and support across collaborative sites.

With this, I don’t mean that Objective-C is terrible, but I see it more as to support or keep alive all legacy apps that are on the market currently, or at least while they are migrating to Swift.

Once you have installed Xcode, I recommend you take a tour of Playgrounds (it was launched together with Swift) there you can “experiment” with the code in real-time, it is a way to “see” what your system is doing and get familiar with language:


Don’t try to understand or learn everything, there is a world of information about development in iOS. At the moment, I would recommend focusing on what’s important.


You must have a certain level of mastery of Object-Oriented Programming. Don’t try to learn anything else until you have mastered OOP and MVC.

The App Life Cycle

I advise you to familiarize yourself with the life cycle of the app “The App Life Cycle”, as it gives you an “image” of how your app operates about interruptions and the system.


A storyboard is a visual representation of the user interface of an iOS application, showing content screens and the connections between those screens. A storyboard is made up of scenes sequences, each of which represents a view controller. The scenes are connected by a segue, which represents a transition between two view controllers.

Auto Layout

The auto-layout will help your app support the different screen sizes of either iPhone or iPad and will allow your views to adapt dynamically to any type of change on the screen. This, through the constraints that you define between view and view.

Apple API Reference

I have always believed that a good iOS developer is distinguished by its ability to navigate and use the Apple API Documentation Reference.

Knowing how to use apple documentation helps you not have to memorize all the delegates of an UITableView or a UICollectionView or understand the components of an NSURLSession. It also helps you to be self-taught. The tutorials are good, but many times, you don’t learn as you should experience in someone else’s head. Sometimes it is good to bump up and realize that using a stone to open an egg is not always the best way.

Top 10 iOS Company in San Francisco

1. Zazz

The tech community considers Zazz as the best company concerning iOS development. The company is famous for its innovative skills and fabulous development processes. In an interview, their CEO said that they believe in tackling every project differently to provide clients with novel solutions. Their capabilities have contributed a lot to the digital world.

2. AppStudio

It is another company with a firm hold on the latest frameworks, and they excel by integrating contemporary technologies. AppStudio is among the top iOS developers in San Francisco because they have recruited the best talent from the world. They have produced outstanding solutions for eCommerce, Retail, Healthcare and restaurants using iOS and Android.

3. Kite Dev

Kite Dev is a relatively new company in the list of best iOS company in San Francisco. The company is using the latest frameworks and libraries while providing quality iOS mobile apps. Kite Dev is the best solutions for companies having limited resources.

4. Senco Sim

Senco Sim is a Chinese company working in the United States for quite some time now. The company is among the top 10 iOS company in San Francisco because they never compromise over quality. However, we have learnt that they often don’t provide value for the money because they are expensive.

5. Cobra Co

Cobra Co is looking to extend its services across Latin America. The company has opened its offices in Toronto and New York. They have managed to register themselves in the top 10 iOS company in San Francisco because they provide guaranteed results.

6. CitrusBits

CitrusBits is formerly a web development company with substantial portfolios. We include this company in the list of best iOS company in San Francisco because they have recently started creating unusual mobile solutions. CitrusBits uses the latest tech stacks for developing iOS mobile apps.

7. Menlo Technologies

Menlo Technologies is the youngest company in our list of best iOS company in San Francisco. However, the company has made a positive image in a short time. The credit goes to their management and young team members.

8. Matellio

Matellio is the brand for hybrid app development. The company has created fabulous cost-effective iOS solutions using hybrid technology. If you want web apps, still this company can create wonders for you.

9. Rightpoint

Rightpoint is also a famous brand in the United States. The company is also looking to expand its services in Asia because we have heard they are hiring there. The company easily qualifies among the top iOS company in San Francisco because they produce results in record time.

10. Emerge

Emerge is only here in the list of best iOS company in San Francisco because the company has unrivaled experience in handling warehouse management. The company utilizes IoT and creates incredible iOS mobile apps for businesses.

We hope that our contribution will help you in your decision-making strategy. If you have any questions, contact us. Moreover, talk to our experts for personalized advice without any obligation.

Try to visit this blog post frequently as we update the compilation as soon as we find something new with any company.

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