How Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Mobile App Development Is Making Tasks Easier

by Zazz September 17, 2021 Time to Read Blog: 6 minutes

For a decade, mobile apps have taken a quantum leap. Initially, we had basic apps that performed simple tasks, but with the advent of smartphones, the world witnessed a revolution that eased life. And with this, the evolution of AI in mobile app development wasn’t an exception.

The tech enthusiasts have been envisioning the staggering turnaround that will emerge with the onset of Artificial Intelligence. As a result, it has become a trending topic in the scientific world and a raging topic in the app development industry, i.e., the role of AI in mobile app development. 

AI in mobile app development is evolving at a faster pace. App developers are infusing AI in mobile apps to better the lives of app users by making things easier. This disruptive technology is just not confined to laboratories anymore. It has become a part of our daily lives as navigation systems and camera-based security features.

Since AI is becoming the hottest trend in the tech world, countless organizations are grabbing on to this opportunity. They are reaching out to AI development agencies to avail iOS and Android app development services to offer the best technologies and deliver convenient solutions to their customers. 

This informative blog will weigh in on the starring role of AI in mobile app development and how it is transforming the world by enhancing the user experience.

How is AI in Mobile App Development Enhancing the User Experience?

Since the world is turning out to be more “on-demand,” the requirement for a more customized experience is growing at a faster pace. A reputable mobile app development company is well aware of this and believes that AI in mobile app development is the need of the hour. So let’s find out how.

  1. Empowering Search Engines

Probably the most important and acclaimed evolution of AI in mobile app development is the application of voice search and commands. With the help of a smart device’s virtual assistant, individuals can search for things with their voices instead of typing.

For example, by asking the device’s virtual assistant, “What’s the nearest food joint?” individuals can easily get fast responses. With the help of their device’s internet connection and GPS, they can locate and reach their desired location with ease. AI in Mobile app development is nothing short of a revolution.

  1. Improved Smartphone Cameras

One of the finest areas where the iOS and Android AI development teams are putting all their efforts is in the up-gradation of the camera quality of smartphones with high-end AI-based mobile apps to drop-ship an outstanding user experience.

With the help of these AI-powered high-end cameras, individuals can-

  • keep the subject right within the frame and adjust accordingly,
  • record videos with electronic image stabilization (EIS), or 
  • pay money by scanning the QR code with their banking apps.
  1. Facial Unlock Systems

Kudos to Apple’s iPhone X, facial recognition to unlock devices has turned out to be a revolutionary advancement in the field of AI for mobile app development. With it, Android smartphones have also joined the party to provide its users with the same.

Writing down passcode or drawing patterns to unlock your device is a thing of the past now. With the power of AI and ML, the Android AI development team eased unlocking the device. With facial recognition, individuals can unlock the phone smoothly and quickly, with added security.

  1. Real-Time Language Translation

If one goes to Google or Apple Store, they’ll find a large number of translation apps. But, the problem arises when they need to connect to the internet to translate a language. This is where AI in mobile app development stands out.

By infusing AI and machine learning right within the app, smartphones can effortlessly translate diverse languages without connecting to the internet. AI for mobile app development has certainly made the life of individuals easier, and they can translate numerous languages without any hassle.

Business Benefits of AI in Mobile App Development 

Today, numerous mobile apps fail to draw customers’ attention due to the absence of relevant and engaging content. This is not good for business and your brand identity. But with AI in mobile app development, you can resolve these issues faster and engage users in no time.

With Machine Learning app development and AI-powered apps, your business can grow to its full potential. It’ll help restructure and refine your telecommunication system with your customers, resulting in higher user engagement and maximized ROI. 

If you are planning to integrate AI technology, exploring the accurate scope of the region is crucial. By infusing this technology in your iOS and Android AI development projects, you can build quality apps for your users.

Let’s check out some of the benefits of AI for mobile app development that can help businesses engage users.

  • AI-Driven Chatbots

Chatbots are one of many use cases of AI in mobile app development. They reply 10x faster than a human, helping in restructuring the overall customer service. 

With AI-powered chatbots, you can assist your users in every phase of the purchase cycle (recommending products to transactions), resulting in refining the overall user experience. As a result, AI in mobile app development is highly beneficial for businesses of all genres.

Reports say that over 35% of the companies depend on chatbots for customer assistance. It has restructured and reshaped the long-established meaning of 24/7 services, resulting in enterprises reaching out for AI in mobile app development projects to yield fruitful results.

  • Creating Secure Mobile Applications

Right from facial recognition to fingerprint authentication, AI-powered facial and biometric technology is shaking the world. It’s highly capable of analyzing the physical attributes of a human. This is just another great use case of AI in mobile app development projects that you can consider for your business.

From security to marketing, face recognition and biometrics have become essential in an individual’s life. In the financial industry, you want your apps to be highly secured for your users. AI in mobile app development is not an extra feature but a necessity in today’s world.

Integrating AI in mobile app development projects will help you gain your customer’s trust by providing full-fledged security to them.

  • Boosting Consumer Retention

From analyzing and tracking down users’ behavior patterns to automating the task effectively, machine learning is the scene today. Integrating machine learning in your next AI-based mobile app development project is important in this fast-tracked world. 

By infusing machine learning and AI for mobile app development projects, businesses can recommend products to their customers with exciting offers tailor-made for them. The AI algorithm tracks down the user’s search history and past purchases to provide the best possible offers for them. 

Whether you are planning to launch an on-demand app, or an eCommerce app, infusing and implementing machine learning in your AI mobile app development project is the need of the hour to attract more customers and drive profits.

  • Reducing Error and Security Breaches

With the integration of AI in mobile app development, businesses can curb errors to a huge extent. 

If businesses infuse machine learning and AI in mobile app development projects with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology, it can eliminate the mundane and burdensome tasks. It accelerates the procedure and curbs errors, but if trained brilliantly, it can help businesses carry out heavier tasks. 

Again, if you infuse AI in your mobile app development project, it also helps you tackle cyber security threats. Take security breaches, for example. A developer needs to go through several security training sessions to point out and label threats and sometimes even fail in tracking down. 

With the power of AI, you can easily detect threats and eliminate them even before entering the system, thus reducing efforts for the development team. In that time, developers can carry out other important creative things to better the app’s functioning.

Factors that Determine the AI App Development Cost

Artificial Intelligence (AI) app development covers everything from high-end chatbots, data research systems, machine learning, etc., helping enterprises across the verticals create customized, growth-driven experiences for their customers.

So, how much does the AI mobile app development cost? It is a question put forward by all the organizations, be it a startup or a large-scale business group. The cost depends on your business preferences. 

If you plan for custom-built or off-the-shelf AI solutions for your business or a virtualized assistant, many factors will influence AI app development costs. Some are stated below:

  • Chatbots;
  • Analysis systems;
  • Virtual assistants;
  • Kind of project;
  • AI features;
  • The time scale of the project;
  • In-house developer’s fee;
  • AI management and support.

The Key Takeaway

The power of AI in mobile app development has helped organizations deliver top-notch, secure, and seamless user experiences. It is the only reason the leading companies have embraced AI technology to revamp mobile presence.

It’s high time to adopt this state-of-the-art AI technology in your mobile app development project to better the user experience and gain potential customers to drive profits. All you need is to contact the best AI development company to secure their iOS and Android AI development services.

Zazz is the most reputable AI mobile app development company with years of experience in delivering highly secure and smooth AI-powered services to organizations worldwide. Contact us to refine your communication with end-users, thereby streamlining your business operations.

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