Top 5 Cross Platform App Development Frameworks To Consider In 2022

by Zazz December 29, 2020 Time to Read Blog: 3 minutes

A worldwide mobile revolution is reaching its peak. What advances cell phones are mobile apps. This helps you to go through the daily day-to-day operations with effectiveness and concentration. Apps make it easy to book tickets, track your food orders, e-commerce window shop, etc.

Developers of mobile apps usually prefer to render cross-platform apps over other types of apps. It is important to understand what cross-platform development is and why we favor it before going through the most reliable cross-platform mobile app development tools.

Understanding Of Cross Platform Development:

Traditionally, different apps are created by a mobile app development company using tools and languages unique to each mobile platform’s operating system. Nonetheless, it has numerous drawbacks, such as increased development costs, extended time, a need for highly trained developers in various languages, etc.

To learn more about the best mobile app development platform for 2020-2022, this article is ideal for readers, both newbies and owners who still want to select the best one. Here, we’ve listed the top five highly recommended mobile app development frameworks.

Best Frameworks for Mobile App Development 2020-2022:

React Native:

One of the common cross-platform frameworks that Facebook has introduced is to React Native. React Native, backed by colossal community support, is developed on top of ReactJS, which has provided the long-time favorite, AngularJS, major competition.

It helps developers build JavaScript-only mobile applications that are compatible with the iOS and Android platforms. To construct the JavaScript code, this framework creates a hierarchy of UI components. Facebook, Airbnb, Walmart, Bloomberg, Instagram, Soundcloud, and UberEats are some of the apps developed using React Native.

Here are some advantages you can bear in mind when using React Native for the creation of mobile apps:

  • Optimal performance
  • Modular architecture
  • Code effective
  • Code reusability
  • Larger community
  • Hot reloading support
  • Third-party plugin support

Flutter By Google:

Flutter is a free and Google-created open-source mobile UI application. it can summarise in a few words as a platform that enables developers with only one code to build a native mobile app. It means that to build two applications, i.e., iOS and Android developers need to use one programming language and one codebase.

Flutter enables its users to create cell phone applications, TVs, tablets, wearables, smart displays, etc.

  • Similar user interface
  • Reduced code development time
  • Increase time to market speed
  • Similar to native app performance
  • Open-source project
  • Collection of amazing widgets

Apache Cordova:

Introduced by Nitobi, Apache Cordova (PhoneGap) is a mobile app development platform. Instead of depending on platform-specific APIs like those on Android, iOS, or Windows Phone, Apache Cordova allows software developers to create hybrid web apps for mobile devices using CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript.

  • Target any platform
  • Exceptionally good for business owners
  • Money saver
  • Favored by programmers & developers
  • Great community of supporters
  • Provide a layer of interface
  • Follows a plugin architecture
  • Work with additional frameworks


Ionic is considered one of the best mobile app development platforms and a common open-source framework for using web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build cross-platform mobile apps. Using Cordova and Ionic Local, the system offers mobile-optimized sections and native APIs. Written in the TypeScript language, Ionic’s models have the primary benefit.

  • Single codebase across various platforms
  • Popular technologies & ease of learning
  • Wide ang of integration & plugins
  • Extensive choice of UI elements 
  • Quick prototyping
  • Testing convenience
  • Concise documentation


Launched by Microsoft, Xamarin is one of the strongest C # programming language-supported hybrid app frameworks. For creating hybrid mobile apps using .NET and C#, an open-source platform, Xamarin, is used. In addition, this comprehensive multi-platform development system is a Microsoft product and has over 60000 developers and contributors, outstanding customer service, and detailed documentation.

  • Native use experience
  • Single technological stack
  • Sharable code
  • Time and costs saving
  • Simplified maintenance
  • Technical support by Microsoft

In The End:

Android and iOS continue to dominate the mobile industry, and when choosing the easiest, cheapest, and most effective way to create your solution, you have to weigh the pros and cons of Native vs. cross-platform growth.

With a team of expert mobile app developers, Zazz is a leading cross-platform app development agency. On platforms like Configure.IT, Ionic, Respond Native, and Xamarin, to name a few, give expert developers extensive experience in Cross Platform Development. 

From assessing technological feasibility, selection of specifications, UX/UI design, coding, testing to product support, let’s connect as we specialize in all aspects of cross platform development.

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