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Mobile apps are quickly reshaping the corporate culture and they are playing a significant role in engaging modern customers and increasing the revenue for companies, especially SMEs. Looking for competent developers? Here we present the top 10 app development companies in France.

Now you are still a trendsetter with an app, while prices are already falling.

The use of smartphones is growing fast, almost faster than the number of apps that are made. The more smartphones, the more apps there are. In a few years, every company will have a pair for several purposes. That means that a company can now distinguish itself from a mobile app. Indeed, most apps are still entertainment apps that we can do without, but the use is growing fastest in the business apps category. These are apps that provide sales teams with promotional material and instructional films, apps with advertising options and apps as location-specific marketing tools.

The use of business apps is not yet very widespread. The prices of mobile apps have fallen considerably since the introduction of cross platforms. So you now get the best of both worlds: you are one of the first with a business app and you benefit from the sharply lower prices in a competitive market.

Everything revolves around marketing: always in contact with the customer

Why does our company need an app? Why do we need a website? Mobile apps are on the user’s smartphone. With an app, you are always visible on the customer’s favorite means of communication. As a company, do you dream of that? A tap or a swipe and there is contact, without the intervention of a restrictive browser, with superior user experience.

Use an app to inform customers via Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, among other things. Sell ​​products from your app and let the payment go through PayPal, send users to push notifications with special offers. Collect data from customers and provide feedback and support. You can even integrate your loyalty card in the app. Smartphones are the most used means of communication in the foreseeable future and mobile apps are the best way to facilitate contact with customers.

Operational management gets better with mobile apps

Operational management benefits from the mobile revolution and the increasing use of apps. It all becomes a lot more efficient and easy. Are you organizing an event or conference? Then you quickly create an app that presents visitors with all information in a well-organized way on their smartphone: the program, speakers, profiles of fellow visitors and course route navigation to the location.

You don’t have to pay a whole year for an app that you use for only a few weeks. Just use the same app for multiple purposes. After all, updating and converting is easy once the app is in the stores.

Are the field staff still carrying boxes full of brochures? That can be much simpler and nicer in an app on the smartphone or tablet. You can provide apps with beautiful portfolios or clear instructional films. You can give customers or users access to only a part of the app by only releasing certain parts in the app with a password. Moreover, apps are always current and even work without an internet connection.

Easy to maintain

You can partly maintain your app with a CMS. That is very simple. Anyone who can use a computer a little can make small changes to the app. Keeping some information in the app up-to-date is even completely automatic. We link your data with a web service and you no longer have to worry about it. All changes are automatically in the app.

France and Mobile Apps

France caters to the world’s largest population of tourists and is one of the cities in the bucket list of every traveler. However, the country has already started spending billions on technologies like mobile apps and other top-notch trends. There is no doubt that when it comes to technology, the steering wheel is in France concerning EU countries. In our opinion, there is no better place than France to invest your hard-earned money. Indeed it’s the best place to hire developers in Europe.

Native apps

A platform dependent app where the apps can be downloaded via various online stores.

Benefits of native apps

  • Addressing smartphone functions. Possibility to use functions of the mobile device.
  • No internet connection required. Native apps can be opened without requiring access to the internet. You may be asked to use the internet for certain functionalities.
  • High usage speed. Opening and using native apps are all going fast after having installed the app.
  • App integration options. It is possible to integrate other apps, making many functionalities available.
  • Smartphone library. Media use is possible via access to the smartphone library.

Web apps

A type of mobile website that is accessible via the internet browser on the mobile device.

Benefits of web apps

  • Platform independent. Download nothing, lower threshold. A web app is managed in the same way as a website. This makes it possible to develop a universal version that is independent of the type of platform. Therefore, no approval is required from an online store.
  • Use of sensors. Ability to respond to a certain extent to certainly available sensors such as location.
  • Relatively low costs. Largely due to the platform independence, the development costs are lower than with the development of native apps.

Hybrid apps

The hybrid app combines both variants into one mobile application. The foundation is built just like a native app. Part of the content is filled by a website. This gives the flexibility as with a web app and the power of recording in one of the stores.

Benefits of hybrid apps

  • Creating hybrid apps allows developers to build for multiple platforms at once, saving time & cost. This platform independence is achieved through cross-platform frameworks like React Native & Xamarin.
  • Easy to maintain. Hybrid apps do not have to be resubmitted to online stores with every change. This is the case with native apps, for example. The content within a mobile site can simply be adjusted in the browser.
  • Relatively low development costs. Generally, front-end developers are cheaper than native developers, which means that costs can be saved.

Top 5 app development companies france:

Lets discuss more about the top 5 mobile app development companies in Fance:

1. Zazz:

Zazz, a top mobile app development company in France, offers top-notch mobile game and application services. The team prides themselves on catering to the clients’ needs & delivering solutions that provide great returns on investment. With a highly skilled group of professionals, Zazz is dedicated to providing world-class service to our valued clientele.

2. Appstudio:

NetForth is a software development firm that is privately owned. NetForth provides a complex range of resources for custom software creation. We have gained exceptional experience in software development for MS technologies and software development methodologies since entering the IT sector.

3. Tilo Motion:

TiloMedia is a multimedia organization committed to offering innovative and tailored solutions for the new times. The Internet has changed the way individuals and organizations interact. A relentless change that is every day reinvented and we haven’t been able to see the end yet.

4. Azur Mobile:

Azur Mobile is a smartphone and tablet company specializing in the development of embedded applications. The solutions we develop help businesses to achieve very diverse strategic goals: connectivity, efficiency, revenue generation.

5. FusionInformatics::

FusionInformatics is a leading company that specializes in designing, developing, and integrating Salesforce applications. With Salesforce being the world’s top CRM, the team of certified advisors, who are part of the Salesforce Cloud Alliance Partner, help businesses effectively incorporate its technologies for their sales, marketing, & customer care needs.


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