Revolutionizing the World of Digitization with Artificial Intelligence

by Zazz September 20, 2019 Time to Read Blog: 4 minutes

The new technological advancements and digitalization has been changing the entire ways of consumption, communication and connection. In this internet driven and social media age, the role of conventional media has changed dramatically.  This digitalization has a great impact on the entertainment and media industry including electronic media of every kind. Impact of Digitization In […]

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IoT Transforming Hospitality Industry

by Zazz September 18, 2019 Time to Read Blog: 6 minutes
IoT Transforming Hospitality Industry

IoT, Internet of Things The internet of Things or IoT refers to a system that comprises of interrelated computing devices, objects, UIDs including animals or people with unique identifiers, machines that can be mechanical or digital and capable of transferring data over network that does not requires any kind of interaction inclosing human to human […]

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Utilization of the Internet of Things in Smart Cities

by Zazz September 16, 2019 Time to Read Blog: 6 minutes
Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (also known as the Internet of Things or IoT) is a concept that refers to the interconnection of everyday elements with each other and through the Internet. This concept is gradually taking shape in our environment, it is in full evolution and on which new projects arise daily. One of the […]

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Convert Visitors into Active Users by Improving App’s User Experience

by Zazz September 12, 2019 Time to Read Blog: 7 minutes
Convert Visitors into Active Users

Currently, user experience on mobile devices is essential to make a visitor an active user. That is, not only the user decides to download and install the application, but after the first use decides to use the application again and again. This implies that the first user experience must be optimal, thus becoming an active […]

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Augmented Reality Helping People with Disabilities

by Zazz September 9, 2019 Time to Read Blog: 4 minutes
AR App Development Company

Augmented Reality has become one of the pillars of contemporary society. One of the most exciting things about technology is that it involves and develops better applications every year, one of them supporting people with motor disabilities. The fascination with Augmented Reality is real and will be growing exponentially in the following years to support […]

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Scope of Artificial Intelligence in Smartphone Industry

by Zazz September 5, 2019 Time to Read Blog: 4 minutes
ai app development company

According to a recent report prepared by Gartner, up to 80% of smartphones will be equipped with artificial intelligence in 2022. You may even have a phone that makes use of the odd system based on this technology. But what does it mean for you as a user? Smartphones have become the way through which […]

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Android Q to Improve Privacy, Customization and your Wellbeing

by Zazz September 3, 2019 Time to Read Blog: 10 minutes
Android Q

As the latest version of Android is being released, exciting details are emerging about potential new features. For years, Android users have been wanting a way to further customize their interface & it appears that this long-awaited wish may finally come true with the integration of an application. Get ready for more updates & prepare […]

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