Apple is Developing a New Augmented Reality App for iOS 14 in 2020

by Zazz May 8, 2020 Time to Read Blog: 4 minutes

We still do not know if the WWDC is going to be held, because of the coronavirus, but what is certain is that Apple is preparing several surprises for such a marked date. Of course, some of this news will no longer be a surprise. A leak of the iOS 14 code has revealed many of its secrets, as published by 9to5Mac.

Previously, Apple has admitted that the launch of iOS 13 was not so smooth and the company is planning big for iOS 14. In this post, we will discuss some of the rumored features that could come with the stable version of iOS 14. But first, let’s discuss the elephant in the living room! The biggest news so far is that Cupertino giant is working on an augmented reality app.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality, as its name indicates, combines the reality of our environment with elements that are added digitally. In addition, in order to enjoy it, we only need our own mobile device. Thanks to certain mobile applications you can enjoy the extra content provided by this technique.

Companies like Zazz are already delivering top-notch mobile apps integrated with AR. Augmented Reality apps have made their way in the group of technological trends with the greatest projection. It is a phenomenon capable of changing, decisively, and truly, the way of doing business.

Apple Developing AR App with iOS 14

Apple has always been one of the technology companies that has bet the most on augmented reality, and we will also see that in iOS 14. This new app will be able to use the 3D cameras and sensors of the iPhone and iPad to display information from the world around us. For example, if we enter an Apple Store, we only have to look through the screen of our device. All the information such as the price, or comparisons with other models will be displayed on the screen using AR.

  • According to the iOS 14 news, Apple is working on a full-fledge augmented reality app which will surface for the iPhone initially.
  • We have also learned that Apple has named this app as the Gobi.
  • They have some big plans with this AR technology as reportedly working on AR glasses.
  • If launched, these will be the very first glasses from the American company. Previously we have seen Google (the direct platform competitor) throwing infamous Google Cardboard, VR glasses.

Other Salient iOS 14 News and Updated Features

Home Screen is going to be changed

Perhaps it’s the most prominent iOS 14 updated feature. Apple has been persistent with its Home Screen since the launch of the iPhone 4S. Now the company is going to implement significant change where apps will be in the list form. This will help users to run any application without searching them. Siri will be helping us in order to find and arrange apps.

Home Screen Wallpaper

Related to the home screen, the wallpapers will also change. They will no longer be divided into types as before and will be accessible in a single location, with several categories. Apple will allow other apps to install wallpapers on our system and these will be integrated into the configuration.

More like a Computer

We already knew that iOS 14 was going to inherit parts of iPadOS, such as multitasking. Now we know that we will have access to new gestures to make switching between applications easier. Now there is a need to hire an App developer and designer like Zazz to get tailor-made apps.

Added to this, the mouse support will be much more advanced than we are used to. iOS 14, and by extension iPadOS 14, can be used perfectly with a mouse thanks to the cursor support. Therefore, the experience can be very similar to that of a Mac; especially on an iPad with the new keyboard and trackpad case.

More Accessibility

iOS 14 will include more novelties in accessibility, such as the ability to detect important sounds and notify us. If our iPhone detects a fire alarm or even a crying baby, it can vibrate for us to notice. This sort of accessibility will enhance the user experience as we are moving into the next generation of smartphones. As Seattle Android App Developer, we will be more than happy if Google falls in line with the idea of enhancing accessibility.

WatchOS 7

New Apple Watch Series 6 and WatchOS 7 will be much more complete models with new customizations. The company is also looking forward to granting more permissions to third party apps. Zazz as an iOS app developer is working on more integrations of our mobile apps with wearables. Some of the new features are:

  • Now users will be able to record blood oxygen and it will help in fitness and lifestyle.
  • A new tachymeter in a new dial called Infographic Pro will allow us to see the speed and distance traveled.
  • The spheres that we customize can now be shared between users, so if someone has a configuration that could be useful to us, we can easily copy it.
  • Related to this, we can now create custom spheres based on images obtained by the Photos app.

Zazz Always Ready to Embrace New Technologies and iOS versions

Zazz is a prominent and leading American digital agency. We are always at toes and finding new ways to create more innovative and unique mobile apps. Our iPhone apps get featured in the top lists, thanks to our researchers and developers. We are always looking for new technologies and anticipate new versions from companies like Apple. Our proactive strategy enables us to produce mobile apps that help our clients in every way. If you have any queries regarding upcoming iOS 14, want to create or update an iPhone app, feel free to contact us!

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