Top Programming Languages For Android App Development

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With technology evolving daily, we see next-gen Android mobile applications swaying users with incredible features. While it takes a lot to develop a cutting-edge Android application,  the programming language is the vital element that anchors Android app development. These languages equip the developers to build robust, feature-packed and result-oriented applications. This blog will talk about some of the best programming languages used in Android app development. Read on! 

List of Top 8 Programming Languages For Developing Android Apps

Programming Languages For Developing Android Apps


Initially, Java served as the official language for programming on Android (Kotlin has since taken its place), and as a result, it is also the most popular language. Along with all of this, Java has a fantastic online community for support in case of any issues. 


Being a high-level, class-based, and object-oriented programming language, Java is meticulously designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible.

Overall, Java is a fantastic language to build robust, feature-rich, and user-friendly applications. Also, Java aids in offering smooth Android App Development services. It should be noted that Java requires in-depth technical knowledge and specialized expertise. Thus, it is advised to the newbies in the world of Android development to not start directly with Java while starting the basics of app development. 



As of 2019, Kotlin has been designated by Google as the official android app programming language. While creating Android apps, Java can be substituted for Kotlin, a cross-platform programming language. 

The only significant difference is that Kotlin does away with some of Java’s unnecessary features, such as null pointer exceptions. Kotlin may, in brief, be used as an “entry point” for developing Android apps and is considerably more accessible for beginners to learn than Java.



Using the Android Native Development Kit, C++ may be utilized for mobile app development services to create Android apps (NDK). Although an app can be partially implemented in C++ native code utilizing the NDK, an app cannot be entirely developed in C++. 

While C++ is often a beneficial android development language, it is significantly less versatile and much more complicated to set up. A result of the complexity increase could be an increase in bugs. Therefore, Java is preferable to C++ since the latter needs to yield more benefits to justify the effort required.

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Similar to Java, garbage collection is used in C# to lessen the probability of memory leakage. Additionally, C grammar #’s are more transparent and simpler than Java’s, which makes developing with it relatively easy.

The main disadvantage of C# in the past it could only be used with Windows computers because it used the.NET Framework. However, Xamarin took care of this issue. A cross-platform implementation of the Common Language Infrastructure is Android (formerly known as Mono for Android). Xamarin, now. Native Android apps can be created using Android tools, and the code can be shared between different platforms.



Even though Android doesn’t enable native Python programming, Python can still be named the android app development language. The Python apps can be transformed into Android Packages that can be executed on Android devices using various methods.

Kivy, a free and open-source Python library used in creating mobile apps, is an illustration of this. It supports Android and promotes quick app creation, which is a win-win situation. The drawback of this is that since Kivy is not natively supported, it won’t have any natural advantages.

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JavaScript, CSS, and HTML

JavaScript, CSS, and HTML

The Apache Cordova-based Adobe PhoneGap framework allows HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to be used for android app programming. The PhoneGap framework enables web development expertise to produce hybrid apps displayed using “WebView” but packaged like apps.

Except for JavaScript, the Adobe PhoneGap framework can handle all but the most fundamental Android app development tasks. The other languages on this list are preferable if you want to be referred to as an actual Android developer because making a passable app takes a lot of work. But you can study React Native, an open-source framework in great demand, assuming you are proficient with Javascript. With React Native, you can create stunning and potent hybrid apps that are compatible with iOS app development besides Android.



Today, dismissing Dart as one of the top-listed app development programming languages would be equivalent to ignoring the elephant in the room (because the elephant is Java). The Flutter framework, which is now quite popular because it can quickly produce stunning and high-performing apps for the web, desktop, and mobile, is powered by the open-source programming language Dart.

Dart’s primary selling point is that Google created it as a client-optimized language for quick programs on any platform. Dart’s primary goal is to facilitate UI creation for programmers through the use of features like hot-reload, which enables programmers to view changes immediately as they are made to the application. Dart is renowned for having quick performance and for compiling machine code for ARM and x64 for mobile, desktop, and backend. And for web applications, JavaScript.



A software development kit called Corona can create Android apps in Lua. Corona Native and Corona Simulator are its two operational modes. In contrast to Corona Native, which integrates Lua code with an Android Studio project to create apps with native functionality, Corona Simulator is used to create apps directly.

While Lua has fewer features than Java, it is simpler and has a lower learning curve. Built-in monetization features are another collection of tools and plugins that improve the creation of apps. Although not exclusively, Corona is frequently used to create graphics-intensive software and video games. 

Concluding Words 

The languages mentioned above can be used to construct a wide variety of apps, also as mobile game programming languages, including chat messengers, music players, games, calculators, etc. Furthermore, no language can be said to be the “best language” for creating Android apps. Therefore, based on your objectives and tastes, choosing the ideal language for each project is up to you. Or you could always ask the Android specialists at Zazz for assistance.

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