Widgetsmith: A New Collection of Health & Fitness Focused Widgets

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If you have recently just bought and unwrapped a new iPhone, then Widgetsmith is one of our must-have apps to give your device a personalized aesthetic.

Widgetsmith comes from David Smith, the developer behind some famous Apple Watch and iPhone apps, including Watchsmith, Sleep ++, and Pedometer ++. The concept of Widgetsmith is to develop personalized and custom widgets for your iOS 14 home screen. Als, this is how it exactly works efficiently.

Overview of Widgetsmith For iOS 14 Home Screen Widgets

In the Widgetsmith app on your iPhone, there are various widget sizes to select from: large, small, and medium. Each widget can display various information and adapt it to a different font style and colour, tint colour, and background colour.

The process is straightforward. First you have to select the Add button for the widget size you want to create. After that click on the widget to customize it. Within each data type, there are various options for displaying whatever kind of data you choose. From there, you have additional customization options including font style, background colour and tint colour. The results can be as colourful and aesthetically pleasing as you want them to be.

After you design the iOS 14 home screen widget in the Widgetsmith app, you can go back to the home screen, long-press through jiggle mode, then tap the + icon in the top left corner. Look for Widgetsmith in the app list>> select the size of the widget you developed.

On the iOS 14 home screen, you can use widgets from Widgetsmith as many times as you want. According to the app development company, after you add the Widgetsmith size to the home screen, long press, select Edit Widget and select the Widget option to choose from several designs you developed with the Widgetsmith app. Moreover, each widget on your home screen can come from Widgetsmith if you want. Moreover, Widgetsmith also supports timed widgets, which let you change devices on your home screen at specific times of the day. 

What Exactly Widgetsmith Offers?

The Widgetsmith app update includes a new set of health widgets and a photo widget that can display the weather. An iOS app development agency stated that the program offers many widgets for step counting, which allows users to set a daily step goal and place it on the iOS 14 home screen. The widget shows the progress in the number of steps.

As part of the update, a new widget has been released, offering various options for showing activity on Apple Watch. Widgetsmith is available free on the App Store for iOS with in-app subscriptions for iPhone and iPad to access graphics, themes, and selected data types.

Widgetsmith allows you to personalize your home screen like never before. You are starting with an extensive collection of highly customizable widgets, whose functions range from date to astronomy. Each of them can be precisely adjusted to fit the function and appearance you desire.

This set of widgets can programme dynamically to appear on your home screen by following the rules you explain. For example, certain widgets can show the weather in the morning, your calendar during the week, then switch to the Activity ring progress when you end the day. This lets you make full use of every slot on the home screen.

The activity widget requires a paired Apple Watch.

The app also includes an extensive collection of tools, such as a weather app, time zone converter, and a calendar. This tool can be launched automatically based on the tapping of the active widget.

Widgetsmith’s New Widget Options

  • Add some Christmas colour
  • Add the GMT / UTC timezone
  • Add a Small Photo Date / Time Widget
  • Add a Little Hourly Weather Widget
  • Add Walking Distance Widget
  • Add Wide Widget for Upcoming Events
  • Fix AM / PM display in a specific location
  • Fix Line Boundaries of Text
  • Fixed layout issue with Current Weather Widget
  • Pay attention to the fine-tuning of fonts
  • Fix the Wind speed unit display

Final Words

At Zazz explains about Widgetsmith, one can easily get this application on App Store as a free download with an in-app subscription to access certain data types. We are a well-known mobile application development company effectively. However, we have a dedicated development team that provides 24 * 7 support. So if you need any assistance, please contact us without a second thought. We will connect you in minimum time. 

Some of the Valuable User’s Reviews

  • Widgetsmith lets me set timed widgets with custom text to have powerful, bold text reminders right on my Home Screen to do essential things. It doesn’t just appear once so you can feel comfortable completing what you’re doing and not have to worry about forgetting. I used to write things on my bathroom mirror, but now my reminders can appear on my phone.
  • I would recommend the thought of having a way in which people can create their aesthetic themes and have a way of sharing them with others using the app. But it’s tough because all the best artwork is for a premium membership. And I don’t think many people would be desperate enough to spend that much to make their home screen and widgets aesthetically pleasing.

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