Top AI Development Company in Seattle, USA

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Artificial Intelligence (AI), has managed to specify a series of inventions that have progressively impacted the markets, through an offer of products and services that manage to solve a particular problem or a possibility of joint resolution for the industries. Here we present Zazz the top AI development companies in Seattle which will surely help you make an informed decision.

AI Development Company in Seattle

Currently, Artificial Intelligence has a programming base that, through a specific language, acquires the ability to carry out targeted actions (syntactic) that complement a contiguous reaction, a semantic body of individual tasks that contribute to the execution of a process, which, in turn, will determine the functionality of a software whose innovation integrates the digital expertise of Artificial Intelligence, and their respective fields of study.

Predict crimes with AI

In the purest style of Minority Report (2002), a film starring Tom Cruise and where the main premise revolves around the prediction of crimes and the arrest of people before they are committed, the Asian country seeks to go further to take this idea of ​​fiction to reality.

Various technology firms are focused on developing facial recognition systems that automatically allow users to analyze and detect situations of social upheaval, something of extreme interest to the Chinese government.

One of those startups is Xjera Labs, established in Singapore, but with research and development facilities in Shanghai and Shenzhen. The company has been developing its system of 52 layers of neural networks that can detect individuals, cars, and objects from recordings for five years, all with 97% effectiveness, based on an information bank containing 20 thousand profiles of individuals whose faces have been captured by the CCTV system.

The above is an important step for an overpopulated country that has a network of 176 million surveillance cameras since it would mean reducing the work of officers to analyze hours and hours of material when a super machine could do it. Another way in which cops could benefit is through an algorithm that detects suspicious patterns to determine, for example, without thieves.

DeepMind AI

DeepMind creates AI capable of imagining, planning and measuring consequences

Google is developing machines that can observe the results of their decisions and actions before they are carried out. The objective is to develop an algorithm that simulates the human capacity to generate plans, which would help to develop programs capable of solving complex problems more efficiently.

DeepMind, through AlphaGo, defeated several players in the game of Go, considered one of the most complexes that exist; however, this is guided by specific rules, while “the real world is complex, there are no clearly defined guidelines, problems arise and are unpredictable,” the statement said.

Researchers have created “agents of augmented imagination” (12As), a neural network that learns to extract information that may be useful for deciding in the future and omits what is not relevant. They are also able to learn and choose different strategies to develop plans.

General artificial intelligence

Much more ambitious than weak artificial intelligence is general artificial intelligence, which would allow solving any intellectual task solvable by a human being. This artificial intelligence would be multitasking and could do hundreds, thousands of different things well.

Not only that: that general artificial intelligence would not be a kind of great union of weak artificial intelligence, each to solve a problem: said general artificial intelligence would be able to make judgments and reason in a situation of uncertainty — from learning and training— in addition to communicating in natural language, planning or learning.

The general artificial intelligence, if it appeared, would overcome without problems both the Turing Test and the Winograd Test, for example, which, as we have said, would demonstrate that the machine would possess that capacity, but in reality that achievement would be only part of the capacity of that general artificial intelligence.

Strong artificial intelligence

But general artificial intelligence is not that artificial intelligence that Hollywood sells us so much. It lacks an essential element that is what distinguishes the so-called strong artificial intelligence. The latter has the so-called “mental states”, and is also aware of itself.

This type of artificial intelligence would go beyond emulating and surpassing human beings in carrying out any task. By becoming aware of itself, it would be able (theoretically) to solve any problem and could have its own subjective experience, or be able to feel emotions. We enter a rough terrain where it would be necessary to talk about the ethical challenges that the appearance of such artificial intelligence would pose.

In essence, a strong artificial intelligence would be able to count on the mental states that we have human beings, but it would go much further thanks to its ability to calculate and adapt to the environment. Be careful, because a strong artificial intelligence is also general, but the opposite is not true. The difference is subtle, but that self-awareness would probably change everything.

If we were able to develop that strong artificial intelligence, we would have reached that turning point in the history of the human being. One in which technical-scientific, social or economic problems would not be a challenge for that artificial superintelligence. We would have achieved singularity and that would pose unpredictable changes for our world.

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