How much does it cost to create an Ekar-like car-rental app in 2023?

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These on-demand apps have a significantly vast user base due to their efficiency and convenience for people. These apps offer quality, efficiency, and convenience, so it is a good idea to hire an app development firm to make a well-liked business model across various industries. And one of these industries is car rental. The demand for car rental mobile AI apps like Ekar has multiplied because of the expanding rental car business in the UAE and other Middle Eastern countries.

However, creating an app like Ekar requires a significant amount of time and money. An Ekar-like auto rental software can be created for anywhere between $20,000 and $300,000, or even more, on average. What determines the price of developing car rental software, though?

In this blog, let’s clarify the response to that query. Let’s take a quick look at the Ekar business model first, though, as it is what makes the company successful.

What is the price of creating an app like Ekar?

It’s more challenging than it seems to estimate the exact cost of creating an app like Ekar. The platforms for the apps, the features, the tech stack, the team structure, and the overall complexity level all have a big impact on the total cost. The cost of developing a car rental app is further impacted by the shifting hourly wages of developers around the world.

Is it impossible to forecast the total cost when there is such variation and a wide range of factors impacting the cost of the vehicle rental mobile app? The cost of an MVP version of the automobile rental mobile app is predicted to be between $20,000 and $100,000. However, the development cost may rise to $300,000 or even more if you decide to provide the program with some advanced features and functionality.

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Costs Affecting the Development of Rental Car Apps

Let’s try to explore each of these aspects in more detail below since they all have an impact on the cost of developing a vehicle rental app. These elements include platforms, features, and tech stack. Costs Affecting the Development of Rental Car Apps.

1. Tech Stack

A car rental app needs the most modern and cutting-edge technology stack in order to differentiate itself from competitors.

– Real-time analytics: Cisco, Spark, Apple Flink, BigData, and Hadoop

-Databases: Postgres, HBase, MongoDB, Cassandra, and MailChimp Integration

Verification through voice, SMS, and phone: Twilio, Nexmo

-Payments: Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, and e-Wallets

-Cloud Environment: Google, AWS, Azure

-Push Notifications: Twilio and

2. Structure of the Team 

It’s crucial that you work with a reputable on-demand car rental mobile app development company to create a Manhattan car rental app. An app that can work wonders for your organization in Manhattan and outside. In addition to having skilled and effective developers, the organization would also have a full staff of managers, testers, and designers. A reliable team who would use the best product development processes to make your app idea a reality. 

The bare minimal team composition to create a successful automobile rental software would resemble this:

– 2-3 iOS and Android programmers

– 1 UX/UI designer

– a single project manager

– two QA experts

3. The location and hourly rates of the app development company that was hired

The cost to produce an app like Ekar is influenced by the vast differences in the hourly wages of app developers worldwide.

For instance, the hourly rate for hiring a developer in the US may range from $150 to $250, whereas in Europe, it might be between $120 and $180. Unexpectedly, paying a coder an hourly wage in India ranges between $40 to $80. Please note that a lower price does not necessarily indicate a lower level of quality. The country’s economy is the only variable influencing the price difference.

Developers’ Hourly Rates by Region

-US $150 – $250

-Europe $120 – $180

-UAE $40 – $80

-India $30 – $80

4. Elements of the App

One of the key elements that have a significant impact on how much it costs to design a vehicle rental app is its features. Offering only a few basic and user-friendly functions is necessary to succeed in the cutthroat car rental market. 

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How to Create an App for Car Rentals Like Ekar?

The process of creating an on-demand automobile rental app by an On-demand app development company involves several steps. You need to take the following KPIs into account before creating one for your company.

1. Discover Your Business Niche

It’s crucial to define your niche, evaluate your concept, and incorporate key in-app features before creating a mobile app for auto rentals that functions similarly to Ekar. Think about the broad structure of a car-sharing rental app, then base your own on it. 

2. Examine the marketplace

To design a car rental app similar to Ekar, you must carefully consider your target market, competition, legal issues, specialty trends, and local characteristics.

3. Perform research

Compile guidelines for designers and developers containing details on the project’s functional scope, conceptual structure, and implementation methods. You will benefit from this as you develop. Before deciding on an implementation method, you must conduct extensive study to make sure your project concept is technically possible.

4. Look for an app development firm

Choosing a software developers to design and implement a car rental app should be one of your top priorities. Your project’s success will depend on how successfully they do their duties. To make things right, look at the tech stack, portfolio, and specialist services of the company. After all, your ideas will be implemented by these experts.

5. Create an MVP

Your hired app development partner can create a minimal viable product. An app with the attractive features and advanced tech stack, which includes the fundamental features and functionalities. Steps like backend development, API integrations, and database construction can be taken to offer real-time user feedback.

The Front-end development company will strive to create the enhanced and final version of the application based on the functionality and success of the MVP product. At this point, the product can be modified in light of the evaluation and difficulties found in the MVP.

It’s time to speak about how to monetize the Ekar-like app now that we have discussed all the key aspects that affect the cost of developing a car rental app and the steps involved in creating a sophisticated on-demand car rental mobile app. After all, the ultimate goal of every app creation is monetization.

How Can a Car Rental Platform Like Ekar Make Money?

It’s critical to have a solid approach to revenue generation if you want your business model for automobile rentals to succeed. Here are some monetization tactics you can use for your company.

1. Base Commission

Owners of vehicles can list them on applications for mobile car rentals. In this, a predetermined portion of the app owners’ profits serves as service fees paid to the app owners.

2. Monthly Service Fee

Car rentals can charge a small membership fee, like other on-demand services, to give their most valued and valuable clients access to improved features. On the other hand, car owners who advertise their vehicles for sharing may do so in exchange for a listing fee. Discounts and other special deals might be made available to car owners who have a larger number of listed vehicles.

3. Rental Car

Businesses can directly profit from renting out their own vehicles to app users, or they can lease them to drivers and hire them. Both the drivers and the company will make money when customers pay for the journeys.

A note for Closing 

The automobile rental sector’s market landscape is expanding. Now would be the ideal time for you to enter the market with a standout mobile application. However, you must collaborate with an expert on-demand app development company like Zazz to create a powerful application.

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