Top IoT Development Companies in Boston

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The “Internet of Things” (IoT) is increasingly revolutionizing the world around us since in our day today, we have technological devices that connect everyday objects to the Internet through wireless networks. Before we indulge in the details any further, have a look at Zazz the top IoT development company in Boston.

Thanks to the IoT, companies can know much better the performance of their customers, their interests, and their problems, due to the data that these devices can provide. With this amount of information, we can create more personalized services or products.

IoT Development Companies

Likewise, coordination with our distributors and suppliers benefits, since, thanks to IoT, we can anticipate before we run out of stock. The sensors can let us know when a product is running out so we can have a quick replenishment when necessary.

Improving efficiency

When we think of IoT, most people imagine sensors that send their personal data to the web, but their applications go much further. These sensors can be connected to factories and machinery to track processes, performance or any related problems. This has huge applications in the manufacturing sector, where newly created companies, such as IoT.nxt, are demonstrating that it is possible to achieve a spectacular increase in productivity. Applying this type of connectivity to the entire company allows collecting valuable data to improve efficiency and act quickly if a problem arises.

IoT sensors are already common in the manufacturing industry, but their potential application is not limited to this area. They can be used to monitor processes that take place in a multitude of spaces, such as a conventional office. Tracking devices can be connected to portable devices to improve distribution or reduce losses and application-controlled thermostats in offices and conference rooms allow employees to have more control over their work environment. The possibilities are endless.

Infrastructure Control

Absolute control of roads and their elements, such as traffic lights, level crossings, radars, and many other security systems. The immediate response in emergencies, road assistance and improvement of the survival of the individual, management of savings and costs in buildings.

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Environmental control

Allows access from virtually any place where you are to the information of atmospheric, meteorological, and seismic sensors.


Programming and optimization of production chains, automation of repair and maintenance activities, remote control, and centralized process management. Quick response to product demands.


Remote monitoring of energy consumption, optimization of the energy consumption of connected devices, detection alerts, connected bulbs, offset and action, process optimization.

Medicine and Health

Systems that allow health personnel to actively monitor patients on an outpatient and non-invasive basis, create emergency notification systems, viewing operational data in real-time.

Logistics and Transportation

Vehicle tracking, load control, optimization of transportation systems that include the vehicle, driver, and infrastructure. Intelligent traffic control, parking search.


Virtual reality, control from different devices, the continuous and personalized variation depending on user behavior.

Improving customer service

The internet of things also provides the basic ability to meet customers in a way that has never been possible before. Most businesses see this as an opportunity to collect data that helps generate ideas and implement the most appropriate marketing plan. A priori, the more information about users and their behavior, the better we can sell them. But this approach does not convince me, especially when it comes to companies that explain “customer service” in their statement of objectives. If you have the ability to meet your customers, your most immediate goal should be how to improve the experience you offer them, not how to increase profits.

IoT devices have made it possible for consumers to share data in real-time and for companies to react better and faster. The monitoring capability also allows them to detect and correct problems before even customers detect them. It is not an idea to implement in the future, companies are already doing it. Carbon, Inc., For example, is a 3D printer manufacturer that tracks all the products it sells and uses the data it obtains to proactively maintain, anticipating possible breakdowns.

How to Choose an IoT Company?

Before you start actively looking for IoT companies in Boston to work for, understand your internal goals first. What business or consumer-related problem would you like to solve with this device? Consider these factors when choosing an IoT company to work with:


When you choose an IoT design and development agency to power your devices, you are entrusting your business reputation to them. Therefore, you need to find a company that understands your mission and core values ​​and can adequately translate them into a digital platform.

The best Internet of Things companies can tap into their creativity and expertise and then adapt it to fit your vision. As per iot startups Boston, if a company forces you to change your goals – not the other way around – they are not the right agency to partner with.


While your business goals – exceptionally detailed ones – will inevitably change as the project progresses and become smoother. So, it is in your best interest to know what you want to achieve and understand the basics of what your project entails.

After all, not every agency provides every service, and it would be an expensive and time-consuming headache to partner with Boston IoT companies that ultimately doesn’t provide what you need to succeed.


As we mentioned, IoT devices need protection against cyber attacks just as mobile apps and websites do. The top Iot companies in Boston took the time to develop comprehensive security systems to protect all information collected by devices.

Note that it doesn’t matter if your company doesn’t have a custom security system built-in. The key to looking for is a comprehensive plan. The best IoT companies should have the answers for the best malware protection, integrated security software, and protocols to follow in the event of a system being compromised.

I see a future in which all types of companies, not only those that create physical products, can benefit from the data obtained through IoT and improve customer service and more. At Zazz we have to rely heavily on our behavioral data and those of third parties to understand what kind of software and content our audience wants. Come talk to us and together we can bring change in your processes and business management.

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