What is Flutter App Development?

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Flutter development is mainly a framework to create mobile applications for iOS and Android. The purpose of the framework is to facilitate the creation of aesthetic, native and high-performance applications from the same code base. Since this work tool was introduced, it has gained popularity. Thousands of companies and developers have already started creating projects with Flutter. Let’s dissect it to figure out its benefits for enterprises and startups.

Flutter App Development

Dart language

Developed by Google, Dart is used in flutter based app development. Dart is compiled “in advance” (AOT) in native code for multiple platforms. Dart is an object-oriented programming language, it also uses a virtual machine like Java. This means that it can achieve great compatibility. Dart’s virtual machine is called the DartVM.


The top layer of the flutter development process includes the framework. The Material and Cupertino libraries are also built into this layer. If there is something that is not included in these libraries, you can simply go to a lower layer of the widgets, without limits. This layer is written in Dart only and contains:

  • Animation
  • Color
  • Render
  • Widgets libraries
  • And the core building blocks of each Flutter UI.

Flutter Developer Tools

One of the key benefits of using Flutter is its versatility. Therefore, the programming language has been compatible with various developer tools such as Visual Studio Code, Android Studio, etc.

Flutter based app design has a new set of web-based programming tools to make the developer’s life easier. Tools include the widget inspector, timeline view, source-level debugger, and log view. These tools can be installed along with the other extensions and plugins for Visual Studio Code and Android Studio.

The flutter development process promises better performance, quality, and code stability. The first update version polishes the visual finishes and functionality of existing widgets. As the Flutter trend continues, the Google team has been looking for ways to improve the technology.

Flutter Reviews By App Developers in Seattle USA

The best App Developers in Seattle USA, having expertise in Flutter development, agree on the following points:

  • Better performance for apps.
  • Better code writing.
  • Increased loading speed.
  • Improved widgets.
  • Improved native code.

Flutter promises perfect pixel designs on iOS and Android. App development with Flutter has brought significant improvements to its Material and Cupertino widget sets to test the user interface (UI).

As we dig deeper, it can be seen that attention to minor details has been largely implemented in app development with Flutter. They have extended their support to floating-point text editing for faithful UI rendering. New keyboard features and mouse activation support have also been introduced to support desktop-class operating systems.

Why Use Flutter

In general, a framework like Flutter offers countless features, benefits, and facilities to develop an application. However, I think we can highlight some features of Flutter development process that make it so popular among developers:

· Agile development

With features such as hot reload, Flutter allows you to make quick changes and see updates instantly.

· Native Approach

Flutter widgets incorporate all the critical differences of each platform. Like scrolling, navigation, icons, and fonts to provide full native performance on every platform be it iOS or Android.

·  High performance

Flutter apps run at 60fps, offering extremely high-performance insight, smooth animations, fast updates, etc.

· Aesthetic UI

Flutter offers ready-to-use graphical interface components. It respects the design systems of both iOS and Android so the apps look good as soon as you build them.

· Cross-platform: Write only once and run on Android, iOS or Web

Cross-platform app development involves very high costs, normally associated with developing the same app for different platforms.

The need to rebuild your application using new programming languages is a barrier. An understandable barrier; taking into account the differences between the ecosystems of iOS, Android, Desktop or Web platform. This stumbling block is always there unless you use an SDK like Flutter! Where you have a unique development framework. It allows you to create your multi platform application, for different operating systems. And not only that! Even you can run them completely natively.

In addition to that, Google has invested a lot in the diffusion of the framework and in the creation of resources. It has answered: what is flutter app development and the complexities around it. This support of giant like Google has allowed tech companies to develop apps using Flutter.

Latest Version 1.12 and the future of Flutter

During Google I / O 2019, a major update to the framework was introduced. Flutter went from being a framework for mobile applications and became a cross-platform framework. Now we can create applications that work on mobile, web, desktop while all embedded with the same code base.

With the announcement, a Technical Preview was introduced for the web. Flutter Web is not intended to replace HTML. It is intended for applications with interfaces that are constantly updated and highly interactive. Lastly, it is important to mention that although Flutter Web is a work in progress, shortly we will use it in production.

In addition to Flutter Web, a first version of what will eventually be Flutter for Desktop was presented. With which you can build apps for macOS, Windows, and Linux. Just like Flutter Web, this is the first approach to Flutter Desktop, and it will take some time before we can start developing apps for production with Flutter.

Version 1.12 is Flutter’s 5th stable release as of December 2018. The teams working on Flutter have put themselves in long hours to make this release one of the best to come out of Google. They have solved more than 5000 issues.

Flutter has become exceptional for its simple but ambitious goal of enabling front-end developers to develop native applications that run on any device.

We are sure that it’s the future of cross-platform application development. Flutter v.1.12 is definitely a big step in the right direction. Flutter focuses on user experience (UX and UI) with the aim of facilitating accessibility on multiple platforms.

We are much excited about their next release and will keep you posted. Meanwhile, contact us if you have any queries concerning what is flutter app development. Furthermore, you should start investing in flutter based mobile apps. You will find one of the most trained and learned teams of flutter developers here at Zazz.

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